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"We hypothesize that the members who went along with the spiritual detection squad died before they were able to send data..."

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Izanami Mai
Izanami Mai
Name Izanami Mai
Kanji 舞イザナ
Romaji Izanami Mai
Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age Unspecified
Gender Female
Height 5ft. 2in.
Weight 98lbs.
Blood Type Unspecified
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Lieutenant (12th Division)
Team None
Previous Team 12th Division
Partner None
Previous Partner Izanami Mai
Base of Operations Soul Society, Living Realm
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Academy
Status Active
Shikai Junnousei (順応性, Adaptability)
Bankai Tasaina Sagi (多彩な詐欺, Versatile Deception)

Izanami Mai (舞イザナ, Mai Izanami) was the Lieutenant of former Captain Jasui Ningensei of the 12th Division. A conspiracy to overthrow the Captain via framing her for illegal operations and experiments was manipulated by Izanami herself so that she would gain the Captain's position (and more importantly to her, the popularity and power). However, she was forced to defect to avoid imprisonment when her actions against Jasui were being investigated. She is now an official outlaw of the Gotei 13, serving as an antagonist to their cause.


Izanami, ever since her defection from the Gotei 13, has been wearing various common attire to keep herself disguised, though she particularly wears a black, long-sleeved shirt with matching pants and red high heels. She possesses woman with neat, long hair and black eyes, both of which have the matching color of jet black. Her normal facial structure gives off the emotions of calmness, indifference, and calculating intention. Her stances are without weakness, strong and confident.


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Powers & Abilities[]