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Rage and Serenity
Ikari Heion
Name Ikari Heion
Kanji 怒りと平穏
Race Mod Soul (Bount)
Birthday October 29th
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 6ft
Weight 157lbs
Eyes Scarlet
Hair Dark Blue
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Yurei Okuko Intelligence
Previous Affiliation Combat Modular Unit Department
Occupation Deep Cover Agent
Previous Occupation Test subject
Team Shiro, Chidori, Jushin Igen
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Shiro
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Mobile
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Education Combat Modular Unit Department
Status Active
Doll Einhundert Schneidersitz Schrecken

(One Hundred Legged Nightmare)

Ikari Heion (怒りと平穏 Ikari ya heion, Lit Translation, "Rage and Serenity,") is a Mod Soul from a project within Yurei Okuko's government to create the perfect soldiers to rejuvenate their lost Military and Police Forces from the Civil War, and more recently, the initial Ahijados Invasion.


Ikari's basic appearance

Ikari has the appearance of a mid 20's adult woman, with various light markings suggesting scars from either torture or battle, giving her a rough rigid surface yet a soft undertone for a caring individual. She stands tall and straight, much like a soldier does after years of service or intense loyalty, filled with both confidence and ambition. She has a fair skin tone, giving her a light yet appealing color to her complexion, only offset by the various unusual tattoos that are adorned on either her face or back. She has long, dark blue hair that splays over her browline and down her shoulders, dynamically contrasting to her hazel brown eyes. She has a average muscular build, allowing her to not appear to be buff or dramatically in shape but just enough to overlay a well-shaped beauty behind the rough exterior.

Ikari's usual garments when handling assignments is that of a peculiar tan-colored cloak with red flame embroiderments along the bottom foot of the hemline, and a gorilla enamored pauldron over her right shoulder. Underneath that, is a combat flak jacket that contains various gear and equipment over a rough-patched and stitched up crimson shirt that hangs short above her navel. Below that is her tech/gear belt, which straps up combat stitched-up shorts, allowing her creamy thighs to stretch down tall custom-combat boots. She usually has a specialized Kido gun that is locked onto her left forearm, that is grey and cylinder in appearance. She also wears a pair of red goggles for advanced ocular tracking and other special technologies.


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Sealed Form: Takes on the appearance of a peculiarly enamored blue cube with a small hole on one end large enough to fit a pencil through it.

Name & Release Call: Crawl all over, Einhundert Schneidersitz Schrecken (百足悪夢 Mukade Akumu ; Lit Translation, "One Hundred Legged Nightmare.")

Behind the Scenes/Trivia:[]

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