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"The prodigy, the yearner, the wound which time could never heal "
Hiroya Ginkarei
Serene Hiroya
Name Hiroya Ginkarei
Kanji 尋矢銀華麗
Romanji Hiroya Ginkarei
General Information
Race Rain Dragon
Age 2700+
Gender Male
Height 185cm (6'2")
Weight 83kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Soul Society, Yuanrang
Occupation Guardian of Balance, Archmage
Previous Occupation Captain of the Kidō Corps, Pre-School Teacher
Team None
Previous Team The Kidō Corps
Partner None
Previous Partner Fūma Kotarō (Former Lieutenant)
Base of Operations The Human World.
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment True Neutral
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active

Hiroya Ginkarei (尋矢銀華麗, "lit" Fathom Arrow, Silvery Splendour) Is an incredibly powerful wizard. Whose prodigeous talents and vast interest for the magical arts has molded him into one of the most powerful masters of the art of Kidō that Soul Society has ever produced, and is generally considered a living legend. Most members of the illustrious Kidō Corps honor him as one of the greatest. With the number of people rivalling his magical prowess being capable of being counted on but a single hand.

Fashioning himself as a proponent of justice and a guardian of balance: Hiroya travels the planes with the intent of observing important events, only ever interfering with those that puts the very equilibrium of the world at risk; finding little interest in the affairs of mortals. He's also been known to hunt down dangerous mages, believing that their lack of purpose and their surrender to their own pleasures on its very own, puts the rest of the world at risk.

While he's always been successful in his endeavours to remedy attacks on the worlds state of order; his immense powers making most threats seem almost trivial. He's thus far failed to recognize how he himself is a growing threat; as for every achievement he so masterfully accomplishes his views on the world decrease accordingly and his interactions with his self-invoked duty becomes more and more professional. Henceforth - Hiroya has gradually grown colder and more disillusioned with the world over the centuries; and its only a matter of time before the Archmage discovers an issue with it that he deems to be too flawed to warrant its continued existence.


Despite his advanced age Hiroya retains the youthful appearance of a man in his mid twenties. He's got ear-length blonde hair and intense blue eyes - he's also well-built, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled body (no doubt due to his extensive training as a Shinigami) these traits lead him to become somewhat broad in appearance, granting him an overall masculine appearance.

When in his Gigai; Hiroya wears a pair of grey pants and a white or magenta colored shirt that sits just right, accentuating his athletic build greatly; and with the two uppermost buttons being left open in a V shape, the final detail is the Ankh that is worn around his neck, bumping against his throat as he walks. In his Shinigami form he wears an elaborate grey haori with silver lining over gray pants; he also wears the Ankh from earlier in this form as well. He does however wear the traditional Japanese footwear, much to the surprise of others.

Hiroya's hair is roughly ear-length. And he prefers to keep it that way. The fact that he takes care of it daily leads many to assume that he is at least a bit concerned with his looks. His eyes seem always to beam friendly at people he meets, and while he's normally silent, he never seems to give anyone the impression of not being welcome. Additionally, his eyes always seem have a certain melancholy to them, they speak of a certain insecurity, self-doubt and yes, deep down perhaps even a slight hint of fear; but for what is unknown.

While preparing to fight seriously Hiroya will most commonly withdraw his left hand from the sleeve of his grey robe, leaving only the right side covered; until he attacks however the left arm firmly rest in the front of his haori, making it look like his arm is in a sling: This aspect is known a tradition of sorts among rōnin, befitting his status as a Rogue Shinigami.

Bounty Hunters, and pursuing Shinigami have also commented that despite his status as an infamous Rogue Shinigami of grand power, his appearance would never pass as threatening, or even remotely intimidating; this causes many of his opponents to drastically understimate him.


Once a Rain Dragon by the name of Kōuzenkōjun, Hiroya's lot in life was to be a keeper of balance, a strict but just force of nature whose purpose it was to protect humanities place in the world. Like most dragons, he was a gentle and benevolent force, and through the rain of him and his siblings, settlers in Japan and China enjoyed many good harvests. But there was always something else lurking in the heart of Kōuzenkōjun, an overwhelming sense of pride and arrogance, conflated even among dragons. He wanted recognition for his actions, and once descended before the rain to let the villagers bask in his glory. For this extremely human and selfish act, he was exiled from Yuánrǎng, his siblings wanting nothing more to do with someone who had dirtied their deeds with meaningless vanity.

That was the origin of the man who is now known as Hiroya Ginkarei. For millennia Hiroya has struggled with his vanity and pride, wanting nothing more than to be reunited with his peers in the torrential lands, but for every moment he remains among mortals, his pride increases and his disgust grows, even as he fights with himself to be benevolent, to be kind and to be understanding so as to not become like them. As a dragon, Kōuzenkōjun is quite literally a god living among mortals, and no fear of his is greater than that his siblings were right when they cast him out as a human.

As Hiroya, Kōuzenkōjun is forever alone and lonely, barred from communication with his people, and dimensions apart from Shinigami, Arrancar and Quincy alike, he lives a life of solitude, observing the world more than being an active participant. No being has ever managed to keep his interest, to challenge him, or to fill the void in his soul. But Hiroya refuses to bow to these human emotions and continues onwards towards his goal with unflinching resolve, but isolated from his peers by exile, and from mortals due to his advanced age and race, Hiroya tends to brood a lot.

Kōuzenkōjun's story is one of home versus heritage, unable or perhaps unwilling to settle in, he doesn't realize that the primary source of his internal conflict is himself, and that were he just to accept his position, he could lead a fulfilling life nonetheless. But to a dragon, the idea of second guessing oneself, of discrediting ones own actions is an impossible one. So it's remained this way for over two millennia. But there was one thing that the world of dragons and Shinigami had in common, and it was magic. The arcane arts were a reason for living if there ever existed one, most dragons had no idea how to wield magic specifically, to them it was a natural process, so Kōuzenkōjun pursued the art with single-minded determination - contemporary Kidō Masters pursue the noble arts for the knowledge, Hiroya pursued magic to live.

Although he's fought in his share of battles, Kōuzenkōjun doesn't enjoy battle in the least, but his willingness to fight is unquestionable. Atypical of most dragons, he relishes the chance to display his mastery of the arcane arts, and upon engaging in combat he wields his immense power with repressed joy, for while commanding the elements of nature he feels closer to who he once was. When confronted in battle, his demeanor and approach is known to be a conflicting one, for while he's ultimately benevolent and merciful, he wields his magic for the express purpose of overwhelming his opponent, to teach mortals their place. There's understanding there, but there's also the pride of a scorned god, who takes out his wrath on those below him. Because of his inner grief, wrath and envy, brought about by locking away his emotions and ignoring his sense of self for more than two thousand years, his approach to combat is exceedingly brutal and at times even outright cruel, as the rain dragon fights with the crisis of who he is supposed to be, versus the being he actually is.


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Birth of a Swan[]

Preclusion Arc[]

Dorothy Arc[]

The Valhalla Tournament Arc[]

Horiwari Resident[]

Aftermath Arc[]


  • Ishōsessei (衣装節制, Lit. Garment of Self-Restraint) is the Kinagashi that Hiroya always wears, it is designed trough a serie of intricate spells and enchantments and serve to focus Hiroya's use of Spiritual Energy, re-claiming a small portion of it and re-applying it directly onto Hiroya's pool of energy whenever he casts a spell, and by extension it allows him to cast more spells with less energy than what would normally be required. The following text is inscribed into the robes lining with black letters: さいぶんそしてがんゆうピント, which literally means something along the lines of "Divide into four, and then include a point of focus": According to Hiroya, the robe was originally created for the purpose of allowing himself to regulate his own power so as to not cause too much damage to his opponent, and the garment also allows for easier control over his own flow of Spiritual Energy.

Powers & Abilities[]

The adversary carefully removes his left arm from the sleeve of his elaborate grey robe; revealing him to wear a green shirt that sits just right, an Ankh dangling from his throat; brilliantly blue eyes watching your movements slowly, as with a look of great displeasure; he grips around the handle of his Zanpakutō with his right hand, as his opposite arm rests firmly by the elbow in the sleeve of his robe.

Transcendent Spiritual Power: As a being of divine prominence, Hiroya possesses a level of spiritual energy unheard off outside of his echelon. It's sheer volume far outrstrips any attempt at gauging it's precise depth. To lesser beings, it simply doesn't exist, as their minds cannot even conceive of its presence. It is believed that a Kidou Masters grip on the fragmented wills of the planes is dependant not only on their raw skill, but also on the depth of their own power, it is for this reason that Hiroya typically resolves to wear garments that contain his great power and allows him to focus it more adequately without risking widespread devastation at the utterance of a single syllable.  Although the neccessity of such is debateable, for scholars of the legend of Kouzenkojun know that he's been cast down from the divine realms from which he hailed, and in the process he lost most of his draconic powers. Thus, it is impossible for the Kidou Grandmaster to truly fight at full power, although the raw potency of his reiryoku once unleashed in full is still more than adequate to lecture insolent mortals.

Most beings of power wreak havoc with their spiritual energy, but such a thing is foreign to a dragon – and henceforth, Hiroya's exertion of power does not affect the environment adversely. No trees are uprooted, nor do the heavens tremble beneath it, no, it simply manifests like a mild breeze, akin to that which travels from the sea to the mainland. It is refreshing, pleasant, but each gust is a testamony to the dragons power, as Hiroya's enemies literally breathe his power. Like the rain it rejuvenates their bodies even as they turn against him, his arrogance evident in this constant benefit to his adversary. He gives them the strength to stand against him if they have the resolve to do so, although few of them remain standing for long as they're hurled away by conjured hurricanes or washed away by massive tidal waves. Even as they lie defeated, and even as they're struck by spells and attacks that seem impossible to withstand, they don't die – for the Wizard keeps them alive in this manner. Ensuring that they will live to understand the folly of challenging a god walking amongst mortals.

Beyond his effect on others, is the power his reiryoku possesses on the weather. Clouds form overhead, and life-giving rain soon pours down from the heavens. Once, he nourished many a farmer with his control over the rain, but now that power is lost and it only briefly returns in this manner when he  pushes himself to exert as much of his spiritual pressure as possible. It is a bitter reminder of his past folly and failure, and so acts as another reason why the cast down dragon is hesitant to fight at his peak. Opponents who not only reach this point but find that the dragon has ceased to rejuvenate their powers with his presence should be honored, for that is a sure sign that Hiroya considers them truly worthy.

  • Peerless Spiritual Control: The art of wielding magic is a highly delicate one, for improper use of a spell won't merely cause the spell to fail, but might also greatly endanger both the caster and anyone else nearby. Many a careless practitioner have had arms blown off, bodies incinerated or minds destroyed by a spell gone awry. Although he had always been blessed with immense talent in this field due to his draconic heritage, he found himself forced to refine it further in order to completely master the craft of magic. It was one of the first times that Hiroya had ever had to work to achieve something, and was a hard lesson to learn. In combat, reiatsu is usually wielded as an additional offensive or as a deterrent to would be adversaries, but for Hiroya such uses would be deemed crude. He wields it instead as an innate power, fit to be focused to whatever ends the magician might desire. Such as generating powerful secondary barriers to supplement his arcane wards, or to meticulously extract invasive elements such as poisons, enchantments and minor curses from his body. Extricated as if from a great tapestry without harming the surrounding area. Should his magical dominance be challenged by a rivaling spellcaster, Hiroya is usually able to easily reassert his control over the wayward magics and lash out at his adversary in the same breath. Indeed, so refined is his spiritual control that he might perfectly control the scope of his own magic, such as ensuring that no one outside a battle is wounded by focusing even the most far-reaching spells into a single concentrated point. Greatly empowering it's strength versus a lone target without any danger whatsoever to any would be spectators. In the unlikely even that his wards ever give way and break, he can spontaneously wield his own spiritual power as a makeshift shield if necessary – although such a thing is far less efficient than the wards themselves.

Energy Dominance: Having dedicated his entire life to study the various disciplines of spellcraft and Kidō, Hiroya's spiritual control has become so refined and astute so as to allow him to dominate energy in his vicinity through force of will alone. So prodigeous and honed are his capabilities that in battle, he's known to make copious use of this ability, employing it together with his immense mastery of the magical arts in order to utterly dominate his opponents; frequently turning their own techniques and especially other magical spells and effects against them. So immense is his control over energy that he can dominate hostile Zanpakutō to do this bidding. This was employed primarily in his battle against Raian Getsueikirite, where he easily capitalized on the immature bond between the Shinigami and his Zanpakutō, Kōsaken Jakka. To not only render almost all of the Zanpakutō's attacks ineffective and wasteful, but even dominating its very flow and energy to turn it against its owner. With his immense knowledge of the flow of energy and their different formulas, Hiroya's capable of converting even the pure, untamed energy naturally present in the sorrounding environment into powerful attacks and defenses in their own right, being capable of emitting powerful forcefields of raw energy to deflect or block all manners of offensive manuevers and techniques, as all forms of spiritual techniques draw upon an underyling truth of control that Hiroya's willed himself to master. However, his abilities to convert energy into abilities is by no means restricted solely to the practise of erecting forcefields or to provide constant nutrition for himself and his medley of magical wards: for he's indeed capable of employing them as a mighty offense, whose raw power and destructive force is second only to that of his magic; and which can, in some distinct situations be even more potent than some of his similiar spells. Among his offensive uses of his energy dominance includes his ability to project concussive blasts of vast potency, fit to blast a hole through some of the most reinforced of defenses, whether they be spiritual or physical in nature. He's also at times been known to quickly collect great amounts of energy from the sorrounding atmosphere and expel them in the form of continous streams of concussive force; with raw power ranging from knocking his enemies out cold and dealing serious blunt trauma to even flat out obliderating dozens of adversaries with a single well-calculated surge of energy. But by far one of the most useful applications of his dominance over energy is the ability to force a change in their spiritual construction so as to effectively change the qualities of the energy manipulated - allowing him to change ambient energy into fire, lightning, wind and water energy; a skill which is believed to form much of the basis for Hiroya's unrivalled control over the commonly employed elements of Kidō.

High Spiritual Awareness: As a Shinigami, Hiroya's naturally Spiritually Aware, however, due to his great skill and knowledge about the flow and signs of Spiritual Energy he's fully capable of going beyond what is naturally expected in this field, as he was able to keep track of Michael's and Ryuichi's battle with the Diabolus from a good distance. Even while he was still in the Academy Hiroya was praised for being very skilled in this field, and his natural awareness easily surpasses that of most other Shinigami. During his battle with Kenji Hiroya was capable of instantly deducing the mans locations before the latter could fine-tune his attack which allowed Hiroya to easily block it before countering - henceforth it would seem that it is nessecary to hide ones Spiritual Energy before attacking Hiroya.

Shukuchi (縮地, lit. "Reduced Earth"): An ancient form of teleportation said to have been used by kami and other powerful spirits. In truth, shukuchi is a form of relational movement between concepts, places or beings. Thus its usage is puncuated by movement from one or more transitory realms, to reach a specific destination. Having a clear understanding, and image of the location is the key in regards to speed, or a powerful or strong emotional tie. Due to Hiroya's mastery over the various primordial elements, exceptional spiritual control and vast repertoire of magical knowlege, Hiroya is capable of employing this technique to nigh-perfection, using it to move through the very foundation of the elements that permeates the world around him; travelling from wind through fire, from earth through water, all while moving along the very fabric of reality. During his movement there is no transition from one location to the next, to any observer it appears as though he discorporates and phases out of existing, only to rematerialize solidly in the next location as though displacing himself. There is no trace of his movement, nothing to indicate he wasnt already existing in the next location, and no matter how keen the eye or one's senses are, his movements simply cannot be tracked, unless said abilities operate across all spiritual realms. Hiroya's immense mastery over the mystic arts allows him to maintain a solid enough connection to his own spells as to use them as mediums to travel through; and whenever he employs Shukuchi in this particular manner, he brings an echo of the spell with him upon materialization; which often manifests as powerful explosions of fire, energy or air - depending upon the spiritual construction of the original spell itself. Interestingly, these magical echoes are known to sport similiar potency comparable to that of the original spell, just over a smaller scale - this enables Hiroya to chain together multiple spells to be released upon arriving at his intended location. Whenever Hiroya employs Shukuchi; he brings with him all protective enchantments and wards he had employed before initiating the movement. Its also possible that he might be capable of bringing others along with him when using Shukuchi, provided they were of similiar height and stature to himself.

Keen Intellect: While by no means a genius, Hiroya is a man of few words and rare actions; this is not due to some timidness or insecurities on his part however, but rather due how cautious he's become, primarily following certain events in his past. While he can initially seem unassuming and simple, few are those whom believe that the wizard's demeanour is based upon a lack of intelligence and cleverness, for he possesses both traits in abundance – Hiroya is simply a man of great faith in what he does, a scion of the arcane arts that works tirelessly to forward the craft, his craft. Having lived for seven centuries, most of which have been spent reading rather than socializing, Hiroya's managed to hoard a large library of knowledge during his lifetime: knowledge which he uses to actively ensure the continued existence of the sacred art. However, one of his most distinquishing features is that he considers himself wise enough to know when to hold his tongue, and for the most part, this is a state he's often seen in – appearing as little but an unmoving statue in the heat of combat; the very elements bending to his will, almost as if by their own accord. He never gloats about his capabilities and never exudes arrogance; having been made aware of just how few in number beings whom can successfuly challenge him is, much less defeat him; and this knowledge has led to him believe that the things he knows is greater than the world around them. While Hiroya might come off as pretentious and ostentatious, he claims that he knows the exact limits of his own capabilities and in every battle, he carefully analyzes the situation and manually selects the best course of action in dealing with a perceived threat. However, Hiroya's favored employment of his intellectual faculties is to gauge the strength, potential and vessel of any given opponent, he does this not merely for the purposes of combat however. But largely as a preemptive measure, by knowing how a possible opponent might grow in the future, he can come with small hypotheses and theories as to their maximum potential – once fully realized. It is for this reason that Hiroya's considered to be a good mentor, whenever a prospective youth might garner his professional attention – although this is a vanishingly rare occurence indeed.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: Hiroya's level of perception and skills in analysis is quite high, evident by how he can deduce most situations and patterns quite easily without having to see the technique or a movement executed many times in succession. He's also known to correctly guess the nature of many abilities depending solely on their energy signature, though this can to a large degree be connected to his expertise in Kido.

Master Strategist & Tactician: As a being of highly advanced age and insight, Hiroya is both an exceptionally capable Tactician and a highly accomplished Strategist, capable of devising complex plans which extend far into the future. His acumen in this field is partially obscured behind his serene appearance and generally silent demeanor, for while he understands a large range of situations and scenarios innately, he keeps his knowledge and understanding to himself. His tactical acumen is best demonstrated in heated battle, where he typically starts every fight by first claiming dominion over the environment with his awesome magical prowess -- forcing his opponent to divide their attention between him and the surrounding area. He's also infamous for stringing spells together in elaborate spell-chains to achieve maximum efficiency, such as utilizing the spell Bent Light in conjunction with powerful binding spells to mask their approach to both eyes and reikaku. In this manner he has swiftly defeated several opponents without giving them room to fight back. Indeed, Hiroya is well-known for his ability to plan several steps in advance and position his spells in such a way to achieve the highest impact. Confronting the Kidō Grandmaster is a matter of great difficulty, for one must bob and weave through a myriad of protective, binding and destructive spells cast in a most opportunistic fashion, if there is a weakness to exploit, Hiroya will usually discover it. During his battle against Seireitou Kawahiru and Raian Getsuekirite he made copious use of Hueco Mundos immense reservoir of spiritual particles, and used it to craft a massive dome of constrained wind through an expertly cast Tenran spell. Which not only restricted the amount of afforded space, but which also siphoned spiritual energy directly from the hostile combatants over a considerable period.

Kidō Grandmaster[]

Kidō Grandmaster: Known as one of the most powerful users of Kidō in the history of Soul Society; and quite probably as the greatest Kidō Master currently in existence, Hiroya's skill with the art is legendary. Like how a painter composes his work on blank canvas, and as the sculptur revels in his ability to give form, shape and life to dull stone, Hiroya manipulates the currents of magic that he calls upon - they're not spells to him, they've become an integral part of who and what he is - a being devoted entirely to the art of magic, a scion of the arcane arts and a fragment of its entire will. For Hiroya has grasped the underlying reality of magic, and understood that while others might exploit its awesome power; none of them would ever understand it like he does. Hiroya redefines the rules of magic as he fights, breaks down its own foundation and rearranges it according to his will, making use of its most primordial and raw materials and eternallly recreates, ignores or exceeds the boundaries of magical principles and artforms.

Hiroya's magic is noted to be one bereft of either form or coherrent shape, so ambigeous and true as to render formal spells meaningless, reasoning that they exist merely as focus for the casters mind. That all spells exist merely as mnemonic devices, meant to allow the practitioner to unlock the formulae that unlocks it's power. For a master of Hiroya's caliber, these are unnessecary trivialities and even in his youth he understood the folly of contemporary Shinigami Kidō, it might suffice for ordinary Shinigami, but it never did so for Hiroya - he wanted to grasp at what lied underneath, he wanted to discover the underlying truth of magic; to comprehend its very source. Although Hiroya would still practise spells, he found most of them utterly displeasing and would commonly only use them once or twice and then banish them from his memory; for they did little else than retard his progress. However, due to his prodigeous abilities, and intelligence he always sought to understand every single piece; and, due to the simple nature of most Kidō spells, he always discovered the underlying aspect of each single spell, and would later turn all these pieces together to rebuild the foundation he needed to advance.

Being a scion of all forms of magic, and having developed a much closer bond to it than most, Hiroya's attunement to the art has manifested in an ability to forcibly seize and dominate the currents of magic and energy; a task he accomplishes with the strictest amount of ease and hostile magi quickly find their own spells to be rendered useless by his superiour control. Kidō is a neutral art; and Hiroya's known to capitalize on that, no spell eludes his grasp; even if the spell itself is unique to the caster, as all magical spells follow a simple underying theme and are defined by a common foundation. This degree of vast magical knowledge and insight makes it so that Hiroya's typically capable of looking to the core of most spells in the matter of moments, and can similarily deduce the effects of most spiritual techniques, his knowledge on magical spells and effects making most ordinary techniques seem simplistic by comparison.

Having devoted the entirety of his life to studying the various artforms and categories of Kidō, Hiroya knowledge of magic is so encompassing that he, with just the slightest bit of effort is capable of making even the weakest and most inconsequential of magical spells into lethal threats in their own right, empowering them to incredible degrees through copious employment of his near unparalelled skills at energy manipulation and magical knowledge; he's known to frequently employ low-level binding and destructive spells for this reason, with Shō especially being a long time favorite for him to use, due to its incredible piercing properties and immense speed.

During his time among the Kidō Corps, Hiroya would often be called upon and assigned a team of fellow mages in order to hunt down rogue shinigami. Especially those whom possessed a great amount of knowledge in regards to the mystic arts - as Soul Society saw them as being especially dangerous if allowed to remain unchecked, as the ability to use magic is one that can cause untold havoc and chaos in the human world. For this reason, Hiroya's become highly skilled at controling all manner of spiritual energy with exact precision, a feat which even extends to hostile attacks - which he's capable of freely breaking down and remolding in his personal image; turning some of an opponents greatestest and most lethal techniques back upon them through guile and magical cunning. The greatest boon he's received from this time however, is the ability to use his extremely refined control of spiritual energy in tandem with his exceptional magical prowess to forcibly strip away all boons, whether magical or spiritual in nature whom have been artifically bestowed upon a target by the effect of a technique, spell or certain Zanpakutō effects: the wizard is even capable of instantly converting this energy to a readily available resource for his powerful spells.

By redefining the foundation of his own sorcery, while breaking down the foundation of the energy around him within a certain radius; Hiroya has been theorized as being capable of controling his own and even others state of existence by the method of invoking his own subjective reality while employing his enormous abilities in regards to Kidō and spiritual control in tandem with his unrelenting will - forcing his sorroundings to change. Hiroya's enormous powers allowing him to practically redefine and alter reality itself to fit within his own designs, however - while these almost divine powers would help him solve many an issue, its believed that Hiroya would never willingly employ this power, because he claims that its existence spoils the essence of magic by changing the world itself to accomodate something else. This appearantly breaking some self-imposed laws of his, as while such feats are impressive they're ultimately an expression of forced control and selfish use of the seemingly unlimited magical powers at his command - for if you can change something so easily, it soon becomes a point to turn back to the same dastardly methods to correct whatever twisted desires the wizard claims he's entitled to. However, with the knowledge to warp reality itself, comes the knowledge on how to undo its effects and this is a feat which Hiroya is much more inclined to use - as he knows better than anyone just how dangerous such powers can be over a long-time period. The way Hiroya employs to negate the effects of such immensely powerful effects is to use his ability to visualize a subjective reality of how things used to be before it was forcibly altered and then invoke his own powers to undo its effects. Depending on the intensity of the changes wrought, this restoration effect can take place in the span of mere moments or in severe cases must be focused for hours on end in order to completely restore all to its proper place. However, its known that Hiroya, being a known reality warper is put under constant surveilance of the Shinsengumi; as his magic can cause irreversible damage if they're misused.

Unkōhaki Master: Some of the greatest Kidō Masters recorded over the span of Soul Society achieved high status by their ability to perform a simple, but extremely difficult skill, that opposite of Eishōhaki centered on abandoning the physical components of spell casting, for many years it was referred to simply as motionless spell casting, but it's use has begun to become more and more widespread in upper echelons of the Kidō Corps, and as a result, it's been formally named Unkōhaki, (詠唱運行, "Motion Abandonment") by the Kidō Corps after the Quincy Blood War. If Eishōhaki is about mastering the very flow of energy by relying entirely on their raw ability in magic, then Unkōhaki is best described as the spell caster liberating themselves from their earthly vessel, by embracing their ability to cast magic without movement. Experts of this technique learn how to cast their spells from any part of their body, but masters on the other hands possess the ability to control the spells point of emergence within the perimeter of their personal influence, in essence, within the scope of their spiritual power. Once this talent has been pursued to it's pinnacle, a true master of the spirit arts can present a threat no matter their physical condition, even if one were to cut off Hiroya's arms, it would not prevent him from releasing the forces of magic on his opposition, nor would locking him in a box or a coffin.

Master of Destruction[]

Although a being once devoted to achieve what is best for the world, and bound to keep the balance of nature. Hiroya, despite his most sincerest wishes is paradoxically most famed for his mastery of the destructive arts. A simple low-level Hadō cast by Hiroya, possesses raw potency fit to eclipse most spells cast by lesser users of magic, even those who might range into the nineties, even if their scope is still comparatively limited, this is best shown by how it's claimed that a single Shō cast from Hiroya possesses the strength and speed to equal an Ikkotsu used by Seireitou Kawahiru himself. Cementing it as a spell of incredible and vast power. For a dragon, there's few things as pointless and sickening as wanton destruction, and despite how he was exiled from Yuánrǎng for his vanity and pride, this is still a concept Kōzenkōjun comprehends, and as a result, he's taken steps to limit his powers, typically consisting of only using low-level spells in battle for the most part, whenever Hiroya invokes a spell in the mid-level range, widespread devastation follows. With massive pieces of land being torn away and deformed beyond recognition. The destruction unleashed by these higher levels spells is often so great that Hiroya is commonly required to create elaborate bounded fields and barriers to protect the world from his own magic. When facing opponents, Ginkarei is commonly forced to consciously restrain himself before casting a spell, so as to not eradicate his opposition outright. This has lead to Hiroya's habit of fleeing from combat, as he deduces that most foes he faces are too weak to withstand even an iota of his full magical potential; as despite his overwhelming pride as a dragon, he still can't bring himself to upset the balance of nature needlessly.

To counter this, Hiroya's taken to invent destructive spells on the fly, a simple feat that to Hiroya only requires a moment to contextualize the concept of the desired spell. Although he's created several spells through the ages, the only ones he's known to use with some regularity are the spells Tanebi, Aori and Reiki - Spark, Gust and Chill respectively. These spells are designed for the express purpose of containing his tremendous destructive power, and in this venture, they're indeed successful. Were they to be cast by pretty much anyone else, these spells would manifest as completely harmless effects, such as short-lived sparks, pleasant puffs of air or as a cool breeze. In the hands of Hiroya however, Tanebi can become a raging firestorm or raging bolts of lightning, Aori might manifest as furious whirlwinds and blasts of great concussive force, whereas Reiki produces intense blizzards and allows Hiroya to the wield the element of ice with a fury comparable to a Shikai release. Through these spells, Hiroya has the ability to defend himself from opponents incapable of standing against his true power without destroying their bodies or crippling them for life.

To further limit the overwhelming destructive power of his magic, Hiroya's frequently taken to cast spells with only a single finger during the first stages of any given battle, momentarily eschewing use of Unkōhaki for the purpose of testing out the depths of an adversaries potential. He does this not out of curiosity, but out of necessity, and as a way to impose restrictions on himself, to Hiroya, murdering someone undeservedly is a personal failure. Although it might seem like a great handicap, fighting with a single finger is only detrimental to him in terms of how many spells he can weave at once, and not so much detrimental to their given power. To force Hiroya to fight with more than a single finger is a difficult process, and rarely does it occur that he changes his mind, but in such a scenario it's a testimony to the strength of his opposition, as Hiroya allows himself to loosen up and enjoy this rare opportunity to show just a little more of his true arcane potential. The strongest of opponents are best recognized for their ability to force Hiroya to employ at least a single hand right from the start of a fight, something he does begrudgingly, and at great personal cost.

Master of Binding[]

As a true Grandmaster of the basic principles of Kidō, Hiroya is likewise known for his mastery of the way of binding. Although this talent is much rarer portrayed than his mastery of destruction, it's nevertheless vast in both knowledge and application. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of Hiroya's use of restraining spells such as Sai, Hainawa and the ever popular Sajō Sabaku is the immense physical force they're capable of exerting, as Hiroya's sheer level of skill is so great so as to make these normally humane binding spells into potential lethal threats of their own, an unfortunate foe caught by his Hainawa might suffer broken bones, fractured ribs and in the most extreme cases, be permanently maimed by it's crushing force. Because Hiroya finds it so difficult to control the strength of his spells, he prefers relying on Hadō moreso than Bakudo, for while they have a higher chance of killing, the death they bring about tends to be more humane and mostly painless, whereas a victim of his offensive binding spells frequently die of suffocation or crushed internal organs, their death being agonizingly slow in comparison.

Due to their solid structure, it's a common occurrence for Hiroya to employ manifested chains, ropes and other magical constructs as weapons in battle, to get to the grandmaster himself, adversaries frequently have to cleverly avoid slithering tendrils of crackling energy, and thick chains meant to impede their progress. It's because of this it's been commented that any opponent of his will have to spend most of the skirmish fighting his magic as opposed to the wizard himself. Although most binding spells are unintended to inflict direct harm, it's an extraordinarily simple matter for Hiroya to change the form of chains into arrows, spears or swords to discourage further progress, such offensive creations are typically of bending, shaping or moving in ways no ordinary weapon could without losing their potency. With but a thought he can further add to their construction, such as causing a simple large spear composed of Hainawa to branch off into hundreds of smaller daggers before hitting an opponent. Quite opposite of how he might appear, Hiroya has less compunctions about brutality than he does killing, and although he'd rather prefer not to, he's not above using gruesome force to put lesser beings in their place if they've unnerved or annoyed him enough. Revealing the same overwhelming pride and lack of humility that got him exiled from his kind in the first place.

Against foes strong enough to withstand his binding spells, Hiroya has displayed the tendency to make use of a simple but highly effective tactic so as to restrain and incapacitate them as easily as possible. By weaving in the effects of a Kyokkō spell into a powerful spell of restraint, typically Sajō Sabaku, cast over a large area and manifested to emerge from multiple positions at once, he's capable of creating an intricate trap that closes in on his target, masked both spiritually and visually to his enemy. Applying this simple but efficient combination of spells, he's successfully brought down powerful opponents with amusing ease. By his own recognition, Raian Getsueikirite was the first individual to defeat this combination, through an equally clever display of spellcraft. An act which impressed him significantly. Following this event, he's taken to employ this more rarely, realizing that it's outdone it's merit. Even so, the fundamentals remain noteworthy, for through his mastery of the way of binding, the archmage is capable of applying the effects of virtually any Bakudo in his immense repertoire to any spell he casts, allowing him to weave in spells such as Hakufuku into certain bindings to further inhibit his target, or even add a dangerous after-effect to destructive spells, such as causing Sokatsui to override the consciousness of a target as it reaches them, leaving them defenseless to it's burning effects.

Master of Barriers[]

Although often seen as an extension of Bakudo, barriers belong to their very own subset of magic, and only a handful of barrier spells are included in the way of binding. The simplest and most basic expression of a barrier is a manifested construct to bar entry from a foreign object or attack, such as a barrier erected to defend against an incoming Cero. But this is not nearly representative of the artform itself. For a rogue Shinigami, no sort of magic is quite as necessary to keep themselves alive and out of reach for vengeful authorities as the ability to produce barriers, for with a properly erected barrier, they can hide themselves from even the most advanced devices of the 12th Division, and, provided they're exceptional enough, shut out the prying eyes of even the Kidō Corps and the Omnitsukidō. His proficiency is such that he might ward off and erect barriers against concepts and ideas, without being entirely bound to the physical, such as creating a barrier against the feeling of exhaustion itself, allowing someone to continue fighting without feeling weakened or otherwise limited by their personal limits. Naturally, such magic has a tendency to claim it's toll after it wears off, with a target enchanted in this manner feeling the accumulated exhaustion of several days at once, with most individuals requiring several days of unimpeded rest to fully recover. Yet even so, it's use as a tool of war is exceptional, and thus far no one has suffered any lasting negative effects. Hiroya has also demonstrated the ability to halt the flow of time for a single person, by putting an abstract barrier between them and time itself, with the tooth of time clawing on the barrier and not the individuals themselves, once the barrier is broken, they continue to age normally. Beyond these capabilities, Hiroya has also taken the time to erect powerful mental barriers within his mind to shield him from witchcraft and other insidious magic that seeks to affect his sensibilities, this also extending to the illusions employed by Zanpakutō and other forces, preventing their effects from fully entering his mind. Because of this, fabricated illusionary effects attempting to enter his mind, classified by the Kidō Corps as phantasms, simply fail to find proper purchase, and peel off the mental walls that protects his psyche. Although this offers Hiroya an innate resistance to illusions, enchantments and other mental effects, it is by no means an immunity, as the barriers within his consciousness are barriers all the same and can be broken in a variety of ways, including an aggravated psychic assault, such as a mind blast, spells of cancellation and other more obscure means. Once they're broken, Hiroya's mind is left vulnerable.

To ensure that his powers cannot easily be turned against him by someone equally skilled in Kidō or by exceptionally powerful Quincy, Hiroya has developed an unusual kind of barrier that's woven directly into the fabric of the spells he casts, this barrier serving to make his spells exceedingly difficult to manipulate for anyone other than Hiroya himself, with the barrier repelling foreign efforts to attempt to manipulate and destabilize the affected spell. Although the barrier itself is not exempt from these kinds of powers, it's construction is such that it takes substantially more time to break down than other spells, and due to it's specific function lacks most of the traits necessary for it to be worth the effort of controlling. This was a habit Hiroya picked up when he hunted down members of the Kidō Corps who had abandoned their post and gone rogue, and it's a talent now taught within the corps themselves, as in their line of duty, they cannot afford to be stopped by artisans wielding the same art. Although it's function is sound, and it's generally capable of protecting his magic from foreign influence, it isn't absolute and it can be broken or dispelled by a clever user of spirit magic, or a Quincy of sufficient talent.

When it comes to erecting barriers in combat to protect himself or others from harm, Hiroya experiences little to no difficulty, being capable of manifesting elaborate multi-layered structures to either entrap an enemy or limit the scope of his own destructive power, typically beginning a fight by limiting the amount of space afforded to either combatants in one way or another; this has been accomplished by using an extremely powerful Tenran during his conflict with Raian Getsueikirite, conjuring forth a massive maelstrom of air that sucked the very reishi out of the air to empower and sustain itself. Most commonly, Hiroya's restrictive spells are basic Bakudo spells wielded with tremendous skill to produce towering barriers covering massive areas, and stretching for great distances. Such barriers are highly elaborate, powerful and resilient to most forms of outside force, and are often intricately woven together with other spells so as to add to the Kidō Grandmasters advantages. Due to his ability to dominate the flow of energy and reishi in his environment, Ginkarei is capable of adding onto these reishi constructs with strict ease, empowering them to great degrees if a threat proves greater than he had at first anticipated. Like all of his spells, Hiroya can erect, modify and conjure these defensive structures with neither word nor gesture required.

But by far the most important aspect of Kōuzenkōjun's prowess with barriers and protective spells is his mastery of wards, believed to form the quintessential part of his battle style, and representing the greatest hurdle to overcome for any prospective opponent or rival. Before his emergence within the Kidō Corps, it was an extremely rare occurrence to find a Kidō Master proficient enough with the noble ways to create the preemptive forms of defense known today as wards. A ward is an expression of magic cast with a specific intent, purpose and direction, it's purpose is to shield whomever it's placed upon from something that has not yet taken place, an arrow in the dark, or a sudden unpredictable ambush or assassination attempt. Though these spells have existed for many millennia, their use is rare outside of the Kidō Corps, for they require an understanding of the intricacies of magic which is beyond most Shinigami. According to Hiroya's own admission, the infamous Sōsuke Aizen was the first individual not presently affiliated with the Corps to employ a ward as advanced as Millón Escudo. Although wards are now commonly used by very powerful Kidō Masters, there's limitations to them, firstly, wards are difficult to layer on top of one another, as is commonly done to achieve the greatest degree of defense, this is because the spell that binds them is easily disrupted by an improperly placed addition or modification. However, Hiroya has, to a hitherto unprecedented extent managed to weave as many as twenty-seven wards together to protect his being from all kinds of assaults, these wards, while capable of withstanding powerful magical attacks, are focused primarily on protecting him from physical force, such as blunt trauma, slashes and piercing effects. Against these forces, the durability of any single ward is tremendous, and few are the swordsmen and martial artists who're capable of landing even a single blow on Hiroya, with most attacks peeling off harmlessly. This illusion of invulnerability is further accented by the fact that the wards were woven into existence in such a way that they all partially overlap one another, whenever an attack is made against Hiroya, all the wards absorb a part of the force, reinforcing their durability even further. When viewed through certain spells, they most resemble a myriad of interlocked large scales that cover every inch of Hiroya's exposed skin, giving rise to the name Scales of Kōuzenkōjun. Due to the nature of how they're made, the wards break easily when confronted by magical attacks of sufficient power, but such attacks are easily diverted, redirected or dissipated through Hiroya's own magic, essentially, the dragon has seen fit to cover all of his weaknesses in this manner.

Master of Words[]

In Kidō, Incantations serve the purpose of guiding the fragmented wills around the caster into a mighty spell; Shinigami lacking in magical ability often find themselves forced to rely on these words of power to an extent which to them, limits the usefulness of magic. The ability to bypass this alleged weakness is considered the mark of a skilled user, and it was for this reason the technique known as Eishōhaki was invented. While utilizing this technique, the user commands the essence of reishi through the spoken word alone; a remarkable feat, to be sure.

While there can exist little doubt in how unwieldy the art of kidō might be due to the need for incantations, Hiroya considers the view of most mortals flawed in this regard. For while the Incantations might prove cumbersome, in the hands of someone as skilled as himself, it becomes a tool of enormous potential -- a hidden weapon capable of untold destruction the likes which most of his equals might scarcely hope to fathom.

Among users of magic, there exists a term called the sphere of influence which denotes in simple terms the maximum range at which the master might influence the flow of reishi, in essence, it forms the basis of their power. The greater the sphere of influence, the higher the raw power of the kidō master, for it denotes their supremacy in the form of their control over the flow of reishi. Among masters of Kidō, Hiroya's sphere of influence is to this date unmatched, with nary a contender in sight -- for it extends far past the horizon: attempts at disturbing his control over the fragmented wills on a local level is a pointless endeavour, akin to attempting to contaminate an entire lake with a single bucket of oil.

Due his overwhelming mastery over the forces of magic, and combined with his immense sphere of influence, Hiroya is capable of producing spells whose power at even their most basic stage outstrips most bankais, and should he ever choose to utilize an incantation: its power would simply have no point of comparison. For whereas others choose to abandon the incantation alone, Hiroya has mastered the underlying truth of them -- as yet another tool to add overwhelming flexibility to the already versatitle way of battle that is the Noble Art.

In his studies of the artform, Hiroya divided the subject into two halves, namely the Way of Silence, and the Way of Words; among fellow users of magic, the Way of Silence is pursued fervently and patiently by most, for it offers a way to correct a perceived flaw of the Spirit Way. But it is but one part of an even greater whole, and to achieve true command over magic, both must be mastered, for their roles are complementary.

The Way of Words, on the contrary, is often misconceived of as a flaw, an impurity that must be corrected with haste if one is to succeed. But those who would turn it away are depriving themselves of a source of exceptional power, for with each syllable, a true master might warp the very fabric of existence itself if he so desired. By mastering the way of words, Hiroya has achieved complete self-control in the ways of magic, his spells are gated, not by their rank, or by their base power -- but by his acknowledgement of their existence, conveyed through words, or lack thereof. Other mages research and develop new spells for any situation, but Hiroya knows that such an action is ultimately meaningless, and he looks down at those who do this, regarding them as lesser for their folly. In truth, a single spell might be wielded in a thousand of different ways; and is more than sufficient to deal with an opponent on its own. Thus, it is common for Hiroya to scarcely, if ever, use more than a single spell in any on his fights, something he does as a self-imposed challenge, and another way to curb his overwhelming potential and to prevent devastation.

Spell Mastery[]

Among all the spells introduced to him as a former Commander of the Kidō Corps, five in particular were favored by him. Impressed by their potential, utility and function, he spent a lot of time refining these spells for his own purposes, eventually mastering them to the degree that he might wield a single one of these spells with the same versatility and completion as a seasoned martial artist practicing a martial discipline. Lesser Kidō Masters might cling to the idea of specific spells, they research various magics to compensate for different situations, they practice their charms of invisibility and defense and clutch their grimoires desperately to heart.

Just another misconception among many, armed only with one of these five spells, Hiroya could fight a war. To a Grandmaster like Hiroya Ginkarei, each spell is all and everything, they've got differences, but a spell is limited only by the casters imagination, it's core function and type, while indicative of it's optimal direction, are not restrictions so much as they are challenges.


Hiroya's mastery of Shō is so tremendous, so refined as to classify it as one of his most dangerous spells to date. For with it, he's capable of felling even the most powerful of foes with but the simple twitch of a finger. Hiroya's Shō, likely owing to its immense power is noted to appear very differently from the standard variant, manifesting as moving vacuums of air that speed across the battlefield, their movement punctuated by sharp booms of air. Hiroya's control over Shō allows him to easily adjust its size and scope at a whim. The amount of concussive forced produced even by these small Shō blasts are known to be comparable to that of the infamous Ikkotsu punch, performed by a true master of Hakuda. The full force of Hiroya's Shō is not known; but even employed at its minimum power it is more than sufficient to instantly incapacitate the vast majority of adversaries. Furthermore, being a piercing spell - Hiroya's Shō is considered largely unblockable by anything less than the most solidly constructed of magical barriers, with anything less serving to only grant the opponent but a mere moments respite from its relentless pursuit.

Hiroya's mastery of Shō makes itself known both in terms of his ingenuity and variety with the spell, particularly in how it's purpose is constantly redefined, modified or improved upon. In his capable hands, the spell can be one of protection, utility, offense or otherwise. With just the slightest little effort, Hiroya might cause the airspace between himself and an opponent to be torn apart by numerous invisible bullets of Shō, tearing apart the air and annihilating anyone unfortunate enough to have drawn the ire of the dragon. In his arsenal, Shō represents nothing less than the raw undiluted force of a dragon, the coveted might of a divine being, a force of nature in it's purest form, raw energy. Although it's usually manifested as bullets of air to assault an enemy from many different angles and directions, Hiroya sometimes, when particularly impressed with the skill of an adversary, opts to condense the tremendous forces of Shō into arcing bolts of white lightning, these bolts move at tremendous speeds, with only the fastest of opponents having even a chance at outrunning them, with them typically reaching his foe before they can even blink. It's theorized that their speed rivals that of true lightning, but since speed is relative in the eyes of most masters of Hohō, this is not an issue the true masters of Shunpo or Sonido. Unlike his typical Shō spells, Hiroya is capable of directly controlling the flow and movement of these bolts of white, albeit doing so lowers their speed drastically in exchange for the increased control. This particular take on the offence of Shō was deemed necessary to keep high-speed adversaries on their toes so as to not let himself be overwhelmed by their superior mobility.

Although it's a tremendously powerful tool in combat, Hiroya's mercy, though warped by his misery and grief as it is, typically has him employ extremely weak blasts of Shō to clear his path of weaklings, as only opponents in possession of great skill or immense physical conditioning are capable of standing upright when confronted with Hiroya's Shō, even if it's manifested as a mostly harmless blast of force. In such cases he commonly weaves the spell around his form as a whirling sphere, sending anyone who gets too close to him hurtling through the air and out of sight. This is especially common when the dragon wishes to remain unbothered, with only individuals capable of breaching the sphere being deemed worthy to witness his talents in person.

As the spell of Shō is one of pure undiluted spiritual force; Hiroya's capable of using that very same spell for seemingly endless purposes - including erecting nigh-impenetrable fields of energy fit to oppose even the mightiest of techniques, to imprison enemies away ithin those very same force fields. Removing them from battle entirely while simultaneously protecting them from outside harm. Although Hiroya much prefers to use its effects for his own continued protection as opposed to use it to remove opponents from the fight, because of the fact that most opponents he faces aren't easily caught within these bubbles of force; and he's got simpler and more certain ways to incapacitate someone that don't commonly require the use of Shō. Primary examples include Hakufuku and his vast repertoire of powerful binding spells. Hiroya's also capable of releasing non-damaging bursts of air, whose force are only meant to make distance between him and his assailants, pushing him and them away from one another. Furthermore, by focusing the power of Shō on a single object or person, Hiroya is capable of either increasing or decreasing their personal gravity, this most often being done to either slow the descent of a large object or person, or, as is slightly more common, incapacitate upstarts by creating an immense pressure on their bodies, typically forcing them to the floor, unable to withstand the building potency of his magic as they are. He can employ this application over a potentially massive area if need be.

In his bid to master the spell, Hiroya learned to how manually destabilize it's power when applied to a single region. Manifesting as a large sphere of translucent force, by reversing the direction of the flow in this sphere and removing it's very foundation, Hiroya can force his spell to collapse upon itself to produce an implosion of overwhelming force, which proceeds to grind anything that comes into contact with it's core to pieces. The raw force exerted on it's environment being fit to deform the surroundings, rendering them unrecognizable as a result. Although it would be considered a great feat of magic by most, the process is so wearily simple to Hiroya that he hardly needs to exhibit any real effort into the spell, beyond regulating it's size and destructive power.


Hiroya's mastery of Sōkatsui is by many noted to be amazing enough to warrant admiration and fear all on its own, for its uses are practically unlimited and to date its been widely considered to be his mark of trade; his extraordinary talents and capabilities within its usage bordering on perfection; and with merely a thought he can weave its azure flames into a myriad of different shapes and increase its force tremendously. Hiroya's mastery of the spell is such that its actual elemental resonance matters not to him; as he's been known to change its very nature on a whim, making the azure flames behave like a coursing river; or even shaping them into chaotic maelstroms of arcane flames with sufficient power to threaten the very boundaries of reality where its summoned.

Sōkatsui is widely considered to be Hiroya's primary weapon in combat; and such an assumption would indeed have solid grounding in reality - for it is indeed highly unusual for him to make use of something to the same degree that he makes use of Sōkatsui. By far Hiroya's prefered way of employing Sōkatsui in battle is to change their form and shape so as to mimic the dexterous and flexible bodies of avians. Thus allowing the wizard to fight with the help of arcanely conjured minions, making excellent use of the naturally agile and dynamic bodies of birds to grant himself a massive edge in direct combat. These birds of arcane fire are noted to be among his many personal trademarks and are controlled merely by Hiroya's force of will. While using these fantastic applications of Sōkatsui in combat, the archmage frequently arranges them in strategically superior positions and patterns to drastically increase the likelihood of incapacitating or defeating his opponent outright. Being a remarkably cautious man, Hiroya always employs them in tactically defendable ways, always making sure that he doesn't waste his efforts with these magical constructs; the most common way to achieve them is to dispose the conjured avians into several separate 'waves', with each wave consisting of a predetermined number of these magical constructs. Hiroya's infamous for supplementing these magical spells with additional wings, as well as increasing or decreasing their size for various uses, he's also known to change the general shape of the avians to adjust to the talents of his opposition.

However, while Hiroya most commonly employs Sōkatsui for concentrated offense, he's indeed capable of changing its essence so as to afford him utility and protection; and opponents often find themselves besieged by massive walls of these arcane fires: blocking their exit and quickly cradling them away in the comfort of a merciful death. In battle, he often enshrouds himself within these flames, procuring a large globe of arcane power whose mere presence increases the temperature of his immediate vicinity significantly; and whose heat is sufficient to rebuke any would-be attackers whom engage him in direct melee combat; at which point he can release the fiery barrier to unleash a massive blast of white-hot fire and smoke, radiating outwards from his person with Hiroya as the epicenter: forcibly repulsing any nearby enemies and singing their flesh with the mysterious flames of Sōkatsui. But perhaps most peculiar of all is that over the centuries he's spent researching Sōkatsui - the Archmage has come to discover that due to his great skills with the spell and how he's grown so attuned to its powers, that he's capable of enshrouding himself with it and use it to teleport quickly from place to place, using the arcane flames of Sōkatsui as his medium and arcane focus; while moving like this, Hiroya unleashes powerful goats of blue flames from his person every time he teleports and successfully arrives at his point of destination.

Despite all of his finesse, Hiroya's more than capable of employing Sōkatsui with merely the most minor of adjustments: allowing him to trade between the many utility and defense-oriented applications and tremendously powerful spells to procure comparatively normal spells without the need to further adjust them; these spells demand very little in the way of energy but their powers are nonetheless immense and raw; a development which is visible in how the normally azure flames of Sōkatsui change into radiant silvery coloration, erasing its resemblance to flames entirely, with the vastly empowered blasts he projects in this manner most resembling coruscating blasts of radiant silvery light. These undiluted and unchanged spells, despite their technical inferiority to the far more useful alternate variants he normally uses, sport among the highest amounts of raw power among all the spells of his enormous arsenal: with these baleful blasts of silvery radiance having power so raw, so tremendous as to temporarily scorch away the sorrounding fabric of reality - leaving empty white blobs of emptiness in the air sorrounding itself which gradually regain their connection with the world over the span of several moments -- it would be no stretch to say that these applications are among the far best suited to dealing with lone enemies of exceptional power. So far, these immense beams of baleful flames have not once been blocked or countered successfuly; with the hapless victim being incinerated whole seconds before the flames actually do make contact.


Hiroya's mastery over the elemental force of air is immense; being capable of using it to nigh-incomprehensible degrees, manipulating his sorroundings so as to make it seem as though the very heavens themselves are urged into fierce opposition of his enemies, with massive cyclones and tornadoes being materialized seeminfly out of thin air and sent to ravage the sorroundings, tearing entire battalions to shreds with their raw undiluted might. On a whim, Hiroya can summon these devastating forces to reduce entire battlefields to barren wasteland, the incredible gale of the magical winds laying all in their path unto waste, it was because of this reason that Hiroya, once upon a time disliked using Tenran, for its incredible power is little suited for the prospect of mere self-defense, being a weapon of war oftentimes used to annihilate small armies of adversaries.

In actual combat, Hiroya wields the immense powers of the elemental power of wind with flawless skill and efficiency; and it is indeed an incredibly simple task for him to divert blows away from his body with merely the simplest gales of conjured air; preventing himself from suffering injuries. To complement its defensive use however, Hiroya oftentimes uses Tenran to syphon the force of an enemies attack away from them, only to moments later unleash that very same force back onto them in a manner which reminds much of a magical application of the chinese art known as T'ai chi ch'uan; a form of martial arts which Hiroya's known to have mastered. At-will, Hiroya's capable of increasing the vacuum generated by the winds produced by Tenran to suck spiritual energy from the very environment; and as witnessed in a certain scuffle, even the spiritual energy of his enemies.

So great is Hiroya's mastery of the art of wind that he can freely manipulate air itself into quasi-solid constructs of force; allowing the archmage to manipulate and interact with his enemies and objects from a distance with the same grace and ease as if he himself had been working with his actual hands. These invisible 'hands' are reffered to by Hiroya as his thousand arms - and he's capable of changing freeflowing air into these at but a moments notice, turning the very environment around him into yet another tool at his full disposal. Hiroya's prime useage of these hands is to either restrain or brush aside enemy attacks, but also to interact with nature from afar; such as ripping loose massive chunks of bedrock and huge slabs of stone to throw at his opposition; the exact workings of which often confuse others as to falsely believe he possesses an extremely powerful form of psychoklnesis.

Due to his peerless mastery over the spell Tenran, it is but a simple task for him to dominate its form and shape, simply by virtue of his own willpower. Turning the tremendous gales into a sphere-like shield of impenetrable currents, serving primarily as a means to defend against most attacks, while simultaneously serving to provide a strong incentive to not engage him in close combat; lest the currents of wind inflict dire harm on the would-be assailants. He's also capable of conjuring an alternate version of this, by curving the wind produced by Tenran forcibly around his frame. Sorrounding Hiroya's with a force-field of hurricane-speed like gales and churning currents - which orbit around him continously at great speeds; any opponent whom attempt to hit him in close-combat will have to force themselves trough the mighty air currents before they'd be capable of harming him. And attacks, depending on their element or type may have no effect on him at all as the shield of wind is known to repel and deflect projectiles, along with water-based and fire-based attacks, due to the fact that the wind blows against the opponent, as opposed to with.

While he mostly makes use of the more utility-oriented ways of Tenran, he's indeed capable of using it offensively, for the currents provided by a simple spell have often been demonstrated as having such raw power as to shred the very flesh and muscles off of his enemies bones, leaving their skeletons licked clean of all, as not even a drop of blood or a single band of tissue remains in their wake. Hiroya capable of even further empowering the standard Tenran spell by moving high-velocity air around his being at tremendous speeds. And by releasing the accumulated air and unleashing it in full force, Hiroya's capable of annihilating entire cities in a few moments, the immense air pressure and the speed the wind moves on makes victims oscilitate from being crushed by the vast pressure and being ripped to shreds by the wind-blades, structures are swept away and it reduces the entire battlefield to a barren wasteland. Such is the extent of Hiroya's mastery over the element of air.


There are few who'd deny that Dankū is one of the greatest defensive spells ever created, it's efficiency, adaptability and strength having more or less permanently secured it's place among the Central One-Hundred-And-Ninety-Eight spells taught to ordinary Shinigami, it's creator was none other than Hiroya himself, whose advanced knowledge of the boundaries of space helped shape it into it's desired function, for in truth, Dankū was never intended to be a defensive spell first and foremost - that was merely the function it provided most easily. In actuality, the spell was intended as a stepping stone to allow others to more easily create what is known as a Kekkai (結界, lit. "Bounded Field"). When cast by an ordinary user, it assumes the form of a rectangular wall of petrified space; which separates the attack of an opponent from the caster, although it's power should make it virtually unbreakable, only someone who understands the meaning of boundaries, lines and barriers have the potential to unlock the spells true purpose. When wielded by someone as supremely skilled as Hiroya however, it becomes a spell capable of distorting and rearranging reality itself, albeit under more controlled and moderate circumstances than Haien.

When utilized these simple ends, Hiroya's magic can shield an entire city as easily as he himself, as the boundaries of space are, by their very nature relative; something that's particularly apparent to one such as himself, who's mastered the use of Shukuchi. Although such a feat would be strenuous to even the strongest of Shinigami, Hiroya finds it easy enough to accomplish although it does put a sizeable dent even in his levels of spiritual energy. Since there's apparently no limitations to their size or width, aside from his own reserves, there's few limitations on how to utilize them, and he rarely requires other forms of protective spells aside from his wards. However, to mistake Dankū for being a means of defense alone is a potentially fatal misstep, for among all of Hiroya's spells, it's destructive potential is only exceeded by that of Haien.

The name "Splitting Void" is more apt than few ever become enlightened enough to realize, for with a single gesture of a palm he can split the world in twain around him, as massive rifts form in the wake of his attacks, powerful winds surging inwards to fill the empty white line that's formed a gateway to worlds unknown. When wielding powers like this, those foolish enough to accost a dragon cover at his might and hide, for whatever option is there against a being who can literally cut through the sky. Despite their anomalous nature, masters of the art of Kidō has noted that despite how destructive it might look, there's an overwhelming control and finesse in Hiroya's actions, never is the world in any real danger from his spellcraft and most of these rifts stabilize safely within a few moments afterwards. Nothing less could ever be expected from a dragon, even a banished one. But wielding the void as an extra dimensional blade of energy, is merely one of the offensive applications of Dankū. The second one, and most preferred one by Hiroya, is to generate large bounded fields around the enemy and then abruptly causing these to collapse inwards, eradicating anything caught within the confines with immediate effect. Most of these barriers aren't however nearly as elaborate as true bounded fields and they can be dispelled or broken by one with sufficient strength or power. An area affected by this act of destruction is readily recognizable for how the ground is erased in perfect geometric shapes.

But by far the most important element of Dankū is is it's capacity for weaving elaborate bounded fields with advanced and unique effects at Hiroya's whim, allowing him to separate the battlefield into various annexing kekkai, distorting reality within each such field to his liking. The manner in which he can do this doesn't seem to have any observed limits thus far, although he's yet to use it to do something truly exceptional, treating the twisted rules of the bounded fields like something akin to a game, or a test. A dragon needs to be above pettiness and a mortals desire to prevail no matter, for that has never been their role, and Hiroya knows this and applies it to the bounded fields. Although he could easily distort reality within them to maximize his own abilities while minimizing those of his adversary, such an action is far beneath his dignity and whatever changes he makes are equivocal for both sides, moreso against him than with him; in fact, he sometimes creates kekkai to deliberately put himself at a disadvantage. As a divine being, Hiroya remains ignorant of the pain of loss, at least, so he claims.

To most, such a mastery of Dankū would be considered nothing less than the highest pinnacle of them all, to be able to wield a spell of that magnitude so effortlessly and with such overwhelming versatility. Hiroya was never satisfied with that, and the greatest testimony to his expertise with the spell would trump all of his achievements until that point, for Hiroya was not merely satisfied with conjuring forth powerful barriers or opening up portals to new and exciting worlds, no, that'd be too simplistic for a dragon. As a way to ensure his separation from the mortals he'd been forced to live among for so many centuries, Kōuzenkōjun generated a massive network of interlocked Dankū shields to create what eventually became Hiroya's Invisible Tower; a huge spectral construct hovering within a voidless expanse somewhere in a remote corner of the dimensions. The construct, which reputedly took more than fifty years to complete, is actually as much it's own world as it is a residence, from the outside, it appears to be little more than a floating tower of stainless glass, but this appearance belies the true nature of the wonders within, libraries of arcane mysteries beyond the ken of Quincy or Shinigami alike, powerful artifacts and weapons that could put the spiritual worlds in peril and upset the balance between worlds. All this and more is hidden behind the walls of the invisible palace. Most masters of Dankū are content upon mastering it's defensive properties, only when Hiroya successfully managed to construct an entirely new world was he content with his progress.


Sorrow, restraint and an unspeakable sadness - those are the things which Haien embodies to Hiroya. Originally a man who never once desired violence, bloodshed and whom was driven to acts of mercy, Hiroya turned to the one spell which he knew would never cause any pain to its subject. Haien's flames are widely thought of to be the most intense fires ever produced by magic, and its reputation in the Soul Society is overwhelmingly negative, for the spell represents the casters intention to kill and it was always meant to kill, nothing else. Those whom are struck by Haien never have the time to scream even once and there is no pain, for there can be reaction during that single iota of a moment it takes before they're incinerated by its immense heat.

It is odd that Hiroya, with his comparatively gentle if haughty disposition would have mastered such a lethal spell to the degree he has, but the answer is quite simple. Hiroya wishes to turn the spell against its macabre function, find a use for it which would not include killing. So far however, this has proven to be a hopeless endeavour for even with his mastery, and even once he dilutes his Haien hundreds of thousands of times until it is but an iota of its full potential, its power is still too great and even the slightest touch will result in death. Only the most powerful of magical wards and arcane defenses are known to be capable of withstanding the enormous potency of even the slightest little ember of Haien. Despite being the most powerful fire spell in existence, Haien rarely appears in the form of flames when used by Hiroya, instead appearing as lavender-colored liquid with pink or purple tongues of fire dancing across their smooth surface. Hiroya typically only employs Haien sparingly in the form of individual droplets, when these are dropped from his hands it almost appears as though they're tears falling to the ground. During one of his battles, even such a tiny little ember emanated an unbearable amount of heat, described as setting the very air itself around it ablaze, causing it to burn those who would dare to even breathe in its presence. When Hiroya let it fall from his hand, the tremendous heat it produced was so immense so as to instantly fuse a large part of the deserts of Hueco Mundo into flawless glass. Whose qualities were so perfect that it provided clear view below to the forest of Menos.

Furthermore, when it was employed in this manner, the flames released were so ravenous so as to devour the flames produced by his opponent's Zanpakutō, itself a powerful Fire-Type, proving that it couldn't truly contend with the overwhelming intensity of Haien. However, perhaps the greatest testamony to its immense powers, is how its said that Hiroya himself is wary of his own spell, treating it with a mixture of begrudging respect and a twinge of fear, fear and uncertainty at what would happen were he ever to lose control over fires of such unholy intensity. All of this was achieved by merely a single drop of the spell, diluted innumerable times for the express purpose of the task. Its believed that Hiroya has placed magical limiters upon himself in order to conciously restrain its fearsome power, and even with these limiters he's known to produce enormous firestorms and thunderstorms spanning miles upon miles with just the aftereffects of the spell itself. When wielding Haien, Hiroya never uses it directly against his opposition, he never launches it at them to end the battle instantly, instead, he summons a single purple sphere of average size which is left to float above his outstretched palm. This single sphere, despite being no larger than the standard Shakkahō burns so brightly that those whom even glance directly at it find that recent thoughts and memories are being incinerated within their very mind, proving that nothing is sacred to Haien. The earth is rent asunder as it tears itself apart of its own accord, as enormous fissures rend the earth around him and invite his enemies to throw themselves to an immediate death - all life within a certain radius of Hiroya is instantly incinerated and upon summoning the sphere, there is nothing left but a barren, cracked and volcanic wasteland. Approaching him his folly while in this state for even the mightiest of defenses cannot stand long against the flames of Haien, even if they do so only indirectly. However, Hiroya almost never makes use of the spell to even this degree, as the irrevocable destruction it brings to bear upon the sorroundings are simply too vast for his conscience.

However, this is but a tenth of Haien's power when wielded by someone like Hiroya, as while the heat it exudes is indeed enough to incinerate both mind and body of anyone who would foolishly seek to challenge it, its also likewise incomparable to the true power of Haien. The spells overwhelming destructive potential is often answer with rumours, stories and myths. The most common myth is that upon the formation of Soul Society, Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird bestowed upon the Shinigami several spells, each of whom were designed to tap into its godly powers. These were Shakkahō, Sōkatsui and Haien - it gave them this gift because it allegedly hoped to compete for their affection and trust with the other sacred beasts, whom also made similar contributions to the Shinigami in the form of their own spells. Another myth is that Izanami, wrought with hatred for humanity an those who would protect it taught the Shinigami many extremely destructive spells in the hope that they would someday doom their world to destruction due to their growing hunger for power and increasingly advanced spellcraft, Haien was among these and it was allegedly bestowed upon them by one of her minions. These are but tales, and most Kidō Masters dispel them as wild tales and exagerrations made by those who lacked understanding, Hiroya himself is uncertain.

The truth of Haien is that it, should it ever be employed by a caster powerful and stupid enough to invoke its true power, it will no longer be content with merely incinerating anything within its influence, no longer burn them so thoroughly that it doesn't even leave ash to the targets name. No, for Hiroya states that its so much more, for rather than merely incinerating things that are, it also incinerates many things that have already been, things that have yet to be and the ultimate fate of its victim. All of these things are burned beyond recognition, for when struck by Haien the victim doesn't die in that moment, rather they perish sometime in the past, with their death being sent further away in correspondence to the strength of the blast. Once a target is incinerated in the past, the memories of all around them won't change in the least and they'll be aware of the true cause of death all the same, however - reality itself will rush to erase the events in the targets life which could never have occured, as they happened "post-humously" to the victims death. In explanation of its effects, Hiroya states that should a man commit a massacre and then sire a child within the span of two years, and then later be struck by a fully powered Haien whose strength was sufficient to cause him to "perish" three years ago, reality would immediately correct itself, returning everyone who died in the massacre that could no longer have taken place to life with immediate effect. The child, would unfortunately be erased from existence altogether as well, as within that very moment their existence would become impossible, as the subject couldn't have sired the child post-humously. Hiroya claims that should Haien be overused in this manner, enormous catastrophes would be sure to follow. Which is why Hiroya has made valiant attempts to dilute its power to a point where Haien, the most destructive spell in existence, would be unable to threaten the very balance of the worlds at all.




A Contingency spell is a mixture of several spells molded together into a single one to be released with all effects when certain conditions are met ---Hiroya is a master of these and employs them at all times. For this reason he's always sorrounded by numerous protective enchantments of great power. Below is a concise list of all the contingencies which he has active most usually.

  1. Protection: Whenever Hiroya have no protective enchantments active, this contingency is automatically activated. Which instantly sorrounds him with a multitude of different wards and enchantments - this is in order to counter his naturally low durability and resilence as well as a trade off of being constantly chased due to his status as Rogue Shinigami, in addition. Hiroya usually reinforces his defenses by casting spells in battle; these spells, when combined together with the contingency seem to emulate something akin to an Arrancars Hierro.
  2. Protection 2nd: In the event that the first protection is forcibly breached, Hiroya's developed an even more powerful spell-chain. This one, unlike the original is very powerful and renders him nigh-invulnerable to all but the most powerful and deadly of opponents ---this particular contingency has shown the incredible defensive capabilities as to successfully defend against a long chain of attacks from two incredibly powerful Shinigami working in unison to bring it down and it took a very powerful technique to put something as minor as a dent in it.
  3. Spell Penetration: This contingency is like the first always active and its function is to perserve the spells cast by Hiroya, no matter how minor in order to resist dispelling effects, counterspells and energy disruption or any other form of ability or technique meant to drastically reduce or entirely supress magical spells and effects - its power is even great enough to penetrate magical resistance. This is due to several highly customized binding spells meant to keep the spell together.
  4. Negate Effect: If a spell, technique or ability within range of Hiroya is activated that severely impairs his spiritual energy in any way, most commonly drain, disrupting or even realigning it. This contingency is activated immediately, if Hiroya had turned it on in the first place ---This contingency makes use of the Sacred Spell known as Yasushi Hi in order to negate any and all effects in the area, including all manners of Zanpakuto releases, techniques and abilities - this particular Yasushi Hi is pre-programmed to ignore magical effects though, both the effects of Hiroya or that of his opponent - making this much more useful than the original variant - like the norm, this spell also supresses those abilities for some time after it is countered.
  5. Escape: If Hiroya is ever overpowered and defeated, and his emotions are reflected as particularily fearful or otherwise frightened - in essence, if he's about to die - this contingency is activated immediately; casting Kukanten'I imbued with the Reiryoku and appearance-masking effects of a Kyokko spell; which transports Hiroya, and any other allies who are caught in a similiar predicament, to the place which Hiroya deems to be the most safe, and where medical aid is readily available.


  • Hiroya has a Master Degree in Pedagogy. Despite working at an Elementary School.
  • Hiroya's theme song is Kanashimi no Tou.
  • Hiroya is abit of an oddity, Power-Wise in that he's a Shunsui-Class Character in his stats, though due to his spells and his Zanpakuto is classified an Aizen-Class Character nevertheless.
  • His Zanpakutò, Shirohane is designed for the purpose of giving vast advantages against opponents whom are much more powerful than him. Though for opponents whom are just slightly stronger, or at the same level as he is. Its use is significantly decreased.
  • According to his author
    • Hiroya's hobby is to visit traditional Japanese cafees, as well as reading
    • Hiroya would like to fight no one, as he detests violence in all forms and being a pacifist at heart
    • Hiroya's favorite food is Onigiri, with Seaweed, while his least favorite is meat of any sort.
    • Hiroya's favorite phrase is "I live peacefully" (安らかに暮らす, Yasura kani kura su)
  • Despite being a pacifist, Hiroya is known to mutiliate opponents to gruesome lengths with his spells. Most commonly shredding them apart, or breaking every bone in their whole body. This however, are fortunately always unintended, and simply occur due to the immense power of his spells.
  • All of Hiroya's techniques that use the word "White" are written with the Kanji for innocence, namely "白" - This serves to reflect Hiroya's personality somewhat.
  • Hiroya's battle music, as choosen by his creator is "Mezame" by Yuki Kajiura.
  • Hiroya always carries a small container in his Shinigami form which holds approximately ten Seishinkusuri. For emergency use.
  • A part of Hiroya's last name, can actually also be used to depict a homosexual person, with just a slightly different set-up. Which, given his sexuality is highly ironic.
  • The sickness that Alain died of was in fact Tubercolosis
  • Thanks to Void for allowing me to make use of his Shukuchi concept