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Joanna Takeba
Name Joanna Takeba
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Age Early Twenties
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weight Currently Unknown
Eyes Sky Blue
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Base of Operations Human World, Hama Town
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Seta Girls' Academy
Family Alive
Status Active
Fullbring Pen (ペン, Pen)

"You're my Waifu."
— Joanna Takeba blunt declaration to Manami Yume

"The Self Proclaimed Otaku"
Kohta Hirano

Joanna Takeba (岳羽ジョアンナ), commonly referred to as the Otaku Maker, was a Japanese-American Fullbringer who formerly inhabited Karakura Town before moving away to escape the "bad mojo" she felt while living there. Her current residence was now Hama Town in the Human World. She was a Student at Seta Girls' Academy - College Division and former Head Girl of the House of Lumière.






Powers and Abilities

Spiritual Awareness: As a Fullbringer, Joanna possessed the ability to detect any individual with the faintest hint of spiritual potential, specifically those Humans that possessed Quincy and Fullbringer traits such as herself. Her Spiritual Awareness had developed to such an extent that Joanna was able to see Shinigami and Hollow.

Multilingual: Due to having Japanese Father and an American Mother, Joanna had proven herself to be both fluent in American English and Japanese. She was also able to speak French, Spanish, and Chinese on a conversational level, having studying abroad for extended periods of time. However, Joanna had expressed difficulty in saying some syllables and words.

Enhanced Endurance & Durability:

High Spiritual Power: Joanna's Reiatsu was large enough to intimidate the Low-level Shinigami Inhabitants of Hama Town whenever exhibited, albeit she took great caution to not affect them. Her Reiatsu was strong enough to provide a challenge to the majority of the Students in Seta Girls' Academy and Hama Weapons Academy. Her Spiritual Pressure was sometimes described to be eccentric and quirky.

High-Speed Movement:

Average Swordsmanship Skills:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Specialist:


Pen (ペン, Pen)

Fullbring Special Ability

  • Transforming Clothes:
  • The Pen Saber:



  • Joanna Takeba's Moniker, Otaku Maker, was misleading as she did not literally make Otakus (with Manami Yume being the sole exception). In truth, it actually referred to her Fullbring Ability, where upon activation, it could create anything to the wielder's imagination. When used by Joanna, it was simply regulated to Anime-styled creations.

Behind the Scenes

  • Joanna Takeba's Last Name was based on Yukari Takeba from Persona 3.



Literature References

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