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Name Ikki
Kanji 闇决
Race Blank
Birthday Jan 12th
Age 600+
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 130 lb
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Blanks
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation King of the Blanks
Previous Occupation Shinigami
Team Blank Society
Previous Team squad 9
Base of Operations Valley of Screams
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Main Skill Explosives Expert

Ikki (一揆, Riot), starting his new life as a soul reaper Ikki was a low ranking soul reaper and then slowly started to build his life tell it was all broken apart and he was sent into the Valley of Screams as a blank after a stupid mistake crossing the Dangai. after years of growing stronger Ikki regains his personality and then starts a new life in the valley of screams.this is where Ikki starts my story as the King of Blanks and ruler of the Valley of Screams (700+ years before the events of Ichigo traveling to the soul society.)


Ikki as King of the Blanks he prides himself on looking good at all times and in his opinion that means wearing a lot of clothing items that shows off your fashion sense. Around his neck he has a wrip scarf that has his old division 9 sign on it (he has not idea that its from his old self) then he has his pants that are extremly baggy so he can move in combat in them the left leg of the pants has a lightning sign going down to the bottom of his pants and the color of the pants are white. Then the next layer of clothing is Ikki's old shinigami suit that is cut in half so to cover only half of his body on the right side this item is tid at the bottom of his right leg so it stays in place. Then over his midsection is a large sash that he uses to keep all his clothing close to his body, the bottom section ot hte sash is a white silk and the top is a golden and red cloth with a dragon painted on it. on his left shoulder is a metal plat that is bolted directly into his shoulder to show his in the Blanks."best example look at image"


Ikki is always on edge, twitching and fussing about most things he sees this gives him a almost insane mental state to everyone that sees him. using this to his advantage most times he will make everyone around him think hes a weak crazy guy tell he needs to attack and then he can repress his emotions so he can do what ever he needs to at the time. But this makes him extremely unstable and hard to read his body language. most people stay clear of him because at any time his good mood could swing and turn into crazy blood crazy killer with no reason at all. thanks to all his extra personalities and memories Ikki can't always trust what he's seeing so he will all ways question someone at random for no real reason about something they may or may not know and depending on the answer he could kill that person or just walk away. After prolonged contact with the memory Rosary ikki has become a more stable and calm person with more focus and a better out look on life.


Starting out as a low rank Shinigami Ikki was force to work himself self through the ranks killing hollows doing work around the barracks and learning to awaken his Zanpakutō.after learning his Zanpakuto's name he was placed in the 9th Division. After taking a test of skills he was place With this new title and a new life Ikki lived out his days without thinking about anything, tell the day of the big battle in Karakura Town. But because of his rank he was unable to join in on the fight so Yamabiko traveled to the human by himself but as he traveled in the Dangai he was attack by the Kōtotsu after being sweep away his body was turned into a Blank and stuck in the Valley of screams.

With no personality to separate him from his Blank form Ikki wonder around the Valley of screams for many years tell he some how starts to remember small things of his passed life like his name. As he says his name something breaks and it allows him to take form once more as the first Blank King. With a new body Ikki starts to learn of his new found powers and control over the Blanks slowly he grows in day as ikki is resting in a throne of Blanks he had made he starts to feel something he had never felt before sadness he had no one that he could share this power with or even talk with. So wish his mind set on making more Blanks that could be just like him Ikki started work on building a new society inside the Valley of Screams.

After countless attempts at making a blank like him Ikki had managed to make an item of pure memory he called the item, the memory rosary. It was an item that could give a blank his real name and allow it to take shape once more just like Ikki had so long ago. With his item ikki finally makes his new society of blanks where all shinigami, humans, and Hollows could live in peace as the Blank Society.but after not to long the number of Blanks where to great, and it threatens the soul society.with orders to destroy the Blank society the soul reapers invaded the Valley of Screams and layed waist to the new race of peaceful Blanks killing most of the new race.

With his home destroyed and his race almost driven to extinction Ikki and the last survivors of the blanks started to form attacks and powers that could help them fight soul reapers for the next time they were attack. And there was a next time.not long after the captain commander himself lead the attack on the last Blanks so to remove the threat for good but in there hast they were almost all killed off and the captain commander was injured with there new powers Ikki and his team of Blanks was able to drive off the attackers and start again at building there new society.

After a short fight with a odd Girl known as Oichi Ikki makes friends with this odd person and slowly gains her trust as they make there way to the human world where they are confronted by the Machine Doctor Nanbu and Ikki is force to use his Shikai to stop him from getting away with Oichi. a short time after the fight Oichi reveals that the doctors plan is to revive Baraggan losisenbairn the lord of the hollows and do something unknown with a desprest attempt at gaining the power he needs to stop this growing threat Ikki travels to a odd begger hidden in side the dangai.once there he is granted his new powers but at a large price he most give up his left arm, and all his explosive ablitys but in return he is granted the power of the Kōryū.


Blank Memory Arc

The Battle of Memories: Oichi and Ikki

Powers & Abilities[]

While not very strong by themselves, the Blanks gain many powers when gathered together, such as:

  • Culminative Strength: While in large numbers (810 in a large group), the Blanks can be used to keep an enemy down, increasing their strength with each individual Blank. A group of Blanks were strong enough to keep a unit of the Special Tasks Force held down. By focusing a large numbers of Blanks into clothing form himself Ikki is able to use the culminative strength from himself.
  • Self-Destructive Explosion: Blanks can grab onto an enemy and hold them still while they explode, killing both their opponent and themselves. With about 5 Blanks the explosion can be very large. Blanks used this ability to kill a unit of the Special Tasks Force. After forming blanks into weapons Ikki is able to throw a weapon and have them explode with great force.
  • Shapeshifting: When used by Ikki, Blanks can be transformed into swords, projectiles, objects or any form of weapon the person can imagine. Ikki's zapakuto is normaly what he uses this skill for.
  • Regeneration: Blanks can replace Ikki's limbs, once he absorbs it.even if his full body is destroyed by a explosion if a small part of him is still alive he is able to rebuild himself thanks to his mental link to all the blanks.
  • Blank Manipulation:Ikki eventually learned how to harness the Blanks for his own power, during the time he spent in the Valley of Screams. Blanks were used to augment his weapons and even restore limbs. The limit of this skill is ten Blanks at the most but once he uses all ten blanks he is able to summon ten more to refresh his own energy.
  • Mind and Eye Link: Thanks to sharing the same body all the Blanks that come out of Ikki's body is able to share the same eye cite and can share thoughts to each other no matter where they are.also using this skill ikki' is able to grant any Blank with this link with him the gift of a individual personality that is how he creates more allys for his growing new society in the Valley of Screams.
  • shunpo expert:not as fast as a high ranking captain but able to keep up with a 3rd seat.
  • Explosives expert: using the natural art skills he has gained from years of training and a good eye for art he can mold any Blank into an shape Ikki needs and have it aid him in combat. each creation can explode given a correct command or it can be set to explode on contract even using a timer or site guided.(Ikki himself can no longer mold art but he can order the blanks themselfs to mold and explode as if he was doin it himself.)
  • Kōryū (拘流, Wresting Flow) is the current that is constantly flowing through the Dangai, in order to prevent enemies such as Hollows from using it. The current stops souls from moving, and even one foot caught by it makes escape almost impossible. It encompasses the walls, capturing anyone who makes contact with them. for a trade of his most powerful skill of explosives Ikki has gained the power to control this Koryu as his own new power and it also effects his Shikai.

Weakness and Limitations[]

After countless blank's being absorb into his body ikki's own personality and memorys are forerver bonded with each and every Blank in the Valley of Screams. Forming a number of diffrent mental and physical illnesses.

  • Dozens of diffrent split personalitys (one personality may be trigger by a simple word that someone says or a action that another personality may do will force a new personality to rise this gives ikki a almost insane state of mind.) aftter prolong contact with the memory rosary Ikki can now control his own personality and make himself calm and controled.
  • Memory recalls (memorys will slip into Ikki's mind even in the middle of combat once someone says a word or he smells something anything that could trigger a memory will force him to relive it as if he is there.)
  • Emotional detachment ( thanks to so many diffrent personalitys inside Ikki's mind the only way for him to some what supress the memorys and feelings is to detach from the world and see everythng from a 3rd person.)
  • Self destructive tendency (this is a odd side effect of a great deal of suicidal children and adults turning into Blanks and being absorb by Ikki, This will show when he is alone or is feeling depress he will cut himself or even remove limbs for no reason at all.)

Art Of Molding Blanks[]

By focusing his Spiritual energy into any blanks he has in himself or around him in hands reach Ikki has show the skill to mold a part or all of a blank into a new form of art all the list below will list the explosives and types of forms he has show skill to make them into.(Ikki is no longer able to mold any more art but he can order the Blanks to mold themselfs and explode)

  • Common Art Explosives
1. Birds,Insects,spiders and Fish
1.2 each of these only take up 1/3 of a blank so 3 can be made from 1 blank,all these arts are able to do diffrent skills birds fly, fish swim,spiders clime walls, and insects can dig.
1.3 all these molded arts can have a timer, impact, or any other type of explosive ikki needs
  • Unique Art Explosives

1. Exploding Blank Art Minions

1.2 tthese minions are made up of 2 full body blanks each, each of these minions are able to fight melee style and mold them selfs into spikes and nets to trap a target and explode if these minions are cut or split in half they can mold them selfs into smaller and smaller minions tell they out number a target and explode.
  • Rare Art Explosvie
1. Transport Art Explosives
1.2 Dragons and fireflys
1.3 each of theses Rare Art creations are made to grow or shrink so too best suit the users needs.
1.4 this type takes 4 or 6 blanks each form, these types of Blank molded art can be made with no insides and hold up to 30 mini common explosives or they can be made small and fast for a single person to ride on as a means to get the high ground advantage.
all other levels of art are not yet revealed.


Keeping it hidden in its sealed state as a normal katana inside a couple Blanks that he absorbed a long time ago Ikki can summon out his sword by simply holding his hand to his chest and focusing on its true form.

Shikai/abosrb state: After calling out the command of "Grind and Break" or "Assaiki soshite houraku" Both ways have diffrent forms.its unknown if the sword choices this as its main form or if Ikki forcus it to take this form by absorbing it. in this form Ikki can take a direct hit from most to all melee attacks and not even be harmed.the down side to this form Ikki has 3 Gold rings on his rigth shoulder that break over the coures of 10 post and after all 3 break his shikai returns to its sealed state and forces ikki to return to normal, the number of Blanks ikki can control is responsible for this number of post it can last.other then the 3 Rings on his shoulder nothing can be seen of his transformation to everyone else it looks like hes normal but his shikai changes ever skin cell in his body into a blade a body of Blades even a single hand on a person can rip anyone to shreads.each blade thrown is a skin cell that takes the form of a normal katana blade.

Shikai Ability: Ikki can shot up to 100 blades out of a single limb in this form and each of the blades can explode on command not on impact forcing Ikki to say the command of explode so to take effect.(Ikki hints at more abilitys for this form but never gets to use them)

Recoil: the large side effect to using this shikai state is it effects Ikki with a large amount of pain and near death destruction of his inner body almost ripping apart ikki from the inside out.this effect happens no matter what after the shikai is sealed. but the side effects become more dangers if he breaks all 3 gold rings on his shoulder the recoil is able to destroy his body and reduce him to dust.

((Ikki can no longer explode his blades in his shikai state))

New Shikai ability: Ikki's skin cells are still changed into blades once he absorbs his shikai and he can still shot out all his blades but now he can also extend and retract his blades to a distance of 1 mile and his power to control the Kōryū means anything his skin cells hit he can stop from moving and trap it in the flow of Koryu this means any form of spiritual weapon is also effected but anything like a fullbringer or any other type of weapon can fight with little effect. also this skill can not stop elemental attacks or energy base attacks. the Koryu flow only effects physical objects.