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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Hiroki Chūkūno
Race Shinigami
Birthday March 18
Age 33 (Physical)
Gender Male
Height 198 cm (6'6")
Weight 125 kg (275 lb.)
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13
Profession Shinigami
Position Fourth Seat Officer
Division 3Third Division
Personal Status
Education Shin'ō Academy
Shikai Shihaisha
First Appearance

Hiroki Chūkūno (中空野弘樹, "Abundant Strength from the Hollowed Field") is a male Shinigami and the Fourth Seat Officer of the Third Division. He serves under Captain Teruo Akui.




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