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Hollow Dragon
Hollow Dragon
Name Hollow Dragon
Kanji 虚竜
Species Hollow

Powers & Abilities

Special Trait Breathes fire, fires Cero, flies, has unbeliavable strength.

The Hollow Dragon is a legendary Hollow that once existed. It gave birth to Drakéides that had traces of its blood.


The Hollow Dragon is a mythical creature that once lived on Israphel. It fed from other Hollows and was invisible to any non-spiritually aware identity. It was able to fly long distances and was gigantic. It only existed when humanoid-like creatures didn't exist. It had no predators.


The Hollow Dragon is a skeletical dragon with wings torn apart. It is 10m from the tip of the tail to the face. It's got several teeth and no tongue.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tremendous Strength: With the move of a wing, the dragon could make a Hollow fly away and the moment it hit the ground it died.

Enhanced Speed: The dragon was able to fly really fast but was slow on land. To compensate it, it had powerful attacks.

Fire Attacks: The dragon was able to breathe fire and shoot big flames, able to melt diamond in less than a second. It also burned its surroundings, with temperatures able to reach 50ºC.

Cero: The dragon only shot a red Cero, powerful like a Cero Obscuras.


Years before the start of the Soul Society, the dragon layed an egg. It gave birth to two children, Drakéides that were able to use their dragon blood to unleash powerful attacks. It abandoned them because of the differences.

These kids grew up not knowing that the dragon was not their progenitor. When the dragon found them, after several years, the two brothers found it a threat and killed it. The corpse turned into a single bone that one of the brothers threw away far away. The bone was out of reach. What they didn't know is that the bone melted and started creating a gigantic forest, turning Israphel into a "jungle". It was a curse from the dragon: "When the soul that fills the empty heart dies, the path to your goal shall disappear from sight. Infinite forests will rise, and Israphel will have its demise!".