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"You know, I'm actually a big coward. If you weren't my enemy, I would never have fought you, so just....don't say you're on my side."
—Hotaru to Jinta Kanō
Hotaru Takahashi
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Name Hotaru Takahashi
Kanji 鷹橋蛍
Romanji Takahashi Hotaru
Race Soul
Birthday May 17
Age 150+
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Weight 63kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Pink
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei Remnant,Soul Society
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation Member of the Gotei Remnant
Previous Occupation Sixth Seat of the Thirteenth Division
Team Gotei Remnant
Previous Team Thirteenth Division
Base of Operations Reikai
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Razumi
Bankai Not Yet Achieved
First Appearance

Hotaru Takahashi (鷹橋蛍, Takahashi Hotaru) is a Shinigami allied with the Gotei Remnant following the events of the Collapse, being one of its few survivors. Prior to this, Hotaru was a member of the Thirteenth Division, working as its 6th Seat.


Hotaru bears the appearance of a young man with vibrant pink hair, kept short and neat in order for it to not get in the way of battle. While once seen with a cheerful expression across his face all the time, he has recently been seen in less than pleasant moods due to the current circumstances that he faces. Hotaru's physique is of average height and breadth, bearing a rather average build for a Shinigami of his rank. Finally, he is noted for his dark eyes framed within his black, rectangular lenses along with average facial features. Hotaru's general attire consists of the Shinigami's Shihakushō, the only differentiating aspect being his obi, which is in fact a much tighter belt that holsters two blades rather than one.




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Part II

The Hidden Shadows Arc

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Braving the Waves arc

Powers and Abilities



Hotaru confronting Razumi in his Inner World.

Razumi (乱角, Rantsuno; Literally meaning "Rioting Horns")

Shikai Special Ability:



Behind the Scenes

  • Hotaru's current appearance is based off of Shihō Kimizuki from Owari no Seraph. Hotaru's previous appearance was inspired by both Kūkai Sōma from Shugo Chara! and Keisuke from Togainu no Chi.
  • Hotaru's zanpakutō, Razumi should technically be pronounced as Rantsuno. However, due to the author utilizing the nanori readings rather than the standard kun'yomi or on'yomi reading. Note, given that the nanori reading is exclusively for the construction of names, the reading of the zanpakutō's name is technically not incorrect due to it being a name.
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