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"Dammit." Ichigo screamed, sliding his feetback while fighting a hollow.

"Ichigo, HANG IN THERE!" Rukia exclaimed, grabing a pipe and jumping up. When she saw Sado running to help.

Sado, using the second form of his arm, puched the hollow into the wall.

"Thanks, Sado." Ichigo said, walking backwards.

Ichigo looked up a Sado. "WHAT THE HELL!" He screamed.

Sado's face was a Hollow's mask. "Hollow... Sado..." Ichigo said slowly.


Ichigo grabed the mask and forced it off.

Ichigo carried it in his hands, and as he looked to the right, a white light came into his face.

"Heh Heh." Ichigo said behind the dust.

Ichigo looked at Rukia. "A forced hollow!" Rukia exclaimed.

Ichigo turned into a human. In his outfit he said. "I like it."