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James Loftson
Race Obscure
Birthday Unknown
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5"8'
Weight 113 Pounfd
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanity
Previous Affiliation Assassin
Occupation Lieutenant of Sanity
Previous Occupation Assassin
Team Evil
Previous Team None
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Revolution Realm
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Education Unknown
Primary Skill
Signature Skill ???
First Appearance
Debut Invasion Arc
Japanese Voice He never speaks, his voice is unknown

Character Outline

James is a mysterious person. Almost nothing is known about him, his past, or even his personality. He is a slim but built man who haves long black hair and teal eyes. His face is usually hidden with a gas mask with red glowing eyes. He has pale skin complexion, a white under shirt, a V-line hood sweater over it, with a black cape. He wears plated armor pants, similar to other Sanity members, with plated armor shoes as well. He has bandages on his neck and hands.


Invasion Arc

Coming later~

Powers & Abilities

Blood Manipulation: His finger has a small cut and drips a drop of blood, before the blood can hit the ground, he levitates it and makes it shoot at a near by building, causing the building to collapse.

Shadow Manipulation: He is seen emerging from the shadows during the meeting of Obscure's.


None yet


None yet.



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