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Ichikou Amaya is the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division in the Ruffy04 database.



Ichikou's history is mostly unknown.

Powers and Abilities:[]

Kido Practitioner: Ichikou has some knowledge in Kido.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Ichikou is skilled in utilizing his Zanpakuto in both its released and sealed form. He is both-handed, often tricking his opponents into memorizing his moves while using one hand, and then quickly changing hand to surprize and confuse them.


Ten Sango (Heaven's Coral) is the name of Ichikou's Zanpakuto, which takes the shape of a simple katana with a round guard with a semi circle-shaped slit in one side. Its handle is dark red.

Shikai: Ten sango's Shikai command is "Tilt", and it gains multiple, lozenge-shaped red gems along the entire length of the blade in Shikai.

Shikai Special Ability: Ten Sango has the ability to create chains of gravity which bind objects and control how gravity affect them, which lead to even changing the gravity of the object. The chains appear as fiery, red chains formed of lozenges. To use this ability on something, Ten Sango has to touch it.

  • Chains of Gravity: The ability is activated when the incantation "Bind, Ten Sango!" is spoken. Red, fiery ribbons appear where Ten Sango has touched the chosen object, and binds the target. He can then alter the objects gravity, such as flip it upside down, make it ten times as heavy, rob away all gravity to make it float or such.
  • Ribbon Roll: By using Ten Sango's special ability on his own feet, Ichikou can use his gravitational control to literally glide across the ground. He can also use this ability to walk on odd surfaces, such as water, walls, roof or such.

Bankai: Not yet achieved.

Bankai special ability: None