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Hundun headshot
Name Hundun
Kanji 渾敦
Romaji Hundun
Race Xìnrénlèi
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 150 lbs.
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Sōkudo
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Assistant
Previous Occupation None
Team Sōkudo's Five Xìnrénlèi
Previous Team None
Partner None Known
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Karakura Town
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education None known
Status Active
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not yet revealed

Hundun (渾敦 Hundun) is one of the Xìnrénlèi in Sōkudo's group of five. He was the Xìnrénlèi born from Rukia Kuchiki's desire to give Ichigo Kurosaki her powers.


Due to Rukia's desire to give Ichigo her powers having been influenced by her lingering guilt over the death of Kaien Shiba, Hundun takes on the form of Kaien Shiba. Like Kaien, Hundun has a youthful appearance and is fairly tall. He has aqua green eyes and raven black hair, and wears the standard Shinigami outfit.


Hundun has a rather brooding personality, possibly due to the emotion of guilt involved in his creation.


Powers and Abilities[]

Immense Spiritual Power: Hundun possesses a surprisingly large amount of spiritual energy. Due to being a Xìnrénlèi, he is in possession ofvery unusual spiritual energy, similar to the the Hōgyoku's. His level of spiritual energy is such that just being near a Human soul, he causes it to collapse and fade away. Those of "weak-hearts" lose their souls, which are then added to Hundun's "core", adding to his spiritual power.

Instant Regeneration: As an Xìnrénlèi, he was born with a "core", essentially his heart. Whenever a weak-hearted being dies off from a Xìnrénlèi's spiritual energy, or a Xìnrénlèi kills a living being, their soul is absorbed by the Xìnrénlèi's core, and strengthens their regenerative powers. No matter how severe the damage, so long as they have souls within their core, they can continue to regenerate, even when burnt to smouldering ashes.

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Durability:

Enhanced Speed: