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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Hikari Momohara
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Kanji 桃原 晃理
General Information
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthdate September 27
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight 55 kg (120 lbs)
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel-gray
Blood Type O+
Professional Information
Affiliation Xstence
Occupation University student, freelance audio technician
Base of Operations Karakura Town (formerly)
New York City (formerly)
Ikeda, Osaka
Personal Information
Education Karakura Elementary School
Satsukigaoka Elementary School (Ikeda)
Ikeda Junior High School
Shibutani High School
New York University Steinhardt
Family Matsuda Momohara (father, deceased)
Hanako Yamada-Momohara (mother, deceased)
Tetsuo Momohara (older brother)
Status Active
Fullbringer Abilities
Focus Headphones
Signature Skill Audio frequency manipulation


Hikari Momohara (桃原 晃理, Momohara Hikari) is a Fullbringer and a member of the organization Xstence. She is the younger sister of Tetsuo Momohara and is currently studying as an exchange student in New York City. Even though she has always been spiritually aware, Hikari did not manifest a Fullbring until recently. Nonetheless, she was able to train on her own due to the information she strong-armed out of Kōhaku Morimoto, not wanting to reveal that she was a Fullbringer to Tetsuo due to his over-protective nature. Hikari's current goal is to become an acoustical engineer and independant audio producer. However, when she learned about the disappearance of Xstence members due to the opening of the Rift, she returned to Ikeda, Osaka in order to help search for them.


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Powers and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Above Average Spiritual Pressure:

High Spiritual Awareness:

Excellent Physical Conditioning:

Keen Intelligence:

Special Abilities





  • Hikari’s parents debated on the kanji for her name before she was born. Her mother wanted to write her name with characters meaning “scarlet plum blossom” (緋華李) while her father wanted her name to mean “increased measure of justice” (比加理). However, they eventually settled on a more unusual kanji with the meaning of “clarity of justice, truth, or reason.”
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