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"I'll show you a real assassination. No... Maybe you won't even be able to see it."

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Izaki is a young 14 year old boy with white hair wearing white and black clothes.He has a purple eye on his right side of his face and a red eye with a black mosquito shap mark on his left.



When it comes to insects izaki was always facinated by them and wish that he was one of them.Izaki is a sweart hearted kid whos freindly but cause of past he is scared of tall men wearing black robes.


When izaki was a human he was in his house by himself when he heard a loud noise in the kitchen.Woundering what happened he walked outside his room when he saw a man in a black robe carrying a knife in is hand looking at him.Befor izaki could get away the man grabed him by the arm and dragged izaki bck to his room, the man then see's izaki bug collection and grabed a jar with a mosquito in it.The man open the lid and put the jar on izaki left eye,as the mosquito started squirming on his eye izaki started to scream at the top of is lungs trying to call for help,the man got annoyed by the screaming and slit open izaki throught killing him. Then izaki was roaming around in the city as a spirit when he met a shinigami name rukia and decided to go with her to the soul society. Now izaki is a shinigami himself and is known as the youngest shinigami in soul society.


Powers & ability[]

Large amount of rietsu:Izaki uses his rietsu to control the insects he uses during his battles.

Swarm:Many different species of insects form together to make a huge cloud of insects swooping down on foes.

Insect defense:When being attacked izaki uses his insect to form a barrier around him swarming in so if anyone touches the barrier they get stung or bitten by the insects.


Izaki zanpakuto name is insecto, which will make the sword fuse with izaki arm into a blade shape of a mosquito nose.

Shikai:When insecto is called out it goes by the command of swarm.

Shikia ability:Summons a swarm of mosquito's that can suck rietsu from enemy's and switch it with either poison or plauge.can move the mosquito swarm either by pointing the zanpakuto at them or let them control themselves.Insecto ability can also make insects explode on impact.

Bankai:Izaki bankia when use covers the area with hives wich contains insects from another world and can summon as much as izaki wants.Izaki can also mix himself with a giant butterfly becoming the ultimate insect he dreamed off.shooting acid of rain at the enemy and can use the same attacks as the enemy.