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"Jūnjutsu. Through careful analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights and selfless ingenuity, practitioners had determined the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle was a statistically predictable element. The wielder treated the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire."
— Standard Saying

Jūnjutsu (ガン術, literally meaning Gun Technique) was a Martial Art-style known for its unconventional fusion of Hakuda and Hohō with that of modern day gun play.


Enhanced Reflexes:


Quincy Variant[]


Name Information Picture
Jūnjutsu (ガン術, Gun Technique)
Tamajikoku (たまじこく, Bullet Time) A specialized technique that incorporated several components of Hohō theory into its design, it required the practitioner to have attained efficiency in jump starting their heart with spiritual energy laced adrenaline, causing it to beat at an excess of four hundred beats-per-minute. With the adrenaline coursing through the body, it allowed a practitioner to greatly enhance their reflexes and change the perception of events around them. Wielders could typically perceive time as though it were moving very slowly, and speed up in response, allowing the user to avoid almost any attack and retaliate accordingly. To the most experienced, time had stopped instantaneously. It was usually refereed to as a technique meant to be utilized where it was most effective and allowed for the subject's survival in the most extreme of circumstances. Bullet Time
Magarime (まがりめ, Curve) An ability designed to incorporate careful energy manipulation with that of traditional gun play, it essentially allowed the user to bend the bullet trajectory for hitting targets blocked by an object. Curved
Kisousei (きそうせい, Homing Instinct)
Tsuboru (ツボる, To Hit the Bullseye)

Notable Users[]

Master Jūnjutsu Specialists vary greatly by power and technique.

Combatant Name Skill Level Combatant Picture
Hayate Tsukushima Jūnjutsu Master Hayate-Vincent
Amatsu Kajin Jūnjutsu Master Bayo1

Expert Jūnjutsu Specialists.

Combatant Name Skill Level Combatant Picture
Jūnjutsu Expert
Jūnjutsu Expert

Jūnjutsu Specialists.

Combatant Name Skill Level Combatant Picture
Jūnjutsu User
Jūnjutsu User

See Also[]


  • Jūnjutsu served as a tribute to both Gun Fu and Gun Kata, a specialized form of martial-arts that mixed traditional close quarter combat with gun fighting. Rather than be written as separate entities, it was melded into a fusion of acrobatics, strategic dodging, and aiming. However, real world application was noted to out of the question, often seen as unwieldy and impractical. Another Poetic Spartan typically referred to it as the "Best Martial-Art Style Not in Existence".
  • Another Poetic Spartan would like to apologize for the implementation of live-action images for the article; there was no other way to get his point across.
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