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Hybrid Techniques (ハイブリッド技術, "Haiburiddo Gijutsu") refer specifically to those techniques that are a combination of different skills, abilities or styles that are naturally separate from either style that gave them birth. These techniques are placed together in various ways in which to achieve new advantageous techniques, and could be saw as the fifth method of Shinigami combat, albeit it a less used one.


Kidō & Hakuda

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Kidō & Hakuda
Shunkō (瞬閧, "Flash Cry") Shunkō is a rare and powerful technique, which focuses on body augmentation by forcefully driving pressurized Kidō into one's arms and legs. The Kidō itself can also be controlled and fired at opponents from the body, resulting in powerful explosions of pressurized Kidō. In addition, one can direct the Kidō onto specific areas of their body to make the protection exceedingly more concentrated. The worn uniform will rip apart at the back and sleeves when used, due to the energy being focused around the arms and back. However, by no means is Shunkō restricted to a Hakuda style, as the likes of Kusaka Kori use it to augment their Zanjutsu prowess.
  • Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon): An ability which nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with another one of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements, allowing for a follow-up attack.
Double Shunkou

Kidō & Zanjutsu

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Kidō & Zanjutsu
Onigiri (鬼斬り, "Demon Sword") Onigiri is a powerful hybrid technique combining both Zanjutsu and Kidō. It was originally designed as a Zanjutsu technique which creates an exceedingly thin layer of reiryoku capable of cutting through almost anything. The reiryoku can easily be switched to Kidō, ensuring the cutting power remains; but also allowing the user to utilize their own individual style. Also, since Kidō is used, the subsequent strikes not only possesses heightened cutting power, but effects depending on the spell as well. Should one utilize Shakkahō, then the sword incinerates anything in its path, while Raikōhō shocks and numbs instead. Especially skilled practitioners can control the influx of Kidō energy, making even lower-leveled spells potentially fatal when directed through their zanpakutō. Regardless of skill level, users are sometimes remarked upon to wield elemental blades. Onigiri itself has shown several different variations after specific swordmasters decided to expand on the technique in general. Not just including the Zanjutsu technique, Onigiri; the technique has been expanded upon significantly, currently encompassing the Nadegiri, Agitowari and Suikawari techniques respectively. Primarily; the user channels a specific Kidō into the blade by dispersing it into loose spiritrons. From this; the user is capable of altering the composition of the said Kidō to fit the specific technique they wish to imitate.
  • When replicating Nadegiri; the user channels the entirety of their spiritual power and mass in combination with their Kidō and make a single precision cut. At this moment; the slash itself magnifies immensely along with the Kidō in question, causing a truly devastating slash to occur and cause a specific effect in its radius.
  • When replicating Agitowari; the user channels the Kidō into their blade, honing it into a razor sharp blade thus increasing the cutting potency immensely. Upon the single slash; anything within the specific radius of the technique is cut cleanly along with an additional effect dependent on the Kidō implemented.
  • Finally; when replicating Suikawari, the user channels their Kidō into their blade, sharpening it and causing it to expand slightly outward from the blade. Upon the impact of the slash; it is magnified tenfold and dependent on the Kidō, can be strengthened with a layer of flames or even lightning, allowing for a devastatingly strengthened cut.
Zan Kido hybrid

Hohō & Kidō

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Hohō & Kidō
Shinjisoku (神事速, "Godlike Speed") A hybrid technique combining the speed of Hohō with Kidō. When in use, the user's legs glow with a white aura, accompanied by a reishi discharge which looks somewhat like lightning, signifying the techniques activation. When in use, Shinjisoku allows the user to move around the battlefield at speeds normal Shinigami would have their bodies give out at, enabling them to appear and disappear as though instantaneously. The one downside is the detrimental effect on the users muscles, which can quickly tire inexperienced practitioners out. Even experienced users use the technique sparingly.
  • Clones: The movements of Shinjisoku are such that one can easily create several speed clones. The clones themselves aren't solid, appearing more like that of an after-image which exists for several seconds. The uses are wide, and ultimately comes down to individual taste.
  • Kakatō Yaku (踵を焼く, Burning Heel) Coming soon.

Zanjutsu & Hakuda

Reiryoku & Life Energy

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Reiryoku & Life Energy
Shinsei (新星, "Nova") Shinsei involves mixing the twin forces which usually form a persons power -- spiritual and physical -- also called life energy by some -- into one destructive dual force that surpasses even Shunkō in destructive power, though the downsides are incredible. This is mainly due to the method one goes about initiating Shinsei. To use it, one must reach into the very core of their being -- the Saketsu and Hakusui -- which can, very easily, endanger the users life; though the boost to ones power is incredible. When utilized the persons spiritual and physical power enter a state of total sync, drastically increasing their powers. The intensity of the created aura is such that its appearance is akin to an aura of pure fire surrounding the body whenever utilized -- which is an example of an incomplete Shinsei. When perfected, Shinsei is meant to resemble a Clad-type Fullbring, in that the user is coated in their own power, instead of blasting this aura outward from their person.
  • Unnamed Energy Blast: In his younger years, Garian demonstrated a technique were he fires a massive blast of physical and spiritual energy capable of completely blowing away a fair number of Soulless and Kidō masters. He remarked many years later that its a basic technique granted through Shinsei.
Ino hybrid technique
Garian's Shinsei

Transference Energy & Hakuda

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Transference (移動, "Idō") The art of Transference is never easily taught or learned with mastery coming only after years of practice and experience, and even then the method in which it can be used in battle or in everyday situations varies between individuals. Hakuda is a close-range combat style where one uses their body solely to inflict damage. However, instead of utilizing simple and more traditional forms of physical enhancement to improve ones combat effectiveness in regards to Hakuda usage, those who train themselves in the use of Transference use a fulcrum-based transference skill alongside basic Hakuda training, which allows them to shift the point and force of impact by striking the exact center of an object. This allows them to transmit the force of impact wherever they so please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. Riki's transference state


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