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Name Hinata
Kanji 向日葵
General Information
Race Soul
Gender Female
Professional Information
Affiliation Imawashī
Team Imawashī
Base of Operations Reikai
Personal Information
Status Active
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Not yet revealed

Hinata (向日葵, sunflower) is a member of the resurgent Imawashī. She is part of the division responsible for the destruction of the Six Directions, and thus takes orders from Dastan Shiba.


Hinata is the youngest of the resurgent Imawashī. She is a short, petite, baby-faced young woman who dresses in a flowing kimono-style outfit of a blue colouration, with steady black eyes. Her long brown-black hair is tied up in a ponytail.[1]


Sanada remarked that he had learned not to judge a book by its cover, leading Kensei to remark that Hinata had a short fuse. David attempted to poke fun at Kensei regarding this, whom he compared her to.[1]


Hinata lived on the streets of Kohai Tochi prior to the Collapse. Following the resurgence of the Imawashī she was scouted for her potential, becoming their youngest member.[2] She was then given spirit-enhancing drugs, turning her into a loyal pawn of her new masters.[1]


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Part IV[]

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Testing the Waters arc[]

Braving the Waves arc[]

Powers and abilities[]

High Spiritual Energy: Hinata was one of three individuals pointed out by Kensei and Shūhei to be on-par with typical Lieutenant-class Shinigami.[1]

Kidō Expert: Hinata fired an unknown Hadō spell that was ultimately blocked by Kentaro's defensive usage of Niten.[2] She was described as a Kidō prodigy by Kensei, inferring that her skills are substantial.[1]

Enhanced Speed: Kensei remarked that Hinata was very fast. She demonstrated the speed to get ahead of Kensei, Shūhei and Sanada alongside her fellow Imawashī, boxing them in.[2]


Hinata's Zanpakutō has yet to be seen.

Behind the scenes[]

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