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The Jiriki Hongan Arc is a fanon arc created by Archie and Ahatake.

Preceding Arc[]

Following Arc[]





Zanpakuto Debuts[]

  • Gouzenryū

Major Events[]

  • Aoi and Kyuui become a couple.
  • Sachi and Morio become a couple.
  • Morio fights Kyashi, result undecided.
  • Tora and Kaemon fight, hearts not really in it, Kaemon reveals Jinchuu's hideout
  • Taiki and Midoriko clash, result undecided.
  • Mido reveals her Bankai.
  • Ahatake seemingly kills Jiriki.
  • Ryuka and Kyashi become a couple.



(Ryuka to Kyashi) "Because unlike most of these guys around you, I CARE ABOUT YOU!"

(Jiriki to Kaemon) "I have a family. They're just dead now."

(Kyuui's confession to Aoi) "YOU ARE NOT DOING ME A FAVOR! What happened to the Aoi I knew, the one that was so eager and happy?! What happened to my SISTER, huh?! By acting like this, all you're doing is causing me a lot of pain and frustration! Haven't you ever stopped to consider how the ones around you feel?! Maybe I want to be close to you! Maybe I want you to rape me!!! Maybe I love you too!!!"

(Aoi to Kyuui) "I'm sorry. Sorry for causing you all this pain. It's just ..there are people who don't deal with rejection well. Guess I'm one of them."

(Ahatake before killing Jiriki) "Disappear into Darkness.."