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English Serpent Spear
Kanji 蛇槍
Technique Statistics
Type Hadō
Number 60
Used By Shinigami

Hadō #60. Jasō (蛇槍, Serpent Spear) is a Kidō spell.


Forming an X with both arms outstretched and palms crossing over each other, they recite the incantation, or call the name if foregoing it. From their palms a great red snaking energy that imitates the appearance of a snake shoots forth and chases the nearest target, when it catches them the snake coils around them binding them in its grip before it bites them, initiating a powerful explosion. The serpent is large enough to ensnare three Gillian-class Hollow and destroy them all in the explosion it creates.


"Ye Lord of stone and fire! Through the grass unseen, unwitnessed by the Sun's ceaseless gaze, bear your fangs of black and rend their hearts from their sinful coil!"


"Ishi to hi no Ie kyō! Taiyō no taema nai shisen ni yotte mokugeki sa rete inai menimienai kusa, tsūji, kuro no anata no kiba o futan shi, sono tsumibukai koiru kara karera no kokoro o hikisaku!"

Known Practitioners


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