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Izari Kenshiko
Biographical Information
Kanji 躄剣歯虎
Rōmaji Kenshiko Izari
Alias Kuroyasha (黒夜叉, Black Demon)
Kenpachi (剣八, Kenpachi)
Leo (レオ, Reo; Latin for "Lion")
Physical Description
Race Soul
Age 150
Gender Male
Height 191 cm (6'2½")
Weight 78 kg (173 lbs)
Family Keibetsu Kenshiko† (Father)
Allies Kazuya Kuchiki (Kidō Mentor)
Kurama Shihōin (Hohō Mentor)
Seireitou Kawahiru (Hakuda Mentor)
Raian Getsueikirite (Zanjutsu Mentor)
Shikai Kōtei no Yajū (皇帝野獣)
Bankai Kaburi Hyakujūnō (被り百獣の王)
Occupation Captain of the 8th Division
3rd Seat of the 2nd Division (Former)
Affiliation Kenshiko Clan
Eighth Division
Gotei 13
Soul Society
Second Division (Former)
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Japanese VA Daisuke Namikawa
English VA Robert McCollum
Image Gallery
"Turbulent Wisp."

Izari Kenshiko (躄剣歯虎, Kenshiko Izari; literally meaning "Crawling Tiger") is the current holder of the Kenpachi (剣八, Kenpachi) title, having inherited it directly from Zaraki after the latter defected from the Seireitei in search of his former lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi. Emerging as a constant threat to the Central 46 due to his frequent ascensions in power, he was branded a member of the Jūsanseiza, with the designation Leo (レオ, Reo; Latin for "Lion"); though ultimately, the title was removed after he claimed possession over the Eighth Division.

Student to the Yonkō, Izari has mastered each individual aspect of Zankensoki to the point of perfection; this, in tandem with the gruesome powers of his Zanpakutō, have since led him to be feared as Kuroyasha (黒夜叉, Black Demon), which in itself serves as a comparison to the almighty Shiroyasha himself —Seireitou Kawahiru. Still yet, even despite his becoming of authority within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, Izari is still frequently monitored by the Central 46, something which he is apparent of himself.

Birthed within the "noble" house of the Kenshiko tribe, Izari very swiftly became the patron of the clan by following through with its ancient family tradition; indeed, he took the life of his father to gain command over the family, the previous head to the kin as well as the very man who instructed him of the principles of the blade. While overlooked as menial behavior by most others, it functions as a rite of passage, for if any one being is to be made worthy of declaring himself the head to the Kenshiko tribe, then he must display that very strength against the strongest threat they have to offer.



Izari's full appearance.

There is a truly magnificent magical power that embodies the soul of a shinigami, for they live on for centuries, eons even, without the slightest physical alteration. This is in itself a testament of their strength, allowing them to maintain a fighting standard well past their glory days; likewise, the one fabled as Izari Kenshiko appears as a man quite possibly in his middle ages. He is a man bearing intricate design upon his visage, which is shamefully scorned by the dull expressions that so frequently curse him. Even so, beneath his boredom rests a chamber of beauty, one garnering a prominently shaped nose slitted with acute nostrils. Just beneath lie in wait a pair of lips, who have yet to yonder past the gracious festivity of what is the physical manifestation of romance; they have met only the hilt of his blade, deducing the necessity of such a trivial factor. Climbing upward through the steam follow in heaving paranoia a gleaming set of eyes, those who immediately cast judgement upon others, in the attempt of seeking a worthy opponent so as to fulfill this aforementioned boredom of his. It is in truth this very sensation that gradually determines the look upon his face, for if he were to come across a being he has himself deemed to be of interest, then no longer would his eyes droop, nor his lips sag.

Even in stature is he complex, garnering a body forged from the hell bent flames of war. Beneath his shinigami attire —where no woman has ever trespassed before— is an astounding physique made celebratory by the presence of a grueling array of muscle; so very compact within its dexterity, it most obviously serves a purpose beyond the concept of physical attraction, though would ultimately acquire such fame if it were to be exposed on any occasion. Like rifts in a mountain his shoulders spring to the sides, capitulating his thoracic argument like a trophy outside a display. Much like the latter, it is a truly detailed achievement, kept consistently polished through the shinigami art of training. From above oozes the dark blanket of his mane; likened to a demented field of mud who has been pitted into an endless battle against itself in regards to the path it should follow, it sprouts aimlessly from his cranial, spilling over all sides of his face. His ears, who are nothing more than mere obstacles like rocks would be to this pit of mud, are often times caught within this disaster, and forever sealed away, making them hardly visible. However, as there would exist a limitation to every phenomenon, a border that restricts, his hair fails to reach beyond the pockets of his nostrils; though allies from the same team have apparently made it across this field, for there is hair forming on the tip of his chin, riding a current upward to the specks of his jaw.

Paying homage to the ancient history composing the thirteen court guard squads, Izari can be seen sporting the talons of the shinigami; pieced together by a fabricated onyx black kimono, it clings to his flesh as a loose fit, much like an inflated balloon of the sorts. Acting as an additional layer, there is a vanilla white undergarment worn and aligned with his robe for further comfort. One could easily fall asleep within these robes, for they are truly so soft; beyond the presence of the secondary garment, Izari does not complicate himself with customizing his shinigami attire, most nearly because he could care less about it. Indeed, it is fitting that there exists a proper dress code for a member of the Gotei 13, for if it had been left up to Izari for choice, he may have not worn anything at all. Such weariness is most certainly at an extremist's capacity, though it all nurtures about the fact that he truly does not care for his physical appearance. Masking his physique and emphasizing his position is the traditional haori awarded to all who have attained the captain class; Izari in particular has elected to leave aside his sleeves, which fall beyond his wrists. The insignia of the Eighth Division is scraped across his backside, certifying him as the most prolific medic in all of Soul Society. Ultimately, there is a dark obi sash tied around his waistline, responsible for holding his zanpakutō in place, made complete with dark sandals over cream stockings as a choice of footwear.



Izari's calm demeanor.

Much like the tender autumn breeze that nestles the cherry blossoms of his favorite forest, Izari is a serene entity who embodies the throttles of tranquility to its fullest. He speaks not with his lips, but instead, through the manifestation of a peculiar gaze, one that nurtures the soul of the recipient, comforting them even in the midst of their greatest of troubles, for speech is not nearly enough to convey his message. It is both convincing and intimidating at the very same time, depending on the relationship that exists between he and the person in question; it could very well be an invitation to a warm meal beneath the starlight sky, or the assurance of the other person's demise. A theory exists behind his frequented silences; some believe it is due to being consistently lost in thought, while others —namely those who are attracted to him— circumvent it to shyness. However, it is actually due to a lack of interest with all matters that do not concern him. In such moments, he will remain completely still, without so much as an attempt to contribute to the conversation. With his eyes alone, he is constantly casting his judgement upon others, which includes whether or not they are to be considered worthy of his efforts.

Perhaps the most intriguing quality regarding the enigma that is Izari is his surprisingly meek orientation, surpassing even his prodigal talent; he embodies great respect for his elders, addressing them with the proper honorifics associated with their figure, as well as for others in general. This is more or less considered to be highly unexpected by most others, due in part to the amount of power Izari had collected in such a small period of time; they would have thought him to be spoiled by such riches, and uncharacteristically arrogant, especially pertaining to the fact that he came of prominence at an adolescent state, and the expression that is so frequently plastered upon his face. However, in truth, he is humble and forgiving, quite appallingly so. A student of the game, his ambition has led him to the doors of countless mentors in the past, whom he credits by expressing the stains the soles of his feet have created within each of their matts. This is in part because he acknowledges certain others in being superior to himself in certain aspects, supplemented by his own ambitions to grow stronger; he is one to grow fond over what he sees relatively fast, being so easily impressed to the point of wanting to immediately add something into his own repertoire.

Nestled within him lies an unquenchable thirst for battle, one that has led him astray and onto a path seeking victory against the world's most promising warriors. Indeed, Izari may very well be obsessed with the concept of battle —the very word intrigues him to no end. There is something about the flicker of the blade, the shuffling of the feet, the overall mechanics of battle that arouse Izari, leading him to crave a worthy opponent throughout every second of the day. Within the heat of battle, when most others are overwhelmed by the makeups of war, it is said that Izari instead thrives under the pressure; in fact, he looks forward to those particular circumstances in which he has been pitted into a corner most of all. This ambition has led to his becoming of a pawn of the sorts for the Central 46 —rather ironically, as they initially had foreseen him as an enemy beforehand— where he carries through with their various battle orientated assignments for the sake of finding himself a fight. By extension, it also allowed Izari to claim the title of Kenpachi after the Central 46 had ordered him to terminate Zaraki Kenpachi.

Izari Embarassed

Izari reacting to praise from Shunsui.

Admist all the endeavors invested within his training as a Shinigami, Izari has yet to properly adapt to the festivity that is acclamation. For all he has ever been is condemned, whether in regards to the positioning of his feet in flight, the flickers and parries of his blade, the concentration exhibited by him in his gathering of spiritual energy, or any other mishap in his fundamentals. His instructors had humbled him through discipline, having made the likes of criticism all too familiar to Izari. Now suddenly situated atop the mountain, with a degree of authority and influence made available to him, exposure to any means of celebratory behavior has left him dumbfounded; rather noticeably, it disturbs him, invoking feelings of awkwardness within his mind, heart and soul. He knows not how to properly react in such situations, nor did he ever truly foresee the day in which such matters would occur.


Abilities and Powers

Natural Abilities

Unnatural Growth Rate: From the dawn of his existence, Izari was blessed with an overarching constraint of power, the likes of which is said to be seen once in every several millennia. Amidst his childhood, he explored an incredible curio of wisdom, which, despite his age of adolescence, allowed him with the thinking capacity of a fully grown man. He progressed through his early years at an alarming rate, accomplishing various assignments --that would have taken any ordinary being an extended period of time-- in what was a mere matter of years, such as harboring a Zanpakutō and furthermore, gaining access to its Shikai form, whereas in comparison, many seated officers within the Gotei 13 were struggling to accomplish the very same thing. This was, quite appallingly, all attained even prior to his entrance into the Shin'ō Academy, which failed to educate him in any matter he wasn't already quite fond of when the time of his acceptance finally came around. His frequent ascension was reputed as blasphemy by the likes of the Central 46, who contemplated his murder on several occasions out of the fear that Izari would soon grow out of control. His growth rate in itself almost single-handedly dictated Izari's deployment into the Jūsanseiza, which only goes to speak volumes of his ludicrous latent talent. He has proven himself to be an even quicker learner when met by a capable instructor, multiplying the rate at which he progresses tremendously, as seen through his results after having trained under the Yonkō. This matter is upheld even when confronted by a formidable opponent; in simple terms, the stronger his opponent, the stronger Izari himself becomes, which may ultimately be his most frightening characteristic.

Indomitable Will: The will of fire is likened to a kindled flame, in which regards of a torch was it passed to Izari. Due both to his passion for the ways of war and his meek aspirations to truly realize every bit of his eminent potential, the Yonkō considered Izari a viable student, in a way electing him as the one to pave the path for a proper future and by extension carry on the legacy that is the heart of Soul Society. With his will alone did Izari thrive from the fires of hell presented to him within the blazes of the Kenshiko District, leading him to emerge victorious in many a battle en route to a successful career amongst the Gotei 13. The will to win, the will to achieve heights of the greatest caliber —this is what Izari strives for, what motivates him at the dawn of each setting day. It is evident within his reiatsu, flowing endlessly while flourishing those in its presence with a revitalized sense of confidence. While separate from endurance, an immediate factor in his durability can be correlated back to his tenacity; determined is he to be the last man standing, with a resolve devouring even the sun in all its glory, were it to fend against him. Passionate flames are instilled within the man that is Izari; for without them, he simply could not, would not be the sample individual.

Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Likened to an active volcano whose eruptive nature knows no bounds, Izari has nestled within him an oceanic plethora of spiritual power. Coursing through each of his veins, it was said to have rivaled that of a seated Shinigami officer just upon his coming into the universe; now, with Izari having been transformed into a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, it is on an entirely separate level, to the point where mere fluctuations of it are enough to decimate the surrounding area, heaving quakes in the ground and ripples through the skies. Long term exposure to this potent reiatsu is enough to annihilate those within its presence, allowing Izari to emerge victorious in his battles without having to lift so much as a single finger. The pressure, at the very least, is suffocating, depriving his opponents of their senses all the while plunging their bodies into the ground and forcing them to kneel down before his might. It is through the process of relying on this magnificent power that Izari fights his battles, as a fight between any two beings is merely a struggle between two spiritual powers. A rather enthralling monument, the shape and texture of Izari's reiatsu is reminiscent of the high ranked spell, Kurohitsugi. It is black in color, with a dark purple trim stemming the frame. This is likely some obscene side effect of Izari having traversed the boundaries of the spell far too often.

Genius Intellect: A man of obscene strength would be nothing more than a common house fly if he did not have the necessary intellect to employ it in battle. While he has come to master many arts of combat, Izari's mind remains his greatest asset; so much so, that it is due to his understanding of the world that he was even hailed as a prodigy in the first place, which allowed him to act separately from the rest of his peers and leap light-years beyond them. What began as what he describes as a "passion for curiosity" has circumvented into something so very grand; and though he is quite young in comparison to the other captains, Izari may perhaps be one of the single most intelligent entities within all of Soul Society. By far the greatest testament Izari has displayed in regards to his genius —exceeding even his finesse in inter-joining the four branches of Zankensoki in complete and utter unison—is through the medium in which he appears differently to each person. While he does indeed possess a personality of his own, Izari has come to understand the nature of all living things, and believes they ought to be treated separately —in that, judging by how a certain entity may behave, he shall take upon traits most befitting a man who may course the other. This latter "ability", so-to-speak, stems from his time among the Onmistukidō, where he was trained not only in his speed and stealth, but also in his mind to make espionage a way of life, bordering on a religion.

  • Master Strategist & Tactician: Exposed to high levels of combat during an adolescent state, Izari has become incredibly well versed within the ways of war, to the point where it is but second nature to him. He understands and comprehends each individual aspect perfectly, which allows him to assess his opponent's patterns, behaviors, and the like whilst comparing it to his own. Having a hefty skill set at his disposal, Izari's knowledge on the matters of battle is truly extensive; due to this reason, he is easily able to exploit the weaknesses of various fighting styles and formulate the according stratagems to most efficiently conclude a battle. Often times, he controls the flow of the battle to such an extent that he essentially forces his opponent into making a certain maneuver, which aids him in predicting their next series of movements as if he were reading their minds. Izari is not one to act carelessly; his mind is always constantly reevaluating the circumstance of the fight, generating many plans by the second as opposed to one to stay that much more ahead of the enemy.

Immense Strength: Striking calamity in the names of disaster, bringing to truth a solemn prayer, and to every hollow its demise, it is without question that Izari is an entity who has at his expense a weapon so intricate as the force behind his own clovers. Battles in his lifetime have been won without the necessity of his partner being taken asunder from her slumber for no purpose beyond the application that is his strength; so vigorous, yet somehow supervised, as if steered always in a coordinated route, does it appear, drawing curtains to lives when executed in the form of his fist. Large scale boundaries, be they scrapers, mountains, or entities, are of no exception, for he will lift them with his sheer brawn alone, throttling them to the ground and leaving them to ponder upon the perplexity that is inter-joined by his otherwise small frame and projected muscle-mass.

Enhanced Endurance: Everlasting is Izari's spirit, garnering aspirations to fight until the universe itself has been struck down by a fatal blow from which it may cease to exist in all its capacity. Even then would it somehow continue to exist, be it transfused to all but a small flame —such is the desire to win that plagues the mind of the Kuroyasha. In all his earnest does the thought of battle constantly belittle him, tainting amends of peace and sobriety in every sense of the matter. When met in battle, it is almost as though Izari will never waver; only flicker with explosion before every passing second. Many question how it is that the man fails to ever tire, yet it is so simple when his well conditioned mind, body, and soul are taken into consideration. It is believed that he may fight for days on end without showing a hint of physical nor mental fatigue, for as much as his heart desires a heated battle, so too does every hair on his body.

Immense Durability: Pain in its most significant capacity is but one of Izari's most well versed allies. Sprung within the depths of the southern Rukongai, the boy was made to war with the likes of opponents seated officers would have only dared to fend against, despite his adolescent state. Day in and day out did a new challenge present itself, testing not only his body for its ability to sustain damage, but his soul in itself for how long he could have kept living after the numerous circumstances he had paved his way through. From building a better physique, Izari gained further strength, until it became to him a natural line of defense. Resilient is his soul in essentially absorbing large amounts of damage on a frequented basis; slashes from swords fail to penetrate the armor that is his skin, fists overturn their course in dismay, spells and magics throttle about in hunger, accomplishing scratches when they had desired gaping holes.

Enhanced Speed: It was within the confines of the Onmitsukidō that Izari honed his talents; naturally, he was forced to condition his body to be capable of taking upon staggering speeds on a daily basis. The stealth force, or so it came to be called, drew upon the elements of surprise and cognition. Not only was Izari required to be swift in his movements, but furthermore, completely still, even silent. What he needed most of all, however, was to be able to react to anything, and everything. On top of fondling the shadows of the dark abyss, Izari lived each day under the impression that the same set of skill may have been awarded to the enemy, meaning, had a situation arisen in which he himself was thrown off corse and caught with his tail between his legs, then he must be not only prepared, yet poised, to counterattack and interlude matters into his own hands to regain the advantage. Through thick and thin Izari saw himself adapt to the levels of speed exhibited by the assassins and ninja alike of the Onmitsukidō; hours upon hours invested into the craft revitalized by training session after training session allowed for the soon to be demon to hone his skills to the point where he was able to move at speeds rivaling and beyond the Shunpō of even the most promising of his peers with his raw speed alone.

Staggering Reflexes: Playing hand in hand with his affinity toward speed, Izari came to possess reflexes of the highest degree in his time spent as a member of the Omnitsukidō. Aside from compliments, there is nothing the man cannot react to accordingly; his level of skill is such that shrunken thwarted in his direction are dispelled without so much as a visible flicker on his behalf in the eyes of the enemy, when in reality, he had unsheathed his blade and crossed paths with the projectiles in multiple directions. Befitting of his style of combat, to have at his disposal such boggling reflexes is truly essential; for after all, it is how Izari switches between his various styles in the first place, making amends quickly from one to the other.

Enhanced Agility: Harnessing horrendous levels of speed would have been made improbable had he not come upon the ability to comprehend his own movements; even amid his flight might, within the very midst of his movements might the Kuroyasha adjust his bodily conditions, changing even the angle of his ears in order to evade an incoming attack if necessarily. Likewise, his body —kept lean yet bulking with muscle— allows him to quite literally "change shape", which he likens to the slithering of a cobra, in the sense that he is truly so flexible enough to wobble his body in any which way to avoid being struck a decisive blow. Nimble is his touch, depriving and physical material from contracting the noise behind each of his steps. In this way he is like a cat awaiting its feast, choosing the perfect time to strike down his foes.

Master Assassin: Once seated third amongst the likes of the Onmitsukidō, the under-operative league of ninja who abide directly to the laws infused by the Central 46, Izari is an assassin of the highest caliber. So much so, that even upon his promotion to the position of a captain, he has remained in close affiliation with the Central 46, who still defer to him when trouble arises. One such example of this was when they assigned him to murder Zaraki Kenpachi, the former captain of the Eleventh Division, after he had gone rogue. Izari is knowledgeable in various methods of assassination, having familiarized himself with the unique makeups of multiple different races to exploit their weak points, ensuring that they be slaughtered in one swift motion. Furthermore, he has experience in wielding all sorts of weapons and tools, be it a dagger or even a lethal poison.

Kidō Master

"In my youth, I was hailed as one of the greatest prodigies of my time. But Kenshiko-dono makes me appear gifted at most."
Kazuya Kuchiki in regards to Izari's mastery of Kidō.

Izari casting Kurohitsugi.

Quite possibly the greatest advantage Shinigami have over their adversaries is the sheer ability to conjure the remnants of the very souls that call upon them in a time of need; abiding to the requests of their saviors in the like of returning a favor, the Shinigami in question is then made able to access a field of organized plethora of magical related abilities. This breed of power is undoubtedly profound in context, heaving an advantage in the direction of the practitioner when pitted against another race, due to the incredibly vast array of feats each individual spell is able to accomplish. Even so —much to Izari's chagrin— there are foolish Shinigami, such as those of the Eleventh Division, who would much rather be without this insurmountable advantage, essentially enlisting themselves into a detriment for no more than the trivial sake of pride —Izari is not like these morons. Quite on the contrary, he is actually rather well versed within the Shinigami art of magic; no, such a statement would only be an understatement; possessing an unprecedented constraint of spiritual energy, it could even be inferred that Izari would have been naturally adept within Kidō. For this reason, as much as he would have liked to claim that it was he who went to the art, in actuality, due to the foundation of his uprising, it was Kidō who was calling towards him.

What ultimately led Izari to venture down the path of magic was his love for fighting; though he did not immediately look to uncover an advantage over his opponents, he did in fact wish for his battles to be more meaningful, and longer in length. And thus, he came upon the idea of contracting an ability that would have allowed of him to heal himself in battle, enabling him to continue fighting for extended periods of time —long after any other would have grown weak and tired. The very idea aroused Izari, and he very swiftly indulged within the ideas of Shinigami magic; seeking to become a sorcerer, he surrounded himself with literature of all kinds, strengthening his mind unintentionally in preparation for taking on a truly menacing task. Even for a prodigy such as himself, Kidō proved to be rather difficult to grow adept within, most nearly because it was so much more different than all the other physical arts he had seen up until then. Indeed, he found that he would have to approach the monstrosity of what was Kidō in an entirely separate way. Overtime, as his knowledge expanded itself, and he gained a degree of control over his own spiritual aura, Izari experienced a similar taste of success.

With Kidō, Izari is able to make use of elemental orientated techniques he would have otherwise missed out on, due to having a Zanpakutō that varied far from such an idea in terms of classification. For him, accessing Kidō was almost a way of escaping the burdens —ironically— of his Zanpakutō's ability; what he missed out on he very quickly compensated for with the help of magic. Still yet, even after becoming of captain class and being considered a master of the field of Kidō within his own right, Izari still felt incomplete, as if something was missing. This emptiness led him to seek out the Yonko of Kidō himself, Kazuya Kuchiki, to further refine his skills. As he so desired, Izari polished his usage of magic under Kazuya, who humbly instructed several of his personal methods to him without once asking for anything in return. Most important of all, Kazuya emphasized the sheer necessity of Izari incorporating the style of Eishōhaki into his prowess, so as to be able to garner the ability to weave spells without his opponent having knowledge over which type of spell he was utilizing. With respect to Kazuya, Izari has since come to possess a degree of mastery over the art of silent sorcery.

Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction): The literal Shinigami path to destruction, Hadō is without a doubt the most celebrated aspect of Kidō, in that it essentially transforms the practitioner into a sorcerer; in this aspect of combat, spells not unfamiliar with the concept of magic become Izari's primary weapon, which are both employed and enhanced through the sound of his voice, in the form of an incantation. Being an array of offensive orientated spells that are garnered with the intent of dealing damage to the opponent, it is for this reason that, out of his vast repertoire, Izari makes the most frequented usage of Hadō. He has shown himself to be capable of using spells within the caliber of the nineties without the need of an incantation, and has furthermore been able to make devastating usage of even lower leveled spells, to the point where those opposing him are often appalled at how a simple spell could have been upturned to wreck destruction on a grander scale. Due to normally handling his sword with one hand, Izari's skill enables him to keep his offhand free and able to cast Hadō spells within the blink of an eye, so as to catch the enemy off guard, as well as to maintain a level of versatility within the variation of combat he employs. He is especially skilled in switching between these styles —more directly from Kenjutsu to Hadō— rendering his actions very difficult to predict.

  • Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon): A spell encompassing the element of fire, it is widely garnered by many Shinigami across the Gotei 13 —secretively even among the Eleventh Division, as it is— and as a result, unjustly marked feeble; while it is true, to a certain extent, that the spell is among the most common associated with the Kidō practitioners of the Soul Society, that is not to say that it is of little value, even when standing by itself. Paying refuge to the whispers of the lost, Izari nestles the tainted auras of the deceased into the physical contamination of a sphere; this highly compact ball of magma can be either projected through the palm of Izari from a distance, or more preferably, transferred to the enemy via direct contact, with credit towards Izari's impressive speed. While regarded as a spell within the thirties, Izari's usage of it is said to be on another level; he is even able to employ the spell in the form of a large blast —likened to that of a beam— so as to make it that much harder for his opponent to evade or predict. Due to the scorching hot flames composing the attack, he can even call upon it to melt various substances, such as ice, or to simply function in the manner of a light source, as a candle normally would. In the past, Izari has demonstrated the ability to unleash the spell with a volly-like effect, shooting one ball of fire after the other to increase the overall count unleashed upon his prey.
  • Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning): Lightning is often times associated to the testament of a God; so how was it that such a technique cascaded in rank?; Izari simply does not understand. The spell itself is highly effective; due both to its power to pierce through several layers of refined protection, as well as the fact that it can be —as suited by the theme of lightning— employed instantaneously, leaving the victim in question with very little time to act, let alone comprehend. To begin the attack, Izari concentrates spiritual energy into his hand, before refining it to all but a single finger. Thereafter, he discharges a vibrant laser constructed out of lightning that is enough to virtually penetrate any kind of defense, plunging a gaping hole into his opponent. When targeting the vitals of his opponent, Izari brings about an end to the battle. This technique is the most reputed lightning style attack within the entirety of Izari's arsenal, and one of the few spells that he has truly mastered, to the point where its usage is effortless to him. Also, because it makes use of a single finger, this is frequently garnered by his offhand while his sword arm works to capture his opponent's focus, creating an opening for it to be used in full effect.
  • Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky): Very few spells ever incorporate the usage of the Zanpakutō as a necessity; in that sense, this spell can be foreseen as unique. However, even beyond this trivial aspect, it is a very formidable asset in battle. A wind orientated spell, it is staged through the compliment of the Shinigami's Zanpakutō; as if harnessing some telekinetic values, Izari places his sword before him —literally resting it on the surface of the air, treating it as if it were some form of solid equipment— causing it to levitate in place until he gently tips the side of the hilt, invoking a flurry of madness. The sword begins to spin, faster and faster, preparing what will soon be a refined assault of air. In the midst of its excitement, Izari reaches to grip his Zanpakutō, catching it by the handle; and then, by channeling the built up energies, he fires a horrendous cyclone of wind towards his opponent. Being composed of air particles shaped into the literal form of a blade, much like a raging twister, the spell shreds whatever comes within its path to pieces, withering them away limb by limb.
  • Kurohitsugi (黒棺, Black Coffin): Dreaded black from the terrors of the abyss, this spell is said to harbor the very core of evil, so much so that it corrupts the heart of the caster itself. Izari's personal favorite, he has familiarized himself with this spell to the point where its control can be rivaled by the blinking of his eyes; it is also the spell he has the single most mastery over. It can even be perceived that the spell itself was the origin of Izari's infamy as the Black Demon. Flicking his hand to the side, Izari raises a single finger, causing a tremendous surge of black energy to envelope his frame; next, the world around him grows dark, and trembles under such gruesome might as if scorning in fear. Jagged black walls swarm around, forming into a large pillar, encasing the enemy for devastating effect, or even himself to make for line of protection. Furthermore, as the spell's power is even able to disorientate space and time, it functions hand in hand with his own Zanpakutō, which accomplishes a similar task. Izari's mastery over the spell foresees uncharacteristic usage; he is able to mold the framework of Kurohitsugi over his Zanpakutō like a sheathe, supplying greater slashing power while also serving as a means of defense. The power of the spell is such that it devastates all in its path, showing mercy to none. His vast plethora of spiritual energy allows Izari to cast the spell up towards four times a day, albeit reaching a limit may as well leave him at the brink of death itself.

Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding): What can be afforded to being the most gracious act of the magical arts invested by the Shinigami is without a doubt that of which is fabled as the Way of Binding; for, it accomplishes a feat more beneficial than of any other opposing breeds, posing the capability to conclude a battle within the time frame of the first drawn breath. Indeed, Bakudō is the craft composed of supplementary spells by which a true sorcerer beckons; the usefulness of a spell far exceeds the power sworn by its more familiar Hadō counterpart. Shinigami are afforded menial tactics of which are used to orchestrate opulent stratagems. Likely so, the greatest weapon within the arsenal of a wizard who has mastered this concept of war is patience —like a trap set to catch a stray beast in a forest, the Shinigami awaits the demise of his opponent, setting his plan into action from behind the scenes. Though he makes most frequented use of Hadō, Izari in truth is the most proficient in his methods of Bakudō. On his behalf, it is garnered in a way in which as to catch his enemy completely off-guard; as thus, he will often times set up some sort of seal and work to distract the enemy into triggering it at some point in their battle.

  • Seki (斥, Repulse): When a certain phenomenon is unwarranted, disliked by another substance, the outbreak of revolution is perpetually inevitable. From that moment onward, each party is submerged within the effort of condemning the other, in the hopes and aspirations of forcing the other to retreat. As would be becoming of an ordinary human strolling about under the delicacy of the starry-lit sky, when all of a sudden a pest, in the form of a swarm of mosquitos sees the opportunity of a passing meal. In which case the human takes to a measure of defense, flinging his arms every whig way, instilling war upon the swarm. Yet at his disposal is a more intricate weapon, a metallic cylinder containing a liquid that is akin to poison to the race comprising the swarm. An insect repellent, as it is known within the world of the living, used to force the rampaging behemoths seeking blood away from contriving their desires. In the very same manner, Seki is employed by Izari to repel against foreign invasions that may be coming toward him, be it a hidden molecule or noticeable spectrum. In doing so, the captain of the eighth division employs a faint blue sphere, created through the dense concentration of his spiritual energy. This so-called "orb" can be harnessed about any inch of his frame, varying in size dependent on the amount of power that is necessary in order for the spell to properly achieve its effect. Seki may even be emitted outward, away from Izari while bearing the same properties, further increasing its range, and thereby its versatility.
  • Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam): Such are the constellations, drawing power from the light of the universe. What is the result of this illuminated catastrophe is none other than another Bakudō spell Izari has nestled within his vast arsenal, enabling him with the practice of solidifying energy in its raw state. While in its most basic level, Shitotsu Sansen is used to yield a prisoner —through the means of catching someone within the triangular shards of light— Izari also frequents in calling upon this spell to act as a stepping stone of the sorts. It has also seen usage in blocking doors from closing entirely, catching falling objects, or simply pinning assignments across a board.
  • Kyokkō (曲光, Bent Light): What better tool for an assassin than one which allows for him to essentially erase his being? Better yet, Kyokkō is a spell that allows Izari to remain in a certain area, yet mask his presence entirely, so as not to be found unless revealed by his own doing. From reiatsu to the physical forms upheld by a given construct, all can be hidden away from sight and mind through the act of distorting the light that exists in acute composition. With such an ability at his disposal, not only is Izari able to mask his using of the spell without needing to worry about its incantation, but even hide it from his opponent entirely, creating able room for surprise.
  • Sekienton (赤煙遁, Red Smoke Escape): A ninja of Izari's caliber is always said to have a trick up his sleeve. At times, there are moments in which a battle may not be won; better yet, there are times in which a battle is better left unraveled, in which case, escape, retreat, and overall refusal become necessary. Drawing his hands to the ground, Izari can elope a large shroud of red smoke to mask his physical form, behind which he may then freely utilize his speed or excellency in shunpo to escape. Better yet, it may be called upon in the direct heat of battle to throw his opponent off course in their tracking of him, as he may vanish and reappear in an entirely separate location within the very next frame of time.
  • Hakufuku (白伏, White Crawl): Many a time did Izari lose track of time and thought in his hours spent dawdling beneath the cherry blossoms of the Seireitei. Even amidst his practice of Jinzen did he not fail to orchestrate a thought relating to the mind of Kidō; in this time he recalled his various missions, of how countless times he had been assigned not to take a life, but rather to take a prisoner. As a member of the Second Division, both were instrumental parts of success; yet, the latter was more so a challenge for one that was not accustomed to sparing lives on a whim. And so did Izari come upon Hakufuku, whereby he is reunited with the falling blossoms of purple cherries, serving as the confirmation of an illusion entrapping whatever unfortunate victim may be within its rage. With enough power to force any man into a deep slumber, it became a formidable asset to Izari during his time with the Onmitsukidō.

Barriers (結界, Kekkai): The will to protect, to defend, is quite formidable. Forever unspoken, a boy transcends into the boundaries of manhood in his desire to keep his treasured companions safe from harm; it is for this reason every person trains superficially, raising their powers and honing their might so that when the time arises, they are prepared, geared, and tooled with the proper ability to remain in immediate relations with their loved ones. Forged from the basis of a spiritual medium are barriers, literally existing as the manifestation of a Kidō practitioner's reiatsu, and as such, have their power represented based upon solely such. In Izari’s case, him being a captain of the thirteen court guard squads, as well as a master in the arts of Kidō, his barriers are known to be of the highest degree, with the capability of sustaining incredible amounts of damage and surviving for long periods of time. Being of his own creation, he may do with them as he does with his reiatsu; likewise, Izari is able to shield his barriers from the naked eye, and even hide away its spiritual signature, rendering many of his barriers unforeseen by the enemy. As per the representation of his reiatsu, Izari's barriers appear to be blue in color, and can embody virtually any shape or form, given his expertise in orchestrating his energy.

Eishōhaki (詠唱破棄, Incantation Abandonment): It is believed that the most becoming of entities across the face of the universe and those parallel to it are so profoundly gifted in their craft that they may communicate with one another without the need of a verbal sense. Indeed, without words is how these warriors speak to each other, instead relying upon their behaviors, mechanics relating to the amends of battle, and things of that nature. In a similar case, a master of Kidō may orchestrate the late souls of the deceased without their consent, without so much as a formal greeting foretold. Izari came to practice and master Eishōhaki under Kazuya, who stressed the importance of disguising techniques and spells to the best of one's ability, so as to create better opportunity for surprise and mystery. Of course, the greatest benefit remains within the fact that Izari may cast spells on a whim; instantaneously at that, forgoing the usual preparative maneuver that would normally precede the expedition.

Nijū Eishō (二重詠唱, Twofold Incantation): Long before his becoming of authority, Izari was but a child surviving amongst the vile criminals of the Kenshiko District, paved into constant bloodshed to live to see another day. During this time, lies —amidst saliva coated blood— were all that sprang from his lips. Though he has since matured in both size and mind, Izari's experiences have not left him, he still remains a top tier trickster. This has since carried over into his usage of Kidō, where he mixes and mingles with incantations, playing at his opponent's knowledge and using it against them in order to camouflage the predictability factor behind the next spell he will call forth. Furthermore, because he possesses great skill and experience in Eishōhaki, he may also simply elect to recite an incantation of a certain spell, while really, he never truly intended to cast it in the first place, but rather, charged an entirely different spell without an incantation for the sole purpose of being an annoyance.

Dōsahaki (動作破棄, Motion Abandonment): As eminent as Kidō is as a breed of warfare —standing alone in prominence when pertaining to matters of accomplishment— it is not without its series of drawbacks; as would be becoming of any drawback, they are weak points of a given idea, crippling the wielder under a certain condition. True masters of Kidō are those that have not only come to an understanding of its flaws, yet more so are those very few select individuals who have learned to rectify it —turning what was once a grueling weakness that could have easily been exploited into nothing short of a flaring phenomenon. So lies the art of abandoning all movements and gestures that are intertwined with certain spells; just as truly powerful arrancar are capable of releasing their cero without the slightest configuration in their posture, Izari too is able to make use of his various Kidō spells without a single bodily movement, meaning he is able to unleash a spell without warning. However yet, in doing so —much like the other variations of Kidō abandonment— the spell in question becomes considerably weaker, sacrificing broad strength for staggering speed.

Hohō Master


Izari making use of Shunpo.

Embedded within the nature of all of mankind is none other than a longing to travel; to journey long distances on a voyage of unprecedented calibers, explore the world in all its entirety. Yet they burrow the dream into their hearts, upon coming to the realization that it is a most inconceivable aspiration, in that the amount of time that would surface in doing so would muster their life force several times over. For the world is but too large to be ventured by any single person, taking into account all of the beauty that lay dormant within its oceans, mountains, and other variety of landscapes. However, among the skies, resting beyond the realms of the heavens even, are gods who are not abstracted from this internal longing; they are exempt from the thresholds comprising mortal limitations. Indeed, with the revered mechanics of Hohō at their disposals, these reapers of death are able to forge even the most inevitable of dreams into reality.

What is seen as being one of the four branches of Zankensoki —the set of skills comprising the repertoire of the Shinigami— Hohō is as fundamentally sound a principle as Zanjutsu, in that it has become something of a necessity for competing Shinigami, given the oceanic constraints of individuals who have come to specialize in its usage. Without proficiency within the field, any individual seeking an authorized position within any division across the face of the Gotei 13 would be denied, and very rightfully so. For there is no greater insult than a soul without access to Hohō; how else might one hope to fathom war in its least? To shame fate, that which dictates one's opportunities, yet to blatantly disregard such a blessing, there may never be a greater sin.

Shunpo Master: At its most basic level, Shunpo is a technique relating to speed and agility, garnered by Shinigami to cover large distances in a shorter period of time; one's skill within the field is ultimately dictated by taking into consideration the amount of space any one Shinigami might encompass over how few steps it would take him or her to arrive upon the end zone of the given destination. It revolves primarily around footwork, with a dire emphasis placed upon quickness; those belonging to the Omnitsukidō are expected to be very well versed within its usage, while also placing forth their very best efforts into incorporating the art of stealth to make for a truly potent compound. When employed in this manner, the user of the technique is swift yet silent, traversing forth at staggering speeds without uttering so much as a simple footstep. For this reason, the technique is theorized in legend to have been developed by the Shihōin long ago; they are celebrated in the essence of their nimble feline reflexes, likely taking after the art in itself. Having belonged to the Omnitsukidō, and furthering his expertise under Kurama Shihōin, the Yonkō of Hohō himself, Izari is a true master of not only Shunpo, but the art of stealth as a whole, something which is respected as a fact among the dwellers of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. If the Shihōin are cats, then Kenshiko in their renown as mercenaries are saber-toothed tigers, honed in mischief as they are agility. As one of the very few to unravel each and every element that comprises this particular segment of the Zankensoki, Izari is known to move at astonishing levels of speed, achieving adverse accomplishments through nothing more than technique employed by the sheer fundamentals alone.


Izari creating speed clones through his mastery of Shupno.

  • Speed Clones: All limitations may ultimately be exceeded, especially with the aid of another individual. However yet, there are those who tread by their lonesome, relying not upon their comrades, but rather, solely upon themselves, whether out of personal preference, or the fear of losing one of them in battle. The equation of speed can replenish this sense of camaraderie within the introvert, even if temporarily; with complete mastery over the revered Flash Step, Izari can essentially duplicate himself many times over. This is achieved through no other means beyond sheer speed alone; his movements are so swift, yet precise that he may freely be situated in more than a single position at any given time. The result is to cheat life in all its essence, rendering what even the most gifted of scientists had failed to achieve in all their dismay. Izari can create several tens of clones without overexerting himself in the least, of which two properties emerge as possibilities: either they are intangible, literal afterimages circumvented by him with no purpose beyond that of deception, or they are solidified, taloned for wit, and nutritioned to aid him in war.
  • Shishimai no Shodai (獅子舞の初代, Lion Dance, First Step): A sacred technique, it was devised by none other than Izari during his time spent within the Omnitsukidō to make proper amends for the revelry that is assassination. It consists of a heightened step at the apex of one's utilization of shunpō, invoking a much brighter flash than usual. This renders the surrounding area to be devoured wholeheartedly by what Izari refers to as a "solar flare", depriving both parties of their sense of sight. Being an assassin, and because he is able to ultimately track his target down with the use of his other senses, Izari is more often than not given the advantage under certain circumstances. Using the flash as a guise, Izari operates silently, conducting his assassination without ever physically being seen; it is said that by the time the light has dissipated —signaling that the technique has come to an end— Izari has already successfully completed his assignment.
  • Shishimai no Ni (獅子舞の二, Lion Dance, Second Step): When Izari moves, he is never in the same place at once; instead, he is in many different places, deceiving the very fabric of logic itself as to his true whereabouts. Due to his sheer speed alone, the world is at times only able to comprehend one physical form of Izari at a time, however short that interval may be. In this state he is nothing more than a mere afterimage himself, for a moment in time exceeding the boundaries that lay within the physical likeliness of all matter, while disguising his true location with the aid of Kidō. Ultimately, this means that in the midst of his transportation, Izari is invulnerable to all arrays of corporeal damage —unless of course someone were to somehow be aware of his true location and very coincidentally pinpoint their assault upon it— garnering an intangible affect upon his being that allows him to phase through objects as if he were a ghost.
  • Shishimai no San (獅子舞の三, Lion Dance, Third Step): Even as it lay asunder, basking within the rays of the sun in all its glory, the king of the jungle never fails to misjudge the contents assorted within its territory. While it looks as though it may deal no harm, capable of no progression beyond the tanning of its fur, the lion in truth has already long since lurked about and trifled its prey. Likened to the aforementioned, Izari's prolific mane interludes to more indolent mannerisms, that much may possibly never be denied. However yet, it would be foolish of his enemies to judge a soul by its outlook, as while Izari appears physically, mentally, and even spiritually to be situated in one place, standing with a dull expression plastered across his otherwise ornamented visage, he is in truth in all places at once, swiping away with the aid of his Zanpakutō, brawling forth a barrage of fists with the use of his fists, conducting sorcery with the tracing of his fingers; yet because his speed exceeds even that of the world's comprehension, the damage he has dealt has yet to take place, which bestows upon him the benefit and in the case of his opponent, the unfortunate circumstance of being dealt all that damage at the very same time.

Hakuda Master

The predecessor of all forms of combat, Hakuda was devised at the ounce of the very first sin: when man, betraying all boundaries of tranquility, curled his hand into a fist to strike another of his own kind. Constant bloodshed, the arrogance birthed with a clash of powers, misery unlike any other phenomena that has ever plagued the world; what followed in its wake was what the world has since come to define as war. Moreover, if it were not for Hakuda, there would be no such thing as "battle" to begin with. An art that weaponizes the body itself, Hakuda is to Zanjutsu a polar opposite, in the sense that the former revolves solely on the maker-ups of individual, whereas the latter attributes to a more unified approach to warfare. As a matter of fact, most Hakuda specialists elect to ultimately forgo any ties to their Zanpakutō completely, seeing to its capabilities as being unwarranted, if not completely extraneous.

What is to the world its very first weapon, Hakuda is a combination of every martial art to ever exist, molded gradually overtime into the complete arsenal that is preached to modern-day Shinigami. Yet, even so, there is but one similarity between all that is Hakuda —as it stands, it is mandated about the revolution of reiatsu. A simple blow is established as being apart of this illicit breed only when compiled and supported by the backbone of spiritual energy, for without the invoked will of the combatant, a fist is nothing more than a mere hand whose fingers have been perplexed into an intriguing design. A fist that has been shown the light of the spirit, however, is a different matter; it is akin to a key to the heavens themselves if executed properly, brining about justice to every facet of Soul Society.


Izari activating Shunko.

Peak Physical Condition: While many variations of the skill have been discovered on every latent medium, within Hakuda, the most essential fragment remains its focus on the physical being of the soul; without proper conditioning, it would be impossible to achieve the many grievous labors it instills upon the practitioner. And even if the vast majority of Hakuda's principles are nestled within the potency of one's reiatsu, Izari has still spent time honing his physical condition until the point he reached a state of nigh perfection; he has come to harness a form in which he has successfully combined the fractions of speed and power into one another. The result is a unified state in which he may maximize the potential of both ideas without sacrificing one for the other; in simpler terms, with his lean build, he is both swift with his movements, yet fierce in might. Were he to increase the size of his muscles, for example, then very naturally his speed would decrease all on its own in compensation.

General Hand-to-Hand Prowess: While the humble prodigy excelled in virtually every form of combat in his youth, it seemed as though there was something natural, some sort of extraterrestrial affinity he possessed about the ways of the fist. What came to be was his referral and ultimate induction into the Omnistukidō, where Izari was expected to bloom and hone his skills in Hakuda to a further extent. And while he managed such a feat with little effort, as would be expected of a man of his flaring talents, he felt incomplete, as if there were something blatantly missing from his craft. While the others praised him, hailing him as so-called "master" of the ways of close quarters combat, Izari's head did not inflate with arrogance —as a matter of fact, the very opposite occurred. He instead bowed his head to the greatness that is Seireitou Kawahiru, seeking to relearn the very fundamentals of Hakuda from the man who was the sheer embodiment of them. The result was nothing short of transcendence, as Izari polished and refined his skills under the guidance of the Shiroyasha, being exposed to vast arrays of styles whilst also experimenting with them on his own. His body, of its own accord, memorized the many movements it registered into its muscles and bones, etching them immediately into Izari's repertoire for future use. The way it stands, Izari is now a true master of hand-to-hand combat, knowing full well what best way to approach essentially every given circumstance, how to go about countering them, how to turn against his opponent even his own moves.

Izari Kenshiko Hakuda

Izari's expanding his muscle mass through technique.

Zanjutsu Master

An extension of the soul, Zanpakutō are to the Shinigami their closest of allies. They remain at their side through thick and thin, being their one and only "soulmate", so to speak. In literal context, they are the absolute reflections of the heart, a desire given a physical form; they are the will of the Shinigami in question, personified. The art of the sword, as it is foretold, is the most ancient of traditions belonging to the Seireitei; it was with this power that Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto conquered the realms of the Soul Society, banding them together to form the Gotei 13. It is without doubt that Zanjutsu is the most respected form of combat made available to the Shinigami, to the extent that its mastery was made a prerequisite for those who aspired captaincy. However yet, while it is practiced relentlessly through the many facets of the Soul Society, often times its true capabilities, its true intentions are misjudged —for in its purest form, Zanjutsu is not so limited as to being one's capabilities in severing large structures; no, its principles are of a much finer magnitude.

The true art of Zanjutsu lies within the bond that exists between the Shinigami and their Zanpakutō spirits. The Zanpakutō itself is crafted, given life through the many experiences the Shinigami himself witnesses; by devoting time to their Zanpakutō, Shinigami truly rediscover themselves, through the process or exploring the lessons that laid within each of those past experiences. This is, of course, where the true power of Zanjutsu is derived from: experience. Experience may ultimately make or break a man; those successful within the true practice of Zanjutsu often appear serene, tranquil, and forever at peace with themselves due to the nirvana-esque predicament that comes about with the absolute mastery of Jinzen. Perhaps the Zanpakutō is nothing more than the Shinigami's subconscious; for this reason, there is no one who better knows a Shinigami than his very own Zanpakutō.

Izari Kenshiko Jinzen

Izari performing Jinzen alongside Kotei no Yaju.

Unparalleled Friendship: Existing in virtually every medium, power is a gift possessed by all spirits and mortals alike. The quincy uphold their abilities given to them by their supreme leader, the hollows weave together their own through the means of symbiotic affairs; yet for the shinigami, it is derived from their Zanpakutō. Such is the intensity of the camaraderie that exists between the two entities; every drawn breath is shared amongst them, every prosperous moment synchronized in complete unison as if leading a double life. Yet there are many who carelessly mistaken the gratitude of the Zanpakutō, never truly coming to the realization behind its true purpose. The Zanpakutō is not a weapon, nor a tool of any assortment. Rather, it is transcribed as the ultimate companion, forging a friendship the likes of which has never been discovered; so much so that it is likened to being apart of the Shinigami's soul in itself. The Zanpakutō are all-knowing in their devotion, pertaining to knowledge over their Shinigami that may be upheld in awe; indeed, for the Zanpakutō may very well know its partner better than he may know himself. Loyalty is expressed in such sentimental factors, whereby all a Zanpakutō may desire is some small fortitude of appreciation in return. And why not? Has it not amounted to such in the least? There are those still yet who —for whatever reason— tarnish the inevitable bond that exists between the heart and soul that is the Zanpakutō and the Shinigami; those who seek power in their own stead, taking the role of gods in their lonesome rather than reimbursing within the obligations bestowed upon them —they are those whom Izari cannot tolerate under any circumstance. For in this case, it was his Zanpakutō whom had played the role of the savior, securing his heart from falling prey to the scorched depths of the darkness. It was Kotei no Yaju that appeared aside him when the others scurried away, leaving him in but an empty void, alone against the entirety of the world. And so began a friendship that has prospered into a devotion of the highest caliber —among them there is no master, no student, but rather, two equals who have come to an absolute understanding of one another, and very simply enjoy to be within the presence of one another.

Kenjutsu Prodigy: A swordsman of Izari's caliber is said to emerge only once in several hundreds of years. From the very beginning of his life and throughout his early childhood, he displayed prodigal talent in the way of the sword; more than just raw talent, it seemed as though the boy possessed a natural affinity towards blades of all kinds, with their usage somehow being apparent to him straight from his origins. Many prophesied that Izari learned to wield a katana even before he learned to crawl; this fable in itself is not the slightest bit far-fetched, as it was through the disciplinary means of his forefathers that he saw a rigid training regime from the very second his soul drew breath. While most newborn children are cradled and held within the arms of their mother, it is said that a weapon was instead placed within the hands of this demon baby, paying homage to the ancient traditions of the Kenshiko tribe, which they have practiced since the founding of their clan.

General Swordsmanship Prowess: Birthed into a family infamous for their horrid blood lust and cannibalistic means of survival, it was not only an expectation for Izari to master the ways of the sword, but also a sin for him not to devote his life to the art. Abiding to the ancient prayers of his ancestors, Izari saw training under the guidance of his father —the 15th head of the Kenshiko clan. From early morning to late in the night, the child honed his skills in various fields of swordsmanship, until his very essence of life betrayed him, forcing him to his knees and into an unconscious state he referred to as his time of rest. When his body collapsed under the pressures of such rigorous combat, Izari resorted to using his own bones as weapons, so as not to burden the name of his family. For a very long time, he believed his skin color to be red, as his body was always tainted with blood for the most part; it wasn't until it began to rain during one of his exercises and he watched as the blood was cleansed that he had any true knowledge of his own structure. This was also factored into the sense that he devoted much of his time to honing the sword; there was no time to waste on anything but training, and most certainly not to look in a mirror and admire oneself. With his refined sense of power, there appears to be no clear limit as to what Izari is able to cut with his Zanpakutō. From his days as a child, he has been seen slashing through solid concrete without much effort, and without breaking a single tear of sweat. He has long since proved his superiority over all types of metals, beginning with iron, which in his case, is likened to no more than a sheet of paper. There is no clear hesitation evident even when pitted against an ornament of the steel caliber for Izari, who plunges through it as if it were a bar of butter. He is shown to be able to cover a large distance with a single strike, leveling whole mountains and even entire forests with a single strike. As if his prowess with the sword was not already enough, Izari sought out Raian Getsueikirite, the Yonkō of Zanjutsu, to ensure that there was not a single wasted movement within his swordplay. Under Raian's tutelage, Izari took yet another enormous leap, to the point where he is able to shatter the opposing Bankai of his opponent without the release of his own Zanpakutō, something that makes his former level of prestige dull in comparison.

Enhanced Swordsmanship Perception: Attributed to his frequent exposure to them, it almost seems as though Izari is able to speak to swords. While it is an absurd logic, it is not through the means of verbal communication, but rather a telepathic link he has gained through being within the presence of them for so very long. While no sword is a living specimen of any kind, meaning it does not truly possess emotions of any kind; nor can it harness its own ideals of any sorts, it is through the justifications of the instrument itself that Izari comes upon his own conclusions. For instance, when one wagers their blade against another, there is a distinct noise that is summoned, triggered by the fabrications of the rugged meta clashing against one another; reading these sounds, Izari determines the sword prowess of his enemy, and how experienced they truly are. Additionally, he is able to read the patterns and over all sensation a sword gives off by matching against it, or the behavior that is exhibited by his opponent. He understands the concept of swordplay so well that he is able to decipher the arsenal of his opponent simply by witnessing the most subtle of movements. This is due to him having experienced essentially every bit of stance a swordsman can display with their weapon, and the fact that he himself has replicated such gestures to the point where each and every one of the muscles in his body have memorized them completely.

Kenjutsu Mastery: A gifted swordsman unlike any other, Izari is fond of several different types of swordplay, making him very unpredictable in battle. He can quite literally shift his mechanics in the midst of an assault, often times leaving his opponent in a trance, discerning their ensuing hypothesis. He relies on this factor only to alter the perception of his enemies, however, and more or less to prevent himself from being easily foreseeable. Being so well rounded, he is known to be able to shift from a variety of stances in a short period of time. Beginning from a very subtle and otherwise gentle approach, he can swiftly alter his style to accommodate for a much more explosive and reckless form within the blink of an eye. This change of gears can create several openings for Izari, whose opponent had likely adjusted to the tempo of his initial attack. Much like his mentor within the art, Raian, Izari's first intent is to disarm his opponent through aiming for their sword arm. It is a very important matter to detain that the strength Izari draws forth is not immediately from his tool of choice, but rather, stems from his own resilience. This means, that as far as he is concerned, any and all weapons within his grasp are meant only to be as powerful as a wielder; in retrospective, even if he were to be met by a godly weapon of mass destruction, he would be able to emerge victorious simply through the supplemented use of a writing utensil, if their powers were to be so vastly different. It matters not what sort of weapon the man utilizes to wreck havoc; that much would be a let down of the ages, and if that were to be the case, he would have been better off taming his own fists to battle, rather than relying on the tools made popular by his ancestors. While he, like all other humans encompassing the globe, has his own preferences, it does not make him any less accomplished to use a single blade, rather than experiment with all other sorts.

  • Kanari Shigo: Kiri (可也私語•切り; Literally meaning "Final Whisper: Closing Sentence"): A technique that combines the sheer fundamentals of swordplay with a masterful degree of execution, it is one of the single most fastest techniques within the entirety of Izari's arsenal. The true power lies within the fact that it is essentially unpredictable, as Izari is incredibly adept at not only its usage, but also when it is used; more often than not set up by creating some sort of subtle interruption from battle, along the lines of verbal communication, Izari then reaches for his scabbard and within the blink of an eye, strikes his opponent. The execution of this attack is such that most foes do not remember seeing Izari's hand falling towards his Zanpakutō, while others cannot even begin to comprehend the fact that his person alone had made any movements at all. The attack power of this technique can be greatly magnified by actually releasing the sword from its sheath, however, because Izari is able to cut his opponents with just the scabbard, it is not usually necessary. This technique also generally serves as Izari's very first move in battle, despite its name; this is done to test the strength of his opponent, or to bring about an end to the verbal conflicts that usually follow beforehand. Even without drawing his Zanpakutō from its sheath, Izari has been seen able to slash through the defenses of an Arrancar's Hierro, and by extension, a Quincy's Blut Vene, though this more or less depends on his opponent's defensive capabilities.

Kendō (剣道, Way of the Sword): A style of heavy swordsmanship that employs the usage of both arms, Izari familiarized himself with Kendō under Raian, the creator of the entire concept. It combines elements of martial arts as well, proving to be quite physically exhausting for anyone who has not been able to master it. In a contest of swordsmanship, the primary focal point centered about the wake of victory lies within the internal concept of balance; for without a stable foundation, the entire construction is said to be eligible for an untimely demise. Izari has revealed himself adept in not only orchestrating the fundamentals of swordplay, but moreover, the ability to adjust in the midst of battle. Every ounce of his being is essentially an extension of his own blade, or in a more detailed context, it is quite literally a suited weapon all on its own accord. This most nearly translates to the sheer control Izari has over these inanimate weapons of mass destruction. There is no place on his body where he cannot hold a sword; this was meant to keep him within the heat of competition even had he somehow lost control of his arms, for whatever reason. In between the folds of his arms and thighs; in his mouth; with his toes; and even by balancing the sword on the tip of his tongue, Izari is able to utilize his swords, which allows him much versatility, and leaving him an open arm or two to initiate forceful attacks against his opponent.

  • Ryōdan (両断, Bisection): For millennia, it was foretold that when the Zanpakutō is handled with both hands, its true capabilities are unleashed —this technique is the confirmation to the everlasting prophesy. Gripping the hilt of his blade between his fingers and then raising it over his head, Izari swings his sword with incredible force, producing a vibrant slash that is unrivaled in terms of cutting power, possessing the capability to level anything that so foolishly elects to challenge it. This however, is only an application of the concept; the concept itself, on the other hand, augments Izari's swordplay to an entirely separate level when in effect, if not multiplying his output of skill several times over. While it can be argued that this would leave him without a hand to use to defend himself, the sheer speed that is now apparent within his movements instead compromises for this loss, allowing him to take on various stances in brief alterations of time. This does, as previously mentioned, leave him without an off-hand; meaning, Kidō is left negligible for the most part. Izari will only operate such a style of combat only when choosing to focus solely on his swordsmanship to win a battle.


Kōtei no Yajū redirects here. For the manifested spirit see Kōtei no Yajū (Zanpakutō spirit).


Kōtei no Yajū in its sheathe.

Kōtei no Yajū (皇帝野獣, King of Beasts): Kōtei no Yajū is the name of Izari's Zanpakutō. Overall, it takes the form of a traditional nodachi —the most common type of Japanese katana. Its hilt is wrapped in a white obi sash turned red, initially belonging to Izari's father, which had been worn around his waist alongside the rest of his Shinigami attire until his death at the hands of his own son. It is a tradition of the Kenshiko tribe to honor the death of the last family head by preserving their sash in such a manner, which serves the dual function of also granting the victor of the duel command over the entire clan. There is also a rhombus like pattern spanning the rest of the hilt, leading up to a pommel made of pure gold. The hand guard —also referred to as the tsuba— takes the form of a flat plate just above the hilt, which has its two faces covered in intricate decorations, and possesses a mildly rounded, elongated shape with four points curving inwards, meant to represent a four-leaf clover. The sheath of the sword is blue in color with various spirals running down its length.

Despite the prefix to its name, the spirit of the sword is actually female, making Izari one of the few male Shinigami to possess a Zanpakutō of the opposite gender. According to Izari, Kōtei no Yajū is quite moody, requiring much of his attention during the day, while also refusing to release her true power against opponents whom she herself does not deem worthy. She appears to him as a mature woman adorned within a ceremonial kimono, with long blue hair and pale white skin. She also sleeps for extended periods of time, often requiring Izari to fight in battles without the use of his Shikai until after she awakens.



Kōtei no Yajū as it appears in Shikai.

  • Shikai: As with all other Zanpakutō, Kōtei no Yajū requires a command in order for Izari to gain access to its Shikai; the sword is released through the prayer, "Bask in Eternal Glory" (緩和中限りない精華, kana naka kagirinai seika), whereby it reveals itself in being a Kidō-Type Zanpakutō. During the incantation, Izari will generally raise Kōtei no Yajū above his head to signify its ascent into the heavens. Thereafter, the blade is consumed by a bright flash, behind which the Zanpakutō is born anew into two separate blades, both of which take upon the same exact appearance. In its Shikai state, the katana evolves and lengthens considerably, resembling long-swords. The blade is overtaken by a much darker persona; running the length of the sword, it is split between what appears to be two variations of metal, with a makeshift handle nestled into the blade itself protruding from one side. Furthermore, beside the now spherical cross-guard is a portion of the sword that extends outward in the shape of a rectangle. The hilt of the blade remains the same for the most part, growing slightly darker in coloration. The sword curves in various directions on its way to the peak of the blade, where it is met by one final additional curl. Izari likens Kōtei no Yajū to the talon of a lion while in Shikai. Much to the surprise of many at the time, Izari ventured upon his Shikai even prior to his acceptance into the Shin'ō Academy, approximately an entire century earlier than the average Shinigami.

Shikai Special Ability: Possessing a truly terrifying power, it was for this reason that the Central 46 had grown to fright over Izari's ensuing development, having even contemplated his demise on numerous instances. That which upheld dismay within the eyes of Soul Society's greatest of authorities was the Zanapakutō's direct influence over the space-time continuum. While most Zanpakutō are limited to manipulation of a single element, Izari appears to be of an exception, in the sense that his power enables him to control aspects of both space and time; however, it should be noted that such a blessing exists solely because of the synonymy between the two respective elements, as both exist as a single continuum, and therefore in all technicalities, it is but truly still a single element.

Spatial Manipulation: Embedded within one fraction of Izari's Zanpakutō is the ability to freely manipulate three-dimensional space to his content. This revolves around two separate functions, known to him as Space Generation and Space Depletion, which allow him to furthermore accomplish various other feats with which to wreak havoc upon his foes. When both features are utilized simultaneously, they give birth to a third function which Izari refers to as Spatial Distortion, which more or less focuses most primarily on altering the contents of the reality in itself.

  • Space Generation: Much like a shooting-guard in basketball would perform a series of dribble moves to effectively create enough space between he and his defender for an efficient chance at shooting the ball, Izari is competent enough to accomplish the very same luxury, albeit instantaneously, and with significantly less effort, doing so without so much as the flicker of his hand. This is more properly looked towards as creating and consuming distance between two different points of a spatial location; were he to be confronted by an enemy charging straight toward him, Izari would simply create more and more space between himself and the incoming opponent, so as to fixate the latter into an endless loop, making himself unreachable. This is true even for projectile-based attacks, as they too would have to cover a distance in order to strike him, meaning they too must venture into Izari's territory. Because of the nature of this ability, Izari has claimed himself to be invincible, with an absolute defense at his fingertips.
    • Spatial Barrier: Furthermore, Izari is able to reciprocate gravitational energy either by increasing the spatial pressure of a given space or simply by forging a greater supply of space; much like an invisible wall, it will form generally above his opponent, crushing him or her into the ground with tremendous force within the blink of an eye. This is oftentimes used to constrict opponents, preventing them from moving due to the intensity of the space upon them. It can also be deployed as a shield or barrier of the sorts, by intercepting attacks that were intended for Izari. By encasing himself within this invisible barrier from all sides, as any mime would, Izari is even capable of escaping techniques that would target an entire area by negating himself from the equation.
  • Space Depletion: Likewise, any preexisting space can also be depleted. To Izari, the word "journey" has a completely separate meaning, for to him, there is no real interval between he and his goal; nay, there is only success, as whatever obstacle may exist in between is eliminated at his command. Many who have been so unfortunate as to have experienced such a phenomenon have likened it to the "workings of a god"; anything and everything can be removed from one plane and transported to another simply by depleting the space that exists on the current one.
    • Teleportation: This also means that Izari can cover the distance between he and his opponent instantly, allowing him to come within close quarters for a sneak attack of his own in the hope of catching his opponent off-guard, as there is no real way of estimating where he will appear next. This feature is likened to a form of teleportation, though relies on the given amount of space Izari chooses to manipulate. Because space cannot visibly be seen by most, it is as if Izari is reappearing elsewhere, when in reality, he has never actually ever moved himself —rather, it is what surrounds him that has moved, bringing him to his destination obediently.
  • Spatial Distortion: The literal act of irregulating the structure of space; this power can most properly be identified as altering the contents of reality itself. It is not limited to materialistic values, such as solids and liquids, but extends further beyond to even gaseous substances, such as the air, the light, and the darkness. When twisting the literal air, Izari weaves it into a series of razor sharp blades that can slash his opponents to bits and pieces, or use that very same concept, only deployed in a slightly different maneuver, to make for a different effect, such as the creation of a large gust of wind capable of pushing back anything in its path. When distorting light, Izari can create illusions, encasing his opponents within a reality he manipulates to his liking. Ultimately, by disrupting the flow of the sound waves that travel through his territory, Izari can establish an absolute silent protocol, where he deprives his opponent of even the otherwise most audible of sounds, effectively handicapping them by taking away one of their most coveted senses.
    • Direction Manipulation: One of the greatest benefits of manipulating space is a factor in which Izari is able to flip and rotate it, turning the ground into the skies and the skies into the ground. This discerns the balance of his opponent while maintaining his own, giving him a clear advantage, and more often than not, a clear opportunity to strike his opponent by catching them off guard. Forward may become backward; backward may become upward; upward may become forward; there is no limit to the madness that Izari may forge, as the level of creativity simply knows no boundaries. The only thing truly set in stone is a state of perplexity in the ways of Izari's opponent.


Izari Kenshiko Bankai

Kaburi Hyakujūnō.

  • Bankai: Kaburi Hyakujūnō (被り百獣の王, Crowned Lion King): Shunning his Zanpakutō to either side —preferably to his right— Izari's frame is immediately overtaken by an ominous aura, appearing blue and black in color. Unlike in the case of most others, in this state, Izari's reiatsu fails to alter its surroundings, making not so much as a single deformity within the given atmosphere —by contrast, this is not because of a lack of power, but rather, due to the degree of control Izari has over his spiritual energy; being a master in terms of its manipulation, he simply elects for it to not disorientate the landscape. As the pillar of light about him dissipates, once more revealing him to the world, Izari can be seen to have undergone a rather noticeable physical transformation. For one, his hair has grown considerably in length, now falling like a curtain down his back. His captain's haori is instead replaced by a much tighter fitted garb, hailing black as if to embody the manifestation of the Kuroyasha in a physical form. Being one of the few to undergo any kind of transformation at all, the extensions of his hair as well as the robe in itself is to be considered apart of Izari's Bankai; as such, were they to be inflicted by any circumstance during battle, they would simply be restored alongside his reiatsu. By extension, Kaburi Hyakujūnō takes upon a different shape as well in comparison to its Shikai; the blade in its Bankai state resembles a ceremonial longsword, being very intricately designed along its length, various ornaments and the like protruding from its hilt and guard.

Bankai Special Ability: One of the single most powerful Zanpakutō abilities in existence, Izari has been prohibited by the Central 46 to make use of it within close proximity of the Seireitei, for such gruesome power is capable of disrupting the balance that already exists within that domain. Even so, the nature of Izari's Bankai is known only to a select few captains within the entirety of the Gotei 13, though no one has ever been so unfortunate enough as to have seen what it is truly capable of. Izari achieved Bankai in a matter of years, when most others would have taken centuries to accomplish the very same feat, as if it was second nature to him, a testament to his prodigal talent.

For the most part, Kaburi Hyakujūnō is a larger scale version of its Shikai, once more assessing the manipulation of space and time.

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