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Ishihara Yamakage
Ishihara Prof
Race Hitorigami
Birthplace Soul Society
Birthday May 30
Age 1000+
Gender Male
Height 175.6 cm (6'3")
Weight 79 kg (174 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13
Thunder God Tribe
Golden Boys
Division 5 Fifth Division
Profession Gotei 13 Captain
Partner Ninigi
Tsubaki Kurogane
Base of Operations Barracks
Seijin Kenjuku
Personal Status
Relatives Tsuyuri Yamakage (Mother)
Daiki Shiba (Godfather)
Education Shin'ō Academy
Shikai Amatsu Tenrairyū
Bankai Unknown
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut Crimson in the Twilight
Series Debut Bleach: Extinction
English Tony Oliver
Japanese Toshiyuki Morikawa

Ishihara Yamakage (石原山影, Yamakage Ishihara) is a full-blooded male Hitorigami the last born child of Tsuyuri Yamakage and Kane Yamakage. After the tragic killing of his father and the loss of three of his brothers, he was the only one left to care for his mother. Notably he was the personal student of the renowned Daiki Shiba. During the Second Great Soul Society War Ishihara clashed blades with the war veteran, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and became a man of his interest building a mutual relationship. This event was where he earned the renowned moniker Raishin (雷神, Literally meaning; "Lightning God", Other; "Thunder God"), which is in reference to his Zanpakutō and lightning manipulation. Around this time he started a three man team known as the Golden Boys (金少年, Kinshōnen). The Golden Boys were put on hard watch by the Central 46 as each member possessed the blood of a Hitorigami. After the conclusion of the war he would following the two becoming one of the founding captain of the Gotei 13 that laid the groundwork for the Ninth Division. Serving as captain for over three hundred years, Ishihara left the Seireitei in order to train with the Dragons. He served under the tutelage of the Dragons for a hundred year leaving after the Dragon Sage determined that Ishihara's true origins were not in Soul Society.

Tsuyuri revealed that if he wanted to know his true origins that he should travel to the Heavenly Plain — Takamagahara. Here Ishihara learned of his Hitorigami heritage and gained a new power, under the guidance of Father's messenger Ninigi. After training with Ninigi for years to master his new power he returned to Yuánrǎng accompanied by Ninigi to meet with the Sage Dragon, where he spent one hundred years living with him. After hearing that a corpse and physical appearance fit the description of his master Daiki was found in the Rukongai, Ishihara fell into a shadow of training in Zanjutsu alone. Knowing he hadn't reached the peak of his abilities, Ishihara turned to the man Daiki stated knew everything there was to know about Zanjutsu and the Zanpakutō: Ōetsu Nimaiya. After arranging a meeting with the man who created Zanpakutō himself Ishihara would take the role of becoming his student. Here Ishiara spent over two centuries training with Nimaiya, which led uncovering a the truth of their relationship through Ichibei Hyōsube's true name calling. After completing his training with Nimaiya bestowed the Emperor of Swords (帝王刀, Teiōken) title upon his student as a testament of completely his training. Ishihara was tasked with one final assignment by Nimaiya which included the recovery of Sayafushi. Following his departure from the Royal Palace, Ishihara went on to open a dojo where he would train beings in the art of Zanjutsu; hoping to refine their skills in swordplay. The dojo became known as Seijin Kenjuku (聖人剣塾, lit. "Saint's Sword School"), which in actuality was the Sengoku School renamed.

By call of Shunsui Kyōraku, the Gotei 13 requested he was to return as Captain Yamakage of the Fifth Division. Ishihara's former nickname left behind by Jūshirō Ukitake, Higyagu (ひギャグ Red Joke), resurfaced and is now the name nearly all members of the Thirteenth Division call him. Ishihara feels at home now that he's back in the atmosphere of the Seireitei's Fifth Division with a new lieutenant under his wing Shiemi Makinami. Upon rejoining the Gotei 13 many envied Captain Yamakage and wished to work under him, yet did not want to leave their division. This distinctive group of men became known as the Thunder God Tribe, loyal Shinigami who served Ishihara just as though he were their own captain.


Ishihara back Dragon

Ishihara's dragon mark on his back.

An average height man for his psychological age, Ishihara stands at exactly six foot three inches. In the Human World he would physically appear to be in his early twenties, when in reality he has served more than six centuries in Soul Society. His ripped, tones, and slightly damaged body shows the rigorous training and battles he's gone under. On his back is the dragonic curse left behind by the harnessing of Amatsu Tenrairyū's power. All of this compliments his brown skin color mimicking the complexion of the Shihōin clan members. Prior to getting a name for himself many would confuse him for a member of the Shihōin. The confusion caused him to walk around with the crest of the Yamakage in his pocket. Ishihara directly inherited his appearance and characteristics from his mother. Her friends thought of him as a mini her. The male version of her was embodied into her very own offspring.

Ishihara Full

Ishihara's full appearance.

Ishihara possess short spiky hair that doesn't go past his shoulders. There is nothing unique about it except the split that lies over his left eye revealing his iris. That split alone helps frame his hair His hair could remind you of a shaggy dog after its taken a shower but instead of white, its brown. His eyes an illuminating golden. A gold which is like staring into a treasure chest belonging to a pirate. In the sun, Ishihara can be seen across the way just because of the reflection his eyes give off. The gold used as charms to seduce the women he wants, just as it lures the pirates on the sea. When he closes his eyes it's as if the night has fallen, and when he opens them again, the sun has shown yet again. A smile that is worth a million words, a thousand gifts, and a hundred blessings. His bright white smile compared to the fresh white paint used on a house before it dries up. His hair, teeth, and eyes are the three main entrees that aide in the gathering of women. He's like an irresistible charm that a woman couldn't resist but get her hands on.

Captain Ishihara

Ishihara dressed in the Captain's garbs.

Upon introducing himself to anyone he meets for the first time he'd rather not speak a single word. He is a man that is against the "Don't judge a book my it's cover" saying, and would rather that someone judged him before they knew him. Shunsui Kyōraku noted that he thought like a child, but at the same time it wasn't a bad idea. When dressed casually and someone asks who he is, he flaps his button down jacket back so that it flows in the wind even if there isn't any that is blowing. It is a three fourth quarter length black jacket with gold trimming and the inside of it red. When he flaps his jacket back he reveals the white v-neck tee resting underneath it and the amulet he received from his mother. There are even times he won't wear a shirt and go bear chested. He wears black baggy slacks and a purple belt tied around his waist. Sometimes he likes to wear his gold, red, and black skirt armor plating over his black slacks.

After returning from Takamagahara he and Ninigi traveled to Yuánrǎng where he would receive his training from all of the Dragons. Rather than his casual attire he would wear around the Rukongai his outfit took the physical appearance of the Shinigami's shihakushō. The Dragon's alter all of his uniform making every fabric of it a weight in it's own regard. Ninigi notes that Ishihara's outfit alone was around one thousand and five hundred pounds. Part of his training consisted of hunting down the Onryō in their realm. He met three Onryō that possessed skills that even he hadn't seen among the sacred dragons. Each of these Onryō had their souls devoured by Ishihara and their skills became embedded into a fur coat that sat over his shoulders and arms.

As a captain of the Gotei 13, Ishihara was dressed in the fine material of the traditional black Shihakushō garbs. His top a tucked in long-sleeved kosode with white trimming along the edges. Most Shinigami wrapped in the Shihakushō garbs wear the traditional shitagi undergarment provided, but Ishihara retains his white v-neck tee from his casual attire. Lying under his v-neck is a dry fit sleeveless top enchanted by a spell that adds weight onto it. Covering his black uniform is the haori provided by Genryūsai Yamamoto to all of his captains. Resting on his back the kanji for the Fifth Division and the lily of the valley signifying—Sacrifice, danger, pure love, humility, and sweetness—inscribed into the haori. The inside of his haori customized and made with a unique cashmere fabric coloring gold, matching the golden tone of his eyes. Once returning to the Fifth Division as captain yet again, his Shihakushō's trimming was replaced with a gold hue, similar to the color of the inside of his old haori. His beloved haori changes as well though the kanji and lily of valley remains put. The inside color changes to a deep red and the material used shifts to a porcelain silk mesh, said to be softer than a baby's rear end.


Considering his background and the things that have happened in his past; Ishihara is an extremely laid back person and almost the easiest person to get along. Most of Ishihara's time is spent telling jokes and playing around with the other members of his division. His smile brings warmth to the Gotei 13 just like the sun does to the entire Soul Society. There is not a day he can go without joking around no matter the occasion. His jokes are the reason he's well known throughout Soul Society, even without the position he holds. At his current age Ishihara tends to pull pranks on the higher uppers, and was close to executing a prank on the Central 46. This foolish trick led to the birth of the nickname given to him by former Thirteenth Division captain: Jūshirō UkitakeHigyagu (ひギャグ, Red Joke). In all honesty Ishihara's jokes bring life to the Fifth Division making it one of the friendliest divisions alongside the Thirteenth Division.

Ishihara likes to refer to his battles as dances, as he did so in the battle against the Nefas. He lives by the intent that fights are just like dancing. Referring to his opponents as partners rather than the term opponent. Duels are elegant, and all about the way the combatants choose to preform. A battle consists of footwork and movement, just as though they were dancing to a song and trying to catch the rhythm of their opponent. Battling a new opponent and never seeing the way they fight is equivalent to finding a new dance partner and dancing with the for the very first time. Then coming back to clash with that opponent for a second, third, or however many times following is like having them as your personal partner slowly learning how they fight with each encounter. Ishihara finds disrespect in those that do not dance the same dance as he does. For fighting an opponent a second time and they have yet to understand how he fights is disgraceful to his style and declares them an unworthy opponent and terrible dancer. Sometimes he can analyze a fighter just by looking at them and will let them know if they are a worthy dancer or not.

The Hitorigami possesses an overwhelming lust for women and what they have to offer. Ishihara has been shown many times throughout the series flirting with various women no matter the race. Raishin stood toe to toe with Shunsui. While Shunsui went for Yachiru Unohana, he went for the other. He shot his shot multiple times with Kushina Kawahiru at one point even falling in love with her. After finding out she was married to his fellow brethren he finally backed off. He drools for women with large breast even attempting to grab the breast of women he doesn't even know. While on a mission to the World of the Living a woman's bust caught his attention. Approaching the woman he buried his face in her breast. To his dismay her husband, and elder brother were standing right beside her, resulting in a one-sided brawl between the three as Ishihara was incapable of fighting back. Ishihara's faced showed he truly one the battle, but in his defense he stated it was worth it. Sundress season is his favorite time in the World of the Living. He takes the liberty of acting like he's dropped money

There was a time that Ishihara truly fell in love with a women, the story goes as follows. Upon returning to the Gotei 13 he fell to his knees at the sight of Seia Tulia Honoria. She was the only pure female from the creation of the Gotei 13 so it was only customary that he had a slim chance. She didn't have the biggest bust but her purity made up for it. After driving the Seia insane for two months she finally gave him an opportunity. He thought it was her drunk talk, but when he approached her the next day her attitude from the night before remained the same. This caught the attention of Shunsui who shed a tear for Ishihara stating he'd been growing up. Dating went on for about three months, and Ishihara found himself in love for real this time unlike with Kushina. Top of the line restaurants in both the Soul Society and World of the Living. Buying her jewels that danced in the rays of the sun, what more could a woman ask for. The duo became known as the Lightning Couple (電対, Raitsui) in reference to them dating and their Zanpakutōs' ability. It was then one night Ishihara was called over to Seia's barracks. He was escorted by his lieutenant and third seat officer, but when they reached the barracks Seia only permitted Ishihara to enter, while the other two remained outside. The room lit with candles all around the room, rose petals scatter on the ground, and two glasses of wine on the table.

The two partook in their glasses of wine and when they finish Ishihara insisted on pouring more. Seia instead headed for bed and called Ishihara over. His face became red like the illustrious petals of the rose lying on the ground. Ishihara dove in the bed head first, and as he soared through the air his clothing came undone. She flicked the lights off and in the next instance there was a sudden breaking of glass echoing around the room. Screams and wails were heard coming from the room, and third seat of the Fifth Division; Chōjirō Namikaze, clinched his fist in success. "Alright, Captain Yamakage!" He shouted, only to have his chanting be interrupted by a thunderbolt striking down on the barracks. "Oh wow, it's that powerful?" He noted, only to have his intentions changed after seeing a naked Ishihara and drunked Seia holding a cracked wine bottle. From that day forward, he vowed to never love a woman that loved her booze more than life itself.

While Ishihara is shown throughout the series being a comedian, he is also known for being overprotective to those most precious to him even having the mindset of breaking the rules to protect them. This is displayed when he killed his own father for trying to hard his mother. His honor as a captain of the Gotei 13 stands equal to that of protecting his mother; meaning he doesn't take disrespect towards the Gotei 13 lightly. After declaring that Ryōko Shiogama was not a worthy partner to dance with, Ryōko threw taint on the name of the Fifth Division. While Ishihara did not draw his blade against the rookie, he did drown him in his spiritual pressure telling him he should think before he even spoke badly about any division again. Ishihara is actually a highly respectful individual when it comes down to ones ideals. Once looking over Chōjirō's abilities he felt as though he was unfit for the Fifth Division and felt as though he should go and join the Second Division.


Early Life

Given life from the the daughter of the Father of Hitorigami; Tsuyuri Yamakage, and a male Hitorigami named Kane Yamakage, Ishihara was born into noble blood. Tsuyuri fled their home Takamagahara while she was pregnant with Ishihara to escape the war going on between the three other families. Her intentions were not to separate them from their home, but to protect her family at any cost, especially since they had just suffered from fighting in the Great Race Civil War, as she had already lost her second youngest son during the war. Her only option left was to run to the Soul Society where she and her family could live a normal life. To adapt to the life of a Shinigami, Ishihara's mother had given him an Asauchi and he would begin training with his brother immediately. He spent every waking moment with his Asauchi, waking up next to it every morning, to picking it up so that he would prepare training with his brother.

On a hot summer evening, Ishihara and Tatsuya Yamakage; Ishihara's second elder brother, were out on a new training regiment away from home. Tatsuya could sense the drastic increase in Ishihara's Zanjutsu prowess and felt that sense he had a fully forged Zanpakutō, that he should kick his training up a notch. After a rough day of his new regiment, Tatsuya dismissed Ishihara so that he could go on with his mission their father had assigned to him. Making his way back home, walking fast, faces turned, he was home bound. As he got closer to his home he could hear the shrieks and wells from within the house. Rushing to the door and bursting right in as though he had been the man of the house. What he saw was his father reaching his hand out slapping his mother knocking her down to the floor. He reached for her collar and held her in the air. Her face bruised badly, her eye swollen, and her mouth pouring out blood as though the push button on a water fountain had been broken. He struck her helpless body yet again, making her spit up even more blood. With each strike Ishihara gripped his ear tighter trying to shut out the wails of his mother. His own face and where he stood filled with his tears like a local pond. Where his brothers? Sure they all wouldn't be away. It was then that is clicked in his head. His father was the one that put his brothers up to those missions.

Ishihara began to hear voices calling out in his head. "Call upon me Ishihara..." both echoed in perfect harmonization. "If you truly want to rid of this horrid sight repeat these words out and call out my true power," Ishihara opened his mouth to speak, "As the day shines bright, I call upon the clouds. Cover the sun from shining, and roar over the heavens! Amatsu Tenrairyū" Kane finally turned his attention towards the shouts of his son. His spiritual pressure unleashed itself pushing Kane back from being able to approach him. A thunderbolt struck the house destroying the roof all at once nearly incinerating his father. Another burst of spiritual pressure release pushing the debris aside revealing Ishihara to be holding two blades. Wing appendages latched onto his back, with his face covered by a mask taking the shape of a Dragon's head. Releasing a thunderous roar, Ishihara was robbed of all his consciousness dashed at Kane and lashed out cutting him down to his knees, where he would lay in his own puddle of blood.

His life was not an easy one, losing a brother before he would even be able to know him and having to forcefully kill his father to save his mother. Yet he lived on without a complaint nor regret, and continued to be the warrior he wanted to be. One who would have to take matters and kill into their own hands like that would experience many traumas. Ishihara knew that he had saved his mother, and his father would rot and burn in Hell and hopefully the Kageyoshi Clan would have their way with him. Ishihara on the other hand would live on alongside his mother, and continue his training under his brother. That is until he received news that Tatsuya had been killed by a group of Quincy on a mission away from the district.

He no longer possessed a teacher as his older brother was no where to be found and his sister had found a life elsewhere. The only ones left was himself and his mother. Ishihara would go on to train alone, continuously going over the training regiments his brother had placed him through many many times. He held his Zanpakutō so tightly that his hands began to bleed and gotten wounded. It was up for Ishihara to go to the market as his mother had caught a cold. Walking through the market place he could see many of the people stiff as though they had just seen a ghost from their past. As he tried paying for his bandages the worker passed out. Here is where he met Daiki Shiba, who was unaffected by his reiatsu, and noticed the wounds on his hand/ When Ishihara was asked what happened, he explained in full detail to the man. That he'd been training under the old methods his brother taught him and since he could control the power of his Zanpakutō he could only use it in it's sealed state. Daiki stated that he'd teach him how to control his Zanpakutō and restrain his immense spiritual power.

Young Ishihara would train under the wing of Daiki Shiba, an extremely powerful Shinigami when it came down to the art of swordsplay. He would train under his tutelage for a hundred years before Daiki felt as though he could teach him all that he could. Daiki called upon the head of the Shihōin clan him: Kyouichi Shihōin, who would teach Ishihara the art of fast movement and travelling. Not long later the start of the Second Great Soul Society War had begun and Ishihara's homeland became portion of the battlefield. His most notorious battle was the one against Jūshirō Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku. In their battle he was able to successfully defeat Jūshirō and almost defeat Shunsui only to have their battle interrupted by their own sensei. It was then he crossed blades with the legendary Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Ryūjin Jakka, in an attempted to test out his dance moves. Despite falling to the power of Ryūjin Jakka, he did not go out unforgettably. Yamamoto named him Raishin (雷神, "Lightning God"), granted the raw abilities of his Zanpakutō without achieving Bankai state. He would then join forces with Shunsui and Jūshirō having the two serve as temporary members of the Golden Boys. Ishihara on his own was enough to kill an entire squadron of men, with his "Raishin" moniker reaching the heavens.

Captain Yamakage of the Fifth Division

Following the events of the Second Great Soul Society War, Genryūsai Yamamoto warmly opened his arms and invited Ishihara to join his band of defenders as the Captain of the Fifth Division. Here name, race, not history made a difference. They were all banded together under the same belt; to defend the Soul Society. During this span of time Ishihara would recieve orders directly from the Captain-Commander himself. Ishihara learned a lot from the other twelve captains, and began to slowly grow a bond with each of the captains. He would jokingly call them by nicknames they wouldn't like such as, "Great Elder Yamamoto" and "Stressed Out Stone Captain". Yamamoto moved Ishihara to his domain for a couple of months teaching him the advanced swords style of Zanjutsu, branching out to even teach him his techniques. Everything seemed to be going just great, and he served as Captain for three hundred years.

While inside the Seireitei things seemed all fine and dandy, however outside of it within the depths of the Soul Society an organization slowly made their way known.

The True Origins of the Hitorigami

Ishihara felt truly as though he had been lacking, and answered to Amatsu Tenrairyū's request to train with the Dragons waiting for him in a hidden location within the Rukongai District. Under the guidance of the Dragon's Ishihara began to refine all of his physicals skill to a level that exceeded what was being taught to him by both his master and brother. They even preformed a sacred spell that would dwell into the Soul of Ishihara and find out what he was truly lacking.

Powers and Abilities

"You’re blinded by all the power you’ve stolen to the point you lack common sense. In this world, nor the other, there is no such thing as the ‘almight’. We’ve seen it time and time again. Yamamoto, Yhwach, the list goes on. Power is more than just physical and spiritual prowess or stealing someone else’s just to boost your own; it is the will power and determination of the one utilizing it.” By the power invested in me, I plan to defeat you here and now. There will be no jokes this time around, Itsuki. I plan to defeat you."
—Ishihara to Itsuki.

As it stands, Ishihara is the strongest Hitorigami alive even surpassing the children of Father. His name and moniker reached the Soul Society in all four of the cardinal directions. The rate at which Ishihara was growing and who he'd been training under scared many and made Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto label him as a potential war threat. Yamamoto's suspicions were true, as the Hitorigami was a key factor in ending the Second Great Soul Society War over eight hundred years ago. During his time on the battlefront he was feared for destroying armies of men on his own without the help of anyone. His might is evident by being able to defeat a captain level Shinigami who has completely mastered their Bankai. Then going on to defeat two Quincy; Adolf Eisenburg and Kariss Eisenburg, who achieved their highest power[1], albeit they had no mastery over it. He single-handily defeated each member of the Aztecs without having to rely on the power of Bankai. Ishihara was strong enough to stand as one of the founding captains of the Gotei 13, the generation considered to be not only the strongest, but the most ruthless. After returning from his training with Ninigi and the Dragons, Ishihara’s power had reached an new level. All of his physical capabilities have increased to the point that Yoshitsune Kageyoshi, a longtime friend, had trouble believing it was him with such tremendous power. With the bottom end of his handle he was able to crack open the mask of a Menos Grande with just a single thrust. His increase of strength is only proven valid when he kills Itsuki Hitomi, a man who’d not only defeated him once before but also Kushina Kawahiru with little to no effort at all.

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Ishihara's speed and reflexes are on a level to where he can quickly turn around to parry an opponent who's concealing their spirit energy. In close quarters hand-to-hand or Zanjutsu combat, Ishihara can take an opponent on with ease, rapidly blocking their fist or blade, for extended periods of time just for his amusement.

Ishihara's Spiritual Power

Ishihara's overwhelming reiryoku when released.

Imperial Spiritual Power: Born to the child of the first Hitorigami and being a full-blooded one with noble blood blesses Ishihara with a overwhelming amount of spiritual energy. By analysis his spiritual power is something to be taken into a degree of his own. Actually, Ōetsu Nimaiya believes that if it wasn't for his tremendous amount of spiritual energy he wouldn't be able to bring out the power of his Zanpakutō. He goes on to state that the first generation of Captains—mostly referred to as the Founding Captains—had the most tremendous spiritual pressure out of any generation which includes Ishihara. Upon exertion, Ishihara's spiritual power has a presence of it's own where it plunges fear into his opponents and those nearby. During the Second Soul Society War he knocked out an entire army of men by just emitting his spiritual pressure. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto is also aware of not taking Ishihara's spiritual pressure lightning, as he told Shunsui and Jūshirō to proceed with caution. For those that weren't knocked out by his power, they found themselves drench in the sodium of their sweat or gasping for air. There was even a time where he left an opponent foaming at the mouth, eyes bucked wide open as if they had been robbed of their life.
Ishihara Spiritual Pressure Knocking people out

Ishihara's reiatsu knocking out an army during war.

When released his spiritual pressure is embedded with the intention of killing whoever stands as a foe. Such unique spiritual energy is the extension of the power that Ishihara possess, and it sometimes appears as though it has a will of it's own. Absorbing his spirit energy is futile as it will reject it's absorber and completely take over their souls. This is backed up by the fact that Ishihara is such a laid back and funny guy that he wouldn't need such power to use on others. Embodying a yellow hue in color, it's possible that his spiritual energy is lightning itself. At the instant release of spiritual pressure there is a loud thunderclap and as it continues to leak out you can hear the crackles of the thunder. The thunderclap gives out another side of effect to being plunged by his powerful spiritual energy and that is sometimes causing one's heart to skip a beat. When released at full power the clouds take over the sky which help aide him in his lightning-based needs. At times his spiritual power can be easily mistaken for a kidō at how it is used. It's might alone is able to cancel out even some of the stronger of kidō. The force of his spiritual pressure can be used as a shield.
Ishihara Reiryoku Physical

The physical manifestation of Ishihara's reiryoku.

When physically manifested his spirit energy takes on the form of a fierce yellow dragon. The dragon has a mindset of it's own as it is even capable of speaking to Ishihara. Since this is Ishihara's extension of himself he is able to control and put a restraint on it. This dragon looks similiar to his Zanpakutō spirit, but their personality sets them apart. The Hitorigami's mastery over spiritual power control allows him to apply shape manipulation to it and forge it into various tools. This also reaches out to the sensing of other's spiritual pressure. Like most Shinigami who can remember the spiritual composition of a fellow Shinigami or someone's spiritual pressure they've felt before, Ishihara too has this ability. Except he takes it another level and is able to "smell" the spirit energy of a target. Ishihara spectacular spiritual energy control comes from his training with a God, where he would also gain an increase of spiritual power through training. This spiritual power is unique however and considered to be God's Power (神力 Jinryoku), something much denser than spirit power, but can be merged to increase one's spiritual power to the next level.

Supernatural Growth Rate: Maybe more than just a natural feature Ishihara was destined to be the head of the clan from his youth. It took little to know time for him to be able to forge his Zanpakutō, and do some of the things it takes men or even elders to do. He was able to achieve many Shinigami feats without the need of Shin'ō teachings, as at his time the academy hadn't even been in existence yet. Nearly all original members of the Gotei 13 compliment his capabilities. From when he was younger and incapable of controlling Amatsu Tenrairyū's full power, to know where he is able to use whatever power of it he pleases. He's able to pick up on the dance moves of his partner through single encounters, enough to be able to stand at par with them their next performance.

High Intelligence & Master Tactician: Many profound Shinigami give praise to Ishihara intelligence from Arrancar such as Zendaya Diaboro to enemy Sōzōshin such as Kushina Kawahiru. His true intellect is drawn from never underestimating an opponent and never thinking too highly of his skills. Ishihara isn't one of those warriors that believes he can defeat anyone walking, and knows which battles should be fought which way. It is possible that his intelligence streams from his Zanpakutō's ability, as it analyses an opponent and gradually learns about them. Ishihara relies on mischievous tactics to overwhelm his opponent, and will even dig up the dirt and darkness of his opponent just to use it against them in battle. Even combining said dirt with his shikai ability to develop a way to defeat them. By just clashing with an opponent once, is more than enough times for him to be able to stand toe-to-toe with them their next encounter. Much of Ishihara's intelligence streams from his ability to use electricity to increase stimulation in the nervous system increasing the brain activity; blessing him to come up with last minute tactics and device genius strategies. Ishihara will even rely on sly and simple traps that an opponent wouldn't think about appearing in battle. Ishihara is the only other person in the Soul Society to utilize Kidō crystals. In his confrontation with Adolf Eisenburg the tactic used to decided the battle was the last thing Adolf would ever think of someone using. When the two clashed blades the time before Ishihara dropped a kidō crystal on the ground, which Adolf would step on only to have himself pierced by a powerful spell; leaving Ishihara victorious.

Shinisei Prowess

God's Lightning: Blessed with the power to utilize the power granted to him by his god, Ishihara has near completely dominance over all forms of lightning. It's safe to think of it as Ishihara becoming one with lightning as each time he yells out, it sounds like thunder echoing. The Shinisei is the power of Father, and what the power granted by him is endless. When Ishihara reached Takamagara he approached the incapacitated Father, he exchanged words with the incapacitated man in a one-sided conversation. Father then gave Ishihara's his indomitable power of the control of lightning.

With this blessing comes great power and various different passive abilities. Electricity manipulation and generation is the general ability. The simple ability of being able to create lightning from thin air without the need of a preexisting source. This ability is one of the most useful of his passive abilities. Most times when in a battle or just a general situation, most tend to pit their opponents in an environment where they can't use their affinity element to their liking, therefore placing them at a disadvantage. However, with this ability to freely generate electricity it doesn't matter where Ishihara is. Even though this electricity can be made quickly, it is usually highly concentrated. He is also able to freely manipulate the lightning from the nature and/or of his opponent(s) and use it as a tool for his own massive destruction. This makes other users of the lightning element complete useless against him, unless they possess a secondary skill. By gathering and/or generating concentrated electrical energy and condensing it around a specific vicinity, Ishihara is able to create a electrical force field. This force field is highly durable, being able to protect him against advanced spells, and protecting him from weak ones as well. Even though it is somewhat his most ultimately defense, it does carry it's own flaws. When forging a force field, he is unable to move how he pleases. In fact, he is complete unable to move, unless it is within the borders of the force field.

In passive electrolocation, Ishihara is able to sense the weak bioelectric fields generated by living beings and uses it to locate them. These electric fields are generated by everything living due to the activity of their nerves and muscles. In active electrolocation, Ishihara gains the ability to sense his surrounding environment by generating electric fields and detecting distortions in these fields using electroreceptor organs. This allows the veteran Shinigami to detect non-living objects as well as living beings. Creating electricity or using electricity that already exists, Ishihara has the ability to travel through said electricity. Because he is traveling with electricity he moves so fast he becomes untraceable, virtually moving at the speed of lightning. He is also seen being able to create a portal of electricity. Though because he doesn't heavily rely on this, it's capabilities are unknown. Additionally, Ishihara is able to transform into a lightning bolt. By utilizing electricity to it's highest capabilities, Ishihara is able to control the flow and currents of electrical waves which allows him to manipulate the magnetic fields. With negative charges he is able to push things away, and with positive charges he is able to pull things in, acting as a magnet to various electrons. Additionally he is able to give stray and complete useless objects use, by giving them positive or negative charge. He is able to virtually control his opponent's body by manipulating the electrical signals in their body. This ability however leaves Ishihara completely mindless, making him brain dead and if there are multiple targets, he becomes an open target.

Original Raitama

Ishihara utilizing the Raitama.

  • Raitama (雷球, "Lightning Sphere"): One of the techniques created by due to his Shinisei. By either using his spiritual energy or gathering and concentrating the electrons in the air, Ishihara generates electricity in the palm of his hand. If one pays close attention, Ishihara cuffs his hand as though he's holding a sphere. The low roars of thunder can be heard play over and over as the technique remains in Ishihara's hand. Once charged to his liking he thrusts at the opponent attempting to pierce directly through their body. Ishihara dashes at his opponent with great speed only to help aid in his thrusting power severing an opponent. The Raitama is powerful enough to rip through solid concrete and metal, as Ishara took down a tower in the World of the Living. The damage done by Raitama is life threatening and if not treated immediately could result in one's death. During his third clash with Eiji Kurokami, Ishihara pierced through his lung making it difficult for him to retreat. With such a powerful technique, comes a major drawback. The vibrations coming from the lightning is extra sensitive to the bones and is the main reason as to why Ishihara tends not to have this technique active for extended periods of time. It's quick preparation and versatility makes it Ishihara's most efficient Shinisei techniques in his arsenal. It is also his only close range technique, excluding all the sub-techniques he's created.
Raikou Ishihara

Raikou ready to strike it's opponent.

  • Raikou (雷光, "Lightning Lion"):
  • Gaitō no Raishin (外套の雷神, "Cloak of the Thunder God"): A technique created by Ishihara through his sacred Shinisei prowess. After entering the Advanced Training Room, a room created by Kushina Kawahiru which restricts the use of all Shinigami-based abilities and by extension one's Zanpakutō, Ishihara was forced to focus on his Shinisei powers. Without the use of Shunpo to aid in evading attacks from Hollows as the gravity fought against him, it was then he came up with a new technique. One that succeeded the Shinigami's Shunpo. By gathering the power of Shinisei Ishihara is able to wrap himself in God's lightning and increase his speeds to unimaginable heights. Upon activation golden sparks of electricity gathering around his body, almost as if they were jumping around completely wrapping him in a cloak of lightning (as the name suggests). When in this state the electricity generated is used to stimulate Ishihara's nervous system and speeds up neural synapses to react much quicker. This increases all of Ishihara's physical prowess from his strength all the way to his natural speed. Ishihara's punches deal an tremendous amount of damage on his target, as he was able to nearly break Itsuki's ribs, a man triple his size. His speed exceeds the limit of any form of enhanced Shunpo technique. Wrapping his body in lightning increases his nerves allowing him to move as though he were teleporting; vanishing right before the viewers eyes. While in this state it is extremely difficult for a viewer to keep an eye on Ishihara. When combing both his increased speed with his increased power his attacks power is increased even further. Ishihara tends to disappear from the view of his opponent then reappear at their blind spot with a powerful and devastating attack. As a result of everything happening so fast, the opponent is left with little if any time to counter his attacks.

Tensensei (天戦士, "Heavenly Warrior"): This is not a spell, more of a physical manifestation of one's own spiritual power which can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. The Tensensei appears in one person every four generations, meaning the overall rarity of the ability is near extinct. Even then, those that are blessed with this ability must have a tremendous amount of spirit energy so that it may manifest.

Hohō Grandmaster

Enhanced Speed, Agility, & Reflexes: Those in Hitorigami left tried their best to refine Ishihara as a prodigious child whom was all around. Ishihara himself however chose to work on his speed and tactics with a tad of Zanjutsu. Ishihara's small frame play a large part on his overall natural speed. In comparison to track it's like running a 4-flat: forty yards in four seconds, ten yards a second—unrealistic. Ishihara has gone under various body conditioning regiments that allowed her to increase her speed to unimaginable levels. His natural speed alone leaves those that oppose him in awe leaving behind nothing but a blurry representation of himself. Ishihara can cover gaps between himself and an opponent with relative ease. Lieutenant Kurokami describes his movement of his speed as "irregular". With his great speed, comes great reflexes. His reaction time has explains to be on time. Rather than thinking about what needs to be done, he allows his body to react on its own. His personal trainer worked on enhancing his agility, to the level where Ishihara actually appears as a blur when moving, as stated above. After completely returning from his training with Tsuyuri, Ishihara was at a point where he was able to erase his presence, making him nearly impossible to trace. Taking off at unimaginable speeds to quickly deliver a fatal blow before his target knew what hit them. It is possible that Ishihara's speed is enhanced by his natural affinity to the lightning element. He utilizes electricity to stimulate his nerves allowing him to increase his reaction and movement to the maximum levels. Ishihara is able to move so fast that it appears as if he's using the Shunpo technique, when in reality is it just extremely fast movement.

Shunpo Grandmaster: His mastery of the Shunpo runs parallel to that of this mastery over Zanjutsu. Ishihara learned the Shunpo directly from one of the former heads of the Shihōin clanKyouichi Shihōin; one considered a speed demon himself. Ishihara practiced Shunpo and Zanjutsu together for over three hundred years which only completely his mastery even further. Ishihara's affinity towards lightning is the source of his great speed and use of the Shunpo. Footwork in the key to the Shunpo or any other Hohō technique of that matter. Kyouichi saw this in the young Ishihara and was able to achieve superb results from him. His ability to manipulate lightning and send electricity throughout his body made the key focal point, speed, a thing in the past. For those who use it regularly in a manner to get from point A to point B, are considered novice level when in the face of Ishihara. For Ishihara adds his own additional steps to it where he gives himself a point C. Ishihara looks at the flash step as a technique that uses the first and only step to get from point A to point B. He also believes this is the downfall of many Shinigami and shunpo users. As they are taught, it's all about reaching point B as they stand from point A. Only forgetting that additional steps can be added to completely avoid damage and simultaneously avoid being predicted. It was this very same thought process he used on Yoshirou Sengoku to outwit him and shatter his Zanpakutō.

Branched techniques of Hohō are considerably amplified by the Hitorigami's speed. Senka is like child's play to the Golden Boy as for many it appears as though he hadn't even moved to begin with. Instead, all that's left is the opponent slowly falling to their face. His mastery of Shunpo allows him to use this technique on multiple opponents and still appear as nothing had happened. Extensively, Ishihara is also a master of the Utsusemi technique. Using this he is able to replace his own body with something else. Some generally use their Captain's haori, but instead Ishihara trades places with the purple belt wrapped around his waist. With the use of his speed amplified by the greatness of the Shunpo he's able to create an optical illusion afterimage which fools his opponent into thinking he's taken damage. Then by using the lost attention of his opponent Ishihara strikes without a seconds notice. Speed Clones the most advanced of the sub techniques granted by Hohō. The vigilante moves at imaginable speed which creates copies of himself to fool the opponent.

Zanjutsu Grandmaster

General Swordsmanship Prowess: Ishihara is an extremely powerful swordsman, one to be considered a Grandmaster in the art of Zanjutsu. "Swordsmanship refers to the skills of a swordsman, a being versed in the art of the sword." This, the skills of a swordsman wielding a sword is what Ishihara considers swordplay. As noted, all Ishihara was taught was to swing a sword. Even before he knew his Asauchi would become his longtime partner, he knew it was a sword made for piercing things. Even before making contact with his blade, just gripping on the handle of his blade makes those that know of him tremble in fear. This fear is not just induced by his capabilities with his Zanpakutō, but with any blade he holds in his hand. The Hitorigami are considered deities, born into the world from nothing, yet holding tremendous power. Holding a sword in his hand just makes him appear as a deity holding yet another deity in their hand as a weapon at their disposal. With bare skill alone he defeats his opponents with relative ease much like an infant who hasn’t eaten all day and finally receives their bottle. By description alone, Ishihara’s swordsmanship is said the succeed the skills of even the other Captains in the Gotei 13. When his opponents are falling helplessly to the surface wounded with the scar of a blade running down their chest, those that witness have not even the slightest knowledge of what has happened. To them Ishihara is still standing still as though he never moved to begin with.

Ishihara Zanjutsu

Ishihara in Zanjutsu combat.

Tsuyuri Yamakage, Ishihara's mother, smuggled four Asauchi as she fled from Takamagahara, a true act of treason indeed. Instead of selfishness though she shared the Asauchi among her family giving each to one of her children. Ishihara received his Zanjutsu training directly from his second eldest brother; Tatsuya Yamakage. Prior to successfully forging his Zanpakutō he would train with Tatsuya with just his Asauchi alone while Taiga would use his Zanpakutō. It wouldn't be before long that Ishihara's Zanpakutō would come to the light and be forged into what today is known as—Amatsu Tenrairyū. From a quick glance it appeared as though Ishihara's skills increased drastically from the change of Asauchi to the actual Zanpakutō. The bond Ishihara possesses with his Zanpakutō is a great one indeed. Having his blade with him every waking moment of his life, even before most Shinigami are given theirs upon joining the academy. At a young age he had been defeating many of the top tier swordsmen near his home bringing them all to a great shame. Extensively being able to cut Hollows in half without much effort. After the death of Tatsuya, Isihara no longer had anyone around to help aid him in his training. He would spend much of his time striking at trees alone attempting to practice the regiments his brother would go over with him during his time of living. His skills continued to grow even though he only relied on the old methods taught to him by his brother. Ishihara caught the attention of Zanjutsu grandmaster and former head of the fifth noble family, Daiki Shiba of the Shiba Clan, who would shortly after become the boy's teacher transforming him into a grandmaster in his own right.

Ishihara's skills in Zanjutsu became fearsome quickly and he became known as a grandmaster throughout Soul Society as well. In his teenage years he stood on par with those who's spent hundreds of years refining their skill. During his duel with vertaran Eiji Kurokami, Ishihara was able to push Eiji back and force him to retreat. With Zanjutsu alone Ishihara is able to slice through many attacks unleashed by an opponent even displaying the ability to cut through few Kidō of high caliber. Evident in his batle with Yoshitsune Kageyoshi where he was able to split Yoshitsune's shadow technique in half rendering it useless. Kei Kuchiki once attempted to reign over Ishihara with his immense spiritual pressure only to have Ishihara coat his blade in his own spirit energy and slice through the wave. In his eyes Ishihara believes that in less than a hundred years there is one man in the Gotei 13 that will rival his Zanjutsu prowess—Izari Kenshiko. But also notes that in the founding generation both Yachiru Unohana and Raian Getsueikirite truly surpassed him.

While it appears as though Daiki is the true source of Ishihara's great Zanjutsu prowess, this is completely incorrect. Daiki himself has commented to Ishihara that he should not be putting the full thanks on his teacher but more-so on the weapon in his hands. The Zanpakutō Amatsu Tenrairyū is the true source of all his Zanjutsu prowess as without it there would be no Zanjutsu for him. Ishihara preforms Jinzen on the regular with Amatsu Tenrairyū meditating and speaking with him often so that he will never feel as though he is alone. At first when they would enter Ishihara's Inner World they would not get along at all. Amatsu Tenrairyū appeared to a young Ishihara has an aggressive mythological dragon. However, utilizing his spiritual power to suppress the beast, Ishihara and the two came on equal terms and Amatsu Tenrairyū would reveal itself as a man. Consistent visits to his Inner World led the two to come to a better understanding with each other being able to harmonize and sync together to become one. In his inner world the two see themselves for what they are and enter a state of consciousness; the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world. Instead of Ishihara being the one to swing the blade, he and Tenrairyū work together in order to strike down their opponents.

Kamekawa Kata Master

Kamekawa Kata (亀皮型, "Form of the Turtle Shell"):

Ryūkiba Kata Master

Ryūkiba Kata (竜牙型, "Form of the Dragon Fang"):

Amaterasu Kata Master

Amaterasu Kata (天照型, "Form of the Heavenly Illumination"): A style of Zanjutsu revolving around evading and attacking the opponent with a strong offensive force.


Amatsu Tenrairyu Sheath

Amatsu Tenrairyū sealed in its sheath.

Amatsu Tenrairyū (天津天雷竜, Literally meaning: "Imperial Thunder Dragon"): is the name of the Zanpakutō that was forged by the power of Ishihara's Hitorigami soul. Amatsu Tenrairyū the oldest lightning-type Zanapakutō there ever was. When sealed, appears as your average everyday katana. The guard resembles a four leaf clover, but instead of green a rusty gold. Each of the four clovers have kanji on it: "天津" on one, "天雷", on the third "竜", and the final "霊". The actual blade of the Zanpakutō is a silvery steel, but is dressed in a purple sheath when not being used. It's handle a black that compliments the jacket he wears with silver diamonds. Ishihara prefers to keep his Zanpakutō help in his hand, despite having a belt which is used to hold it for him. Amatsu Tenrairyū is possibly the strongest lightning Zanpakutō in existence. The fact that it grants Ishihara a hood and wings gives speculation that Amatsu Tenrairyū is a clad-type. It's ability to absorb electrons from the atmosphere makes needing natural lightning to help power his attacks up unneeded. The amulet around Ishihara's neck keeps the personality of Amatsu Tenrairyū tamed and calmed which limits the abilities and power of the Zanpakutō Ishihara can access.

The bond between Zanpakutō and master is indeed a great one, yet for Ishihara and Amatsu Tenrairyū it's a unique one. Ishihara preforms Jizen regularly with Amatsu Tenrairyū as though it is a prayer before going to sleep. Their bond has been compared to that of a mother and child and the understanding they have of each other is transcendent. Without the other they may only operate at fifty percent, and their full power can not be accessed. Amatsu Tenrairyū and Ishihara have been with each other for as long as Ishihara could remember. Their bond is incredible, and unbreakable. In spirit form the Zanpakutō takes on the form of a dragon and a human, whilst the Human possessing many dragonic features. Personality wise, Amatsu Tenrairyū is extremely aggressive even towards Ishihara. He despises when Ishihara jokes around and doesn't take a battle seriously. Most battles he wins, Amatsu Tenrairyū scolds that he could have one earlier had he not been playing around.

Ishihara holding Zan

Ishihara releasing Amatsu Tenrairyū

  • Shikai: Ishihara's Amatsu Tenrairyū's full power is released through the command statement, "As the day shines bright, I call upon the clouds. Cover the sun from shining, and roar over the heavens!" (日が明るく輝くようにするために、私は雲を呼び。天の上に輝くの日、そして轟音をカバー, Tsu ga akaruku kagayaku yō ni suru tame ni, watashi wa kumo o yobi. Ten no ue ni kagayaku no hi, soshite gōon o kabā.). If he truly wishes he can release a portion of Amatsu Tenrairyū's power by shorting the release command, Roar (咆哮, Hōkō).[2] As the first sentence is chanted he points his blade out in front of himself. Easy over to the second sentence, he holds his blade upwards clouds begin to form and it begins to get slightly dark. A lightning bolt emerges from the clouds and smashes into the surface leaving behind the screeches of thunder. After the debris clears Ishihara is seen holding the blade sideways with lightning wrapped around the blade. From the lightning bolt a second blade identical to the original and Ishihara grips it with his free hand. These two together mimic the two top fangs of a Dragon. His back is revealed to have wings made on his back, similar to the ones donned by the belated Captain Hitsugaya, with the addition of them having a very low thunder sound consistently playing. The harder he flaps the louder the sound. Another extension of his lightning wings is the lightning hood resting around his neck; a unique hood that takes on the construct of the head of a dragon. When the hood is pulled over his head, his power is multiplied by two but he loses his ability to talk. Before any of this can be take place however, the conditions of activating shikai must be met first. Amatsu Tenrairyū must be charged to a certain level before it will even go into full shikai state. Without doing this would make it extremely weaker and damage his body severely. It is to be noted that if the full release command is not stated, Amatsu Tenrairyū will not release at it's full power even neglecting to bring forth the twin blade. This is most likely the result of the bolt not striking the surface to bless Ishihara with the second fang. In that past it was extremely difficult to control the hood of Amatsu Tenrairyū. The first time he released his Zanpakutō was when he had to fend off his father from killing his mother. Amatsu Tenrairyū called out to Ishihara relaying the release command to it's master. Instead of giving him free reign on putting his hood on, it appeared on already. All Ishihara remembers is blanking out and not being able to talk. He had lost all of his sanity and lashed out on his father without regards of who he was. During this time he is seen with two blades, confirming that the Zanpakutō is indeed a twin Zanpakutō.

Shikai Special Ability: Amatsu Tenrairyū grants Ishihara reign over all things lightning. The very blade alone has the ability to create it's own clouds for even more powerful thunderbolts. Even without the clouds he can create lightning from nothingness, which is likely done by converting his reiatsu into lightning. All the time that Amatsu Tenrairyū is swung it passively absorbs electrons. By absorbing electrons the Zanpakutō becomes energized and its attacks become stronger over time. When colliding with an opponent Zanpakutō or any kind of physical contact through his blade he can transfer electrical surges throughout the foe's body. At first a target is unable to feel the surges which is a result that the special ability is working. All this means is that their body is going numb to the point of paralysis. This has nothing to do with the spiritual power of an opponent as even Head-Captain Yamamoto fell victim to the effects of Amatsu Tenrairyū during the War. Complete lightning manipulation is the source of Amatsu Tenrairyū's power, capable of firing off powerful slashes of lightning—Seishūrai (聖襲雷, "Holy Lightning Strike")—off the blade. While it is noted Ishihara can create his own thunder strikes, he can also control and absorb naturally occurring lightning strikes and thunderstorms to increase and expand on his power.

Just as Amatsu Tenrairyū grants Ishihara complete manipulation of all lightning, this extends out it's ability to alter form. An example of this is his Seishūrai technique which is fired from his blade at his opponent. By altering the form of the generated lightning, Ishihara is able to create all sorts of different constructs which help aid him in battle, or supplementary uses outside of battle. He once created a holding cell out of electricity to encase a unique Hollow for Kushina so that he could use her training room. This also includes animated things, as he once created a dragon that was capable of moving on it's own, and with his guidance.

  • Bankai: The name of Ishihara's bankai is completely unknown. The only information about his bankai's abilties were leaked by Daiki Shiba and Jūshirō Ukitake way back when. Amatsu Tenrairyū's release of bankai is so powerful that the quake could possibly be felt all over Soul Society. With this release comes an outburst of overflowing spiritual pressure. Unlike those that do not have a problem activating their bankai, Ishihara resents the thought of even having to resort to this power. Daiki mentions that Ishihara's bankai has only been seen once. Then, Jūshirō goes on to state that he's seen it as well. It is to be confirmed if they all seen it at the same time, or if the time frames were different. Releasing his bankai gives off collateral damage to the area surrounding him, remembering that he destroyed nearly all of the buildings, and ripped all of the terrain. In order to truly activate his bankai the Hitorigami must place his twin Zanpakutō in the ground and sit in a meditating stance dropping his head as though he were praying and enter his inner world; Ishihara calls this a ceremony. His spiritual pressure with began to overflow from his both transforming itself into thunderbolts striking at the surrounding the area unconsciously. He then utters, "Bankai". From his blades two golden pillars of spiritual pressure shoot into the atmosphere, the all over the area pillars begin to appear. The sky fills with dark clouds—the result of Ishihara's immense spiritual pressure being released into the atmosphere all at once— and unlike in shikai where the clouds disappear after a certain amount of time, the clouds gathered in the ceremony stay forever. Many lives have been lost in the ceremony alone to the vast power of Ishihara's spiritual power. Three final thunderbolts make howl through the clouds and strike at Ishihara's Zanpakutō and his meditating body. Golden energy bursts from his body creating a large explosion. The pillars of golden energy frolic then and lightning strikes occur and give rampage to the area around yet again. Ishihara's energy exploding around his body comes to a halt, revealing Ishihara's bankai.

Once the majestic ceremony is finished, the mythical Bankai of the Thunder God stands firmly in the epicenter of it all, his body illuminating with his overwhelming golden power. Ishihara finds himself dressed in the garments of the Dragon King. Much like in Shikai, where he gains a hoodie that increases all of his physical and natural capabilities, a crown appears in front of him which he can put on and take off as he pleases. Upon wearing the crown, his body is dressed in the armor of not a night, but a king. On the shoulders are the kanji standing for "Dragon King". The plating of his armor is golden just like his reiatsu covering him from shoulders to feet. The armor even grants him a dark gold cape like a superhero in a fantasy. His armor's durability is amazing as it blocked a fully powered Raikou shot back at him by Jūshirō, doing the same with Daiki's fully powered Getsuga Tenshō in his bankai state. In bankai his swords change as well. Rather than their former thin katana look they grow in length and width. The handles of the blades resemble the fangs of a dragon. At will, Ishihara is able to forge a steel shield with the face of Amatsu Tenrairyū laying dormant. Ishihara tells Daiki that he doesn't like his bankai, and when Shunsui attempted to share what his bankai was to his lieutenant; Yoshino Ukitake, Ishihara shrouded the Captain-Commander in lightning. Deep down inside Ishihara feels as though his bankai is a complete waste of time. For lightning to be something that increases his speed, a ceremony that takes so long to prepare and then to have such a recoil is not worth it.


  • (Ishihara to the Nefas) "If I may pitch in, it is true I do not know whom I stand alongside. I know nothing but what this woman has told me. Possibly meaning the information she's given me may be wrong. I was promised that if I tagged along, my suspicions would be no more."
  • (Ishihara to Daiki Shiba) "I have nothing to protect but my mother and my pride. I don't think I'll ever look out for someone else's help."
  • (Ishihara to Tsubaki Kurogane) "I've given you the power, it is your job to awaken it."
  • (Jūshirō to Ishihara) "It's okay Captain-Yamakage. A little heart break could never hurt you!"
  • (Ishihara during Masked Man's appearance) "No single person could stand up to all thirteen Captains on their own without a death wish. Why should we allow you to face him alone, when we could all take him down together, right here, right now."

Creation & Concept

In the past, I've always wanted to make a character based on myself and life story. Nearly everything about Ishihara happened in my life with the exception of Ishihara actually killing his father. A teacher my 6th grade year of Middle School told me I reminded her of lightning. I'm unsure what she meant, but I thought it was because she somehow found out I had a love for lightning. Ishihara's personality is directly inherited from me. I love to joke around and I'm always smiling. This may be hard to believe as this personality is different from how I act on Bleach Fanfiction.


  • Ishihara is the author's first user-based character.


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  2. Crimson in the Twilight


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