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"Kyūdō, the way of the bow, is in every way superior to your poor swordsmanship." -Kobayashi "Yumi" Sayuri

Inuwashi (イヌワシ, Golden Eagle) is the Zanpakutō that is paired with Kobayashi Sayuri (Sayuri Kobayashi).


The sealed form of Inuwashi is an average katana. Yumi has never used it in actual combat.

Release Forms and Abilities[]


  • Appearance: Inuwashi has at least two distinct release commands. The first (more commonly used) release command for Inuwashi is "Shigi" or "Snipe". Her sword takes on the form of a Yumi long bow, with which she's able to use with reflexive and instinctive ease. Also, the sword's original sheath becomes a quiver that stores reiatsu. It takes about one second to fire off an "average" shot (power equivalent to Uryū's second shot in Quincy Final Form, which took Mayuri's arm), while giving her enough of an opening (approx. 5 seconds+) allows her to fire off a nearly guaranteed kill shot (power equivalent to Uryū's final shot in Quincy Final Form, which split Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō in half and pierced a gaping hole in Mayuri's torso. Range/accuracy is extended greatly, however). Once in Shikai form, Inuwashi has shown to be able to materialize whenever needed, and fades when not. It (dis)appears as mist during these actions.

Inuwashi's second release command is "Maiagaru" or "Soar". It is unknown what the Shikai form for this release command is. Yumi went straight to Bankai after releasing it.

  • Abilities: Filler

Shikai Special Ability: Filler

  • Filler

Bankai- Sabaku Inuwashi (砂漠イヌワシ, Desert Golden Eagle)

  • Appearance: Being the full released form of Inuwashi's second Shikai form, one can assume that, while "Shigi" is based on range and accuracy, "Maiagaru", and hence, Sabaku Inuwashi, is based on raw speed and brute strength to overwhelm the foe. Yumi's second Bankai form is that of twin gold Desert Eagle magnums. The blasts are very Cero-like in character (they are extremely similar to Starrk's Cero-firing guns, and a double blast has proven to be the equivalent or greater of a Gran Rey Cero, able to cancel out and nearly overwhelm it).
  • Abilities: N/A

Quotes (pertaining to the Zanpakutō)[]

  • "Shigi, Inuwashi!"
  • "Bankai! Maiagaru, Sabaku Inuwashi!"

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