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Israphel's Symbol
Kanji イスラプヘル
Notable Locations Mistral

Village of the Wetlands Pilzcal

Israphel (イスラプヘル) is the dimension where the very rare race Drakéide usually resides.



Israphel's common appearance.

Israphel is composed mostly by wetlands, deep jungles, ancient civilizations' ruins and small villages. It's a small dimension, with about the size of Rukongai. Although it is rather small, it looks big because of the amount of forests and its hard crossing. What also differs it from other dimensions is the amount of life that it has, ranging from plants, rare species and small bug-like creatures tha live in tree logs and mushrooms. It's also got several waterfalls. Israphel is very humid, making the fungi growth very frequent and fast, as seen in the trees covered with moss. The villages have small wooden houses or stone ruins and have basic mechanisms with no modern gadgets.

Important Landmarks[]

  • Mistral: The "capital" of Israphel, composed by ruins, where the biggest group of Drakéide live. It was the house of an ancient civilization that did much for alquemy. It's located in the mountains and it's the coldest zone in the dimension, with maximum temperatures of 23ºC (73.4ºF).
  • Kamdibor's School of Kidō: Probably the most important landmark of Israphel, the Kamdibor's School of Kidō is the main resource of knowledge about magic and alchemy in all land. Located inside the mountain where Mistral is located, the school has a completely different dimension around it, protected against non-spiritually aware species. Currently, the school is stopped, due to the Aizen's invasion in Israphel.
  • Pilzcal: Home to the Pilz, Pilzcal is a mushroom city inside a hollow log. Its population is rather unique. This city was only found years after the founding of Mistral. It has the biggest Pilz population in Israphel.
  • Village of the Wetlands: It's a small village that has few to see. Even though it is small, it's the oldest community of Drakéide and is the place where the oldest and wisest Drakéide lives.


  • Israphel's theme is the following [link]