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English Igniting Darkness
Kanji 暗さ火入れ
Technique Statistics
Type Hadō
Number 75
Used By Shinigami

Hadō #75. Hiirekurasa (暗さ火入れ, lit. "Igniting Darkness") is a new addition to the Central 198, it is closely aligned with the element of darkness.


Upon casting this spell, the caster must frequently support their arm with their second hand as a pitch black nimbus surrounds the extremity. With great concentration the caster then directs this power upon the enemy, at which point the shadows withdraw for a moment before being unleashed as a massive beam of darkness that stretches outwards to encompass all in its wake.

The beam is exceptionally wide, much larger than the caster in question, and anything which is unfortunate enough to stand in its path are corroded away into nothing, as the darkness literally devours them. With sufficient concentration its possible to steer the beam about as one wishes to cleanse an entire area of enemies in one fell swoop -- but the spell caster is wholly pacified while channeling Hiirekurasa.

Should one desire it, the blast can be broken up into a volley of shadowy bolts, which surge outwards from the caster in a glorious display of power, pummeling whomever dares stand in the way of a Shinigami.


"Fear the wrath of a woman scorned, she who invites rests below; a handful of earth marred by hate, light ten candles for the apocalypse!"

Known Practitioners


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