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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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"Hey don't hurt yourself, I'll do it for ya."
— Hibiki talking to his opponents.

Hibiki Tsukiyo
Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip | Stage3
Hibiki Pre timeskip
Name Hibiki Tsukiyo
Kanji エコーサウンド·ムーンナイト
Romaji Tsukiyo Hibiki
Race Shinigami
Birthday 19/3
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 94Kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society

Shadow Infiltration Organization

Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation 4th Seat of 3rd Division

Captain of First Division

Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team Third Division
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Alucard D. Kyuketsuki
Previous Partner Zancrow Kyuketsuki
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Shinō Academy

Zancrow Kyuketsuki

Status Alive
Shikai Nenshou Hibana (ねんしょうひばな)
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
Hibiki Tsukiyo (エコーサウンド·ムーンナイト, Tsukiyo Hibiki, lit. Echo Sound Moon Night) is the current 4th seat in the Third Division and is a well known Shinigami for his troublesome acts and for how quickly he passed through the Shino Academy . Hibiki used to be the student of Zancrow Kyuketsuki and he was known to have a very strong relationship with him, although he is not Zancrow's student anymore he still acknowledges him as his master. When Zancrow left Hibiki without telling him, Hibiki grew very angry and has made it one of his goals to find Zancrow. During his years at the academy he managed to pass through it with ease and was allocated to the Third Division. Hibiki occasionally likes to wander around the human world and he usually slacks off because of him being laid back.

Hibiki is seen to act exactly the way Zancrow used to act when he was in the Gotei 13. Hibiki is often causing trouble in Soul Society because of his personality many soul reapers get annoyed with him, he often plays around with them until he gets caught.

He created the Shadow Infiltration Organization to find Zancrow.


Hibiki has the appearance of a young athletic muscular-built man with short cut blonde hair that is usually
Hibiki Gigaii

Hibiki's clothes in the human world

combed down. Hibiki is quite tall for his age, with light blue hawk-like eyes that are often noticeable in crowds of people, Zancrow also noted that his eyesight is as good as a hawks. Hibiki is known to attract girls due to his charming looks, he is normally complimented on his looks mostly on his eyes. Hibiki stands at the height of 6ft and weighs 94 Kg, his body is very muscular and has hardly any fat on him, though his physique is naturally quite muscular. Hibiki is seen to be wearing a black fedora, vest, and baggy black skater pants, he accesorizes with black and white checkered suspenders and a matching wrist band as well as two chains which have diamonds on them. He also wears a black collar and multiple earrings (two rings and a stud on each ear), he also has a very visable black tattoo underneath his left eye, a lip ring and has shiny blonde hair. On the back of his head Hibiki wears a black hat which covers most of the rear side of his head.

When in the human world Hibiki tends to wear something more casual but he still follows the same type of style. He wears a black shirt which is unbuttoned and wears a white shirt underneath it, he also has a checkered pocket on his shirt. On his neck he has chains and he still wears his signature black hat, he also wears skinny black jeans and the rest is his usual accessories. Wearing this makes him look much more grown up than he looks like with his usual style.

Young Hibiki

Hibiki as a child.

As a child Hibiki had no earrings or tattoos, in fact he looked nothing like he does now. He wore blue baggy shorts with a yellow shirt on with a thin orange and brown striped shirt underneath. Over his yellow shirt he wore a blue unbuttoned shirt which looked much like a school jacket, he had long blonde hair which had strands of hair going into his eye. He accessorized in with a orange sweatband around his right arm and he wore black headphones around his neck. He still had his beautiful light blue eyes, even in his childhood he still was fairly in shape. He looked much older than his age, because of the style of his clothes.

During Hibiki's time at the academy, he was aligned with soul society completely, he wore the standard Shinigami Shihakushō(死覇装,Garment of Dead Souls) with no accessories whatsoever. He still kept his hair relatively similar to his current appearance but it was just longer, he still wore his signature black hat which covered the back of his head. He looked very mature during his time at the academy, because of this it gave people an idea of what he was like but it was completely misleading as his personality is completely different to the impression his look would give. He was noted for being a very handsome young man and will grow into an even more attractive man.


Hibiki has been described as a laid back and very lazy man, but can be relied on for many things. He is fairly smart enough to know when someone is stronger than him, he also has a great sense of humour much alike his former teacher. He is laid back as he rarely is seen stressing over things, as he usually says "I live in the moment", he is one of the worst people to come for help as he only says to stop stressing. His carefree attitude can annoy many people especially his enemies, when they come for information he often gets bored and just plays around with them. When Hibiki is annoyed (which is a very rare occurrence) he becomes very sadistic, as he has to be stopped physically before he kills them completely, he has only been seen to get annoyed once when someone insulted his master constantly. Hibiki's sarcasm is used very often, mostly during conversations sometimes even in serious conversations. This is one of the reasons Hibiki is so hard to talk to seriously mostly because he never takes things seriously, although when he is constantly pestered for something he will eventually give in and tell them just to get it off of his back. Due to Hibiki's lazy personality it usually leads to him holding back in battle because he wants to use as little energy as possible but because of this he usually ends up using more energy as the battle goes on longer. Hibiki regularly flirts with girls, whether it be a complete stranger or one of his best friends. When Hibiki is put in life-threatening situations he can rarely be relied on since he will still keep his carefree attitude. Despite rarely being able to be relied on some of his friends rely on him as they know that Hibiki being laid back means that he is confident.

When Hibiki is determined he often never loses track of what he wants to do, especially if it gets him closer to his main goal. Hibiki is expected to be as strong and well known as he is Zancrow's student, this then leads to Hibiki having to live in Zancrow's shadow but Hibiki uses this as a catalyst to make him train much stronger. One of his other goals is to surpass his master, so that when they meet again he will be able to prove that he is worthy of being Zancrow's student. Hibiki has inherited one of Zancrow's traits which is to use his sarcasm against his opponents to aggravate them, Hibiki inherited this to show his dedication towards his master. Their are some advantages of Hibiki's laid back side, as it stops him from getting into heated arguments, it also gives him the advantage in battle due to him staying calm. Hibiki is known to be sympathetic with his friends as he can relate to it in his life, with Zancrow leaving and him not knowing who his parents were as he was disowned. Hibiki has shown musical interests as when Zancrow was playing guitar he frequently asked him how to play it, since then Hibiki often practices with many instruments drums being his favourite. He has also shown a liking towards apples for some unknown reasons, some of his friends say that it was the first thing he ate, but they are just rumours. Hibiki is known to love parties as he always does karaoke and makes a fool of himself. In conversations Hibiki is very informal no matter who he is talking to. Being brought up without parents Hibiki never really understood the meaning of love or experiencing what love is which explains why he has a very close relationship with Zancrow. Zancrow was the one who gave Hibiki the experience of love or being wanted, as he found him in a very similar position he was in when he was born. Hibiki could often relate to Zancrow with very similar histories and abilities they got on completely, Hibiki believes that it was fate that Zancrow found him.

His main and most important goal is to find Zancrow and reunite with him. Many of his friends are supportive and they help him, Hibiki always takes an opportunity to get closer to achieving his goal with his latest being that he has asked his brother to help him. Hibiki and Alucard have a very similar goal as they both want to find Zancrow and ask him questions which are unanswered. He is so determined to find Zancrow due to him wanting to be admired, due to Hibiki's only experience of being wanted came from Zancrow, Hibiki wants to return the favour by showing him how strong he has got. His relationship with Zancrow is like that of a sibling to him, Hibiki recognises Zancrow as his only family so he wishes to find him. Hibiki is willing to risk anything, even his life in order to find Zancrow.



At Birth his parents dishowned Hibiki for unknown reasons, he was dumped on a alleyway. During this time Zancrow happened to be walking down the alleyway and found a kid lying down in a dirty puddle, seeing this it gave him a flashback of his birth so he ran over picked him up and took him to his house. When Hibiki woke up he was given an apple to fill his appetite and he was introduced to Zancrow, because of this Hibiki acknowledges Zancrow as his step-dad. During his time with Zancrow he noticed him using his power and he asked him if he could be taught, Zancrow unwillingly accepted. During their training together Zancrow realised that Hibiki is a prodigy with great potential, so Zancrow taught him many high level techniques knowing that he can master them fairly quickly.(IM A DUCK) Zancrow trained him to the best he could and then mysteriously left, without leaving a note or any form of letter to Hibiki, leaving Hibiki there without telling him why he left. When Hibiki woke up he realised Zancrow had gone, Hibiki searched the whole area for 3 days non stop but he found nothing. Hibiki grew with anger but then calmed down remembering what Zancrow taught him, so he sat back down trying to contemplate what he must of done to make him leave. For the next few days he sat thinking, but could not discover a reason why. He finally had given up, so he started planning where he should go on from now.

Growing Up

During Hibiki's growing up time he was not prepared for what was ahead of him, as he only really knew his village but nothing outside that. Since he got so used to Zancrow being there to correct his mistakes, he didn't know what to do without him. He started acting independent which often lead to him being taken advantage of while doing work, but in the passing years he learned how to be smart around the people. Later he joined the Shinō Academy and he showed off his techniques he learnt from Zancrow, which impressed the instructors greatly. He managed to pass all the tests easily, he greatly surpassed all expectations of the instructors. He passed through the academy as quick as Kaien Shiba did, he was allocated a low seat in the Third Division. During his time there he slowly rose through the ranks and got to 4th seat.

Plans for the Future

Hibiki has made it clear that once he has assembled a group strong enough to go on a long and dangerous adventure to find Zancrow. He started this by meeting up with Zancrow's brother Alucard, they had a long chat and Alucard answered saying he would go with him. Hibiki then decided to form a group of people all determined to find Zancrow for their personal goal, he also has took his friends with him.


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Powers and Abilities

Vast Spiritual Energy: Hibiki possesses a massive amount of Reiatsu, so much so that Hibiki can hardly control it at all. Due to this it restrics Hibiki from being able to use Kido as he can't control his energy enough to
Hibiki exerting

Zancrow commenting on Hibiki exerting his spiritual energy.

use it correctly. Zancrow taught Hibiki how to use some of his energy by using it to enhance his abilities, although because of Hibiki's mass amount of energy, he can barely even control it enough to enhace his abilities. Whenever Hibiki exerts a huge amount of energy he destroys much of his surroundings due to him not being able to control it, it even managed to surprise Zancrow how overwhelming it is if you aren't prepared for it. Hibiki has tried many methods to try conceal his spiritual energy but no matter what he did, its sheer volume overwhelmed Hibiki. Due to Hibiki having such a huge amount of spiritual energy he has to have a great amount of stamina, even though he has trained his stamina by running for miles each morning, he still tires at a quick rate. Hibiki has also trained his strength so that he can put up with weight of his energy once it has been exerted. When people are in his presence they struggle to stand due to the air weighing them down, this also effects Hibiki as he can't even stand up to the mere power of his energy. Zancrow stated that if Hibiki learns how to control his spiritual energy, it could be decimating to even be near him when it is exerted. When exerted in massive amounts it creates a fire surrounding Hibiki, it seems to increase according to Hibiki's emotions.

Spiritual Energy Basic Manipulation: A technique originally Zancrow self taught himself to be able to control his mass amount of energy. Hibiki was taught this by Zancrow, as Hibiki has a vast amount of spiritual energy he needed a way to control it in a way so he was taught this. This technique allows the user to control the flow of spiritual energy inside of the users body and it can be used to enhance senses. Hibiki in theory has more spiritual energy than Zancrow, this makes it harder for Hibiki to tune into his energy and use it efficiently. Hibiki has only managed to master the basic version of this which only allows him to only use one of the abilities. Though it is seen that when Hibiki is angry, he has shown an ability to use all of the abilities through pure rage.

  • Kyokugen (きょくげん, Limit) This is the only ability Hibiki has mastered as its the only one he can peform perfectly. This changes the flow of the spiritual energy so that it flows directly into his muscles, this allows him to work his body at a extreme rate. Due to Hibiki mastering this ability he can keep it up for a whole day. This is also how he got his nickname Lightning Heel, just for the fact that he can instantly be next to his opponent without no effort at all.

​Enhanced Durability: Hibiki has been seen to have a great amount of durability as he can take a lot of hits without slowing down. Although many say that he isn't durable because of him usually evading attacks instead of taking hits, he has shown to be able to take a lot of medium level attacks. Zancrow trained Hibiki's endurance using the methods he used to train his, which included having rocks dropped on Hibiki's back. Hibiki has even shown that he can take a point blank Zasshu Soshaku from Zancrow with few cuts.

Enhanced Strength: Hibiki has trained very hard to improve his strength as he needs to have strength to be able
  • Hibiki using his strength to decimate an opponent.
  • Hibiki using his strength to decimate an opponent.
  • Hibiki using his strength to decimate an opponent.
  • Hibiki using his strength to decimate an opponent.
  • Hibiki using his strength to decimate an opponent.
to be able to master Kyokugen. Hibiki has shown how devastating his power is by completely outclassing a high level shinigami by just using hand-to-hand moves on him. His mere hand strength and leg strength is enough to break bones with ease.

Enhanced Speed: Hibiki's speed is one of his most scary assets, he can easily keep up with a shinigami using shunpo while Hibiki isn't even using shunpo. He has increased his leg muscles so that his normal movements seem like shunpo. When Hibiki uses shunpo his speed becomes extremely quick and it requires an amazing eye to keep up with. When he combines this amazing speed with his great strength, he can easily can become a deadly threat without even using his zanpakutō.

Enhanced Stamina: Hibiki's stamina is astounding as he can last days fighting constantly, Hibiki trained on his stamina the most so that he could cope with the atmosphere his spiritual energy creates. Hibiki also has to have a good amount of stamina because to keep up his Kyokugen it requires great amounts of stamina to keep it going. He can also last about a day with deep wounds but after he will be greatly injured and tired, his stamina is about equal to Zancrow's.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Hibiki has shown that he has shown that he is very highly advanced in the use of Zanjutsu as he can fight on par with captain level shinigami. He has developed his own type of style, when fighting Hibiki fights with his left hand in his pocket while his right hand holds his zanpakutō. Hibiki while using his sword often uses hand-to-hand while fighting with his sword. Although he only fights with one arm he can alter the power drastically from being very weak to overwhelmingly strong, because of this he is unpredictable while fighting. Hibiki is aggresive while fighting and he never gives his opponents a break as he is constantly attacking them at a quick pace. Hibiki has also shown that he can constantly change his style during battle, as he can switch what hand his zanpakutō is in and can time his dodges and counters to perfect timing knocking the opponent off guard. He can frequently change what angle he is coming from and can change direction quickly, he is very unpredictable with his strikes due to him constantly changing his style.

  • Rizumu Burittsu (リズム·ブリッツ, Rhythm Blitz) This is a move Hibiki developed by combining his unpredictable styles and his amazing speed to confuse and wound the opponent greatly. Hibiki first starts off by changing styles at random while thrusting at the enemy, then he gradually increases his speed until he starts to leave after-images of himself. Once this is done he thrusts at the opponent at great speed and at awkward angles, sometimes even their blind spot. It eventually ends up with Hibiki releasing a barrage of random powerful strikes at the enemy.

Flash Step Expert: Hibiki has shown tremendous skill in Shunpo, as he can use immense speed to confuse the opponent and to deliver lightning fast strikes. He has shown that he can easily keep up with captain level Shunpo users, Hibiki can easily outmaneuver his opponent with barely any effort. He has shown that he is capable of leaving after-images of himself when he increases his speed. Due to his immense speed and amazing hakuda, Hibiki can deliver devastating strikes using just his body, when using Kyokugen with Shunpo Hibiki becomes as quick as a master level user of Shunpo.

  • Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom) A special Shunpo technique Hibiki developed after Zancrow taught him it. Hibiki moves to the opponents back, directly attacking and sealing their "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in one strike (effectively cutting them off of their spiritual energy flow). The movement is so fast that many opponents wouldn't be able to tell where they were attacked from.
  • Fuun'na fera (不運なフェラ, Fated Blow) A self developed technique. Hibiki starts to shunpo around the opponent leaving many after-images which appear to be surrounding the opponent, once Hibiki has left after-images which form a sphere around the opponent, he blends in with them and they all appear to be attacking the opponent. Leaving the opponent to guess which one is the real attack.

Hakuda Expert: Hibiki's skill in the art of Hakuda is clearly great enough for him to rely on it without being pressurized. He has shown to be able to mix it in with his swordsmanship, his strength combined with his speed enhances his Hakuda as he can easily break bones with clean strikes. The force behind his strikes are strong enough to completely destroy bones. Hibiki has also shown to mix his Hakuda with his knowledge of boxing, as his style resembles that of a boxer and his punches are as strong as a boxer. He often uses Hakuda instead of using his zanpakutō, as he can easily dispose of enemies using just his Hakuda. Hibiki rarely has to put in any effort when he is using Hakuda just because of his sheer skill in it.

Kidō Practicioner: Hibiki's skill in kidō is very basic due to his inability to be able to control his vast amount of spiritual energy. He can only use kidō up to 40 and can use some 50 with incantation. Hibiki has shown to be able to use kidō because of his great knowledge of the flow of spiritual energy which also allowed him to use Kyokugen.

Extraordinary Growth Rate: Hibiki has shown an outstanding growth rate, as he can grasp the concept of techniques and can figure things out better than Zancrow. As he has shown, his growth in trying to control his vast amount of spiritual energy is rapidly growing, as he develops different ways to control it. He also managed to master shikai during his time at the academy, and he learnt bankai fairly quickly after Zancrow taught him how to use it. Zancrow stated that at his current growth speed, he will easily become one of the strongest shinigami's in existence.

Keen Intellect and Cunning Hibiki has amazing intellect, as during battle when he is pinned back he can devise a cunning plan to turn the odds in his favour. He is very smart as he can trick his opponent into believing that he is a reckless shinigami based on his appearance, he also knows when to run away from a battle if he is mismatched. His intellect can often give him the upper hand in the battle before it has even started, as he can look at the surroundings and use it to his advantage.

Expert Tactician and Planner Hibiki is often the one to collaborate with Kensei Watanabe in devising plans as he can assess every possible situation and has a plan to counter it. His tactics he uses in battle can easily turn the tide, even if they are dirty tactics. Judged on his opponents ability he can, adapt his tactics so that they are designed to attack the opponents weakness.


Offense Defense Mobility Kidō/Reiatsu Intelligence Physical Strength/Stamina Total
95 85 100 50 90 90 505

Hibiki is a Kenpachi-Level fighter.


Hibiki Sealed State

Nenshou Hibana's sealed state

Nenshou Hibana
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Gender Female
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
Professional Status
First Appearance
Nenshou Hibana (ねんしょうひばな, Burning Spark) is the name of Hibiki's currently wielded zanpakutō, no one seems to know how he aquired it. Nenshou Hibana, when sealed, it takes the form of a long rapier, with its blade being red. Its handle is very exquisite, the design on the handle wraps around the hilt and goes onto the blade. The blade is fairly long, and when Hibiki activates its ability, japanese characters which make up the name Burn are spread along the blade.

Shikai: Nenshou Hibana's shikai form is released with the phrase of Unleash Hell, and is nicknamed Gōka (業火, Hellfire) due to its shikai ability. When Hibiki is about to release his zanpakutō, his zanpakutō melts completely and creates lots of fire to surges around him and once the fire is completely covering Hibiki, it instantly expands and creates a heatwave explosion. This heatwave explosion can cause slight burns, and can fatally wound low level shinigami. In terms of shape and design, it's shape as a sword still is very similar to its appearance in shikai. Also It takes the form of fire which is circling Hibiki, Hibiki's appearance does not change either apart from the fire creating an aura which surges around Hibiki.

Shikai Special Ability: Nenshou Hibana's ability is that it becomes a fire which can be instantly used to appear from anywhere. Hibiki becomes immune to these flames, Hibiki can ignite the fire by giving it reiatsu to burn, he can change the force, temperature, volume and shape through just altering the amount of reiatsu he gives it. As long as there is reiatsu the fire cannot be stopped or extinguished, he has also shown to be able to alter the flame with his emotions. Hibiki can also use this ability to create weapons of fire.

Zetsubō-tekina hō: One of the few zanpakutō to be able to use an ability in its sealed state because of its rarity. He gives his zanpakutō reiatsu to use, doing this it charges up his sword allowing him to peform devastating strikes which have enough force to break bones even through a block. When he uses this his sword glows orange and the sword has a word on it which says burn.

  • Honō o Nagareru (炎を流れる, Flowing Flame): One of Hibiki's most basic abilities, this ability is when Hibiki exerts his reiatsu into the atmosphere. Once he has done this it allows him to ignite a flame wherever his reiatsu is, he can also control it freely with just his eyes. He can increase the speed of the flame by using his hands and directing it manually, to increase the damage Hibiki lets off more reiatsu into the atmosphere.
  • Moeru Ken (燃える拳, Blazing Fists): Another one of Hibiki's abilities, this ability is when Hibiki coats his fists and legs in his reiatsu, so that he can ignite them to enhance his Hakuda skills with fire. He has fused this ability with Hakuda skills.
    • Ikkotsu ( 一骨, Single Bone): Already a powerful punch in itself, when Hibiki enhances it with his fire it becomes devastating. It is capable of smashing whatever it hits and then burning the opponent, it also enhances the force of the punch, as it can knock an opponent through reinforced walls. If Hibiki hits them directly in their abdomen, he can burn their insides.
    • Sōkotsu (双骨, Double Bone): A much stronger version of Ikkotsu capable of destroying an opponent completely. When enhanced with Hibiki's flames it becomes deadly, as it burns the opponent on the outside and inside. While they are burning, the force from the punch is also enhanced capable of turning an opponent to dust.
    • Raiōken (雷王拳, Thunder King Fist): A technique which involves a series of rapid punches, when enhanced with his fire, it burns the opponent in a variety of places while increasing the strength of the punches.
    • Sandbag Beat (サンドバッグ・ビート, Sandobaggu bïto): A fast and devastating technique which
      Hibiki Burn

      Kaen taifū

      involves delivering multiple strikes at a fast pace. Similar to the effect which Raiōken does, this technique multiplys the force and speed of the strikes in exchange for the burns. It has enough power to completely get rid of the bone by disintegrating it.
    • Hi no shinken (火の神拳, Fire God Fist): A devastating attack. This is when Hibiki focuses a huge amount of reiatsu into his fist, and he ignites it upon contact with the enemy and it creates a force which is as strong as a explosion but it is more concentrated.
  • Kaen Taifū (火炎台風, Flame Typhoon): An advanced ability of Hibiki. This ability is when Hibiki exerts reiatsu which forms a tornado like shape around him, then he charges at the opponent. Once near the opponent he ignites the reiatsu around him and it forms a tornado like fire around him. This uses a lot of force and can easily knockout an opponent.
    File:Hibiki Fire.png
  • Hakai-tekina bureizu (破壊的なブレイズ, Destructive Blaze): Another advanced ability of Hibiki. This is considered as one of Hibiki's most devastating moves, as he exerts a lot of reiatsu which is concentrated in one big area. Then once the opponent is in that area he instantly ignites the flame causing a lethal explosion. The explosion is enough to kill his opponents or lethally wound them.
  • Mugen no bōei (無限の防衛, Infinite Defense): An ability which is often used by Hibiki. This ability is where Hibiki lets his reiatsu leak out constantly and he lets it ignite automatically. This allows Hibiki to have an auto defense, as the fire automatically defends him as long as he lets his reiatsu leak out.
  • Sōzō no honō (創造の炎, Creation Flame): A commonly used ability in Hibiki's arsenal. Hibiki exerts reiatsu in a certain shape, like a animal or a weapon and he ignites it and it forms. It can be used as a secondary weapon, it cannot be extinguished or broken unless their is no more reiatsu.
  • Honō roa (炎ロア, Flame Roar): A highly damaging technique. Hibiki exerts reiatsu just in front of his face, then he ignites it and lets out a roar which blows the fire at the opponent. It forms a fire beam and has great destructive power, enough to damage someone brutally.
  • Rizumu Hinotama (リズムの火の玉, Rhythm Fireball): A simple yet effective technique. Hibiki lets of balls of reiatsu into the enviroment then he ignites them and sends them flying at his opponent, although the destructive power is not great its speed is immense and is hard to dodge.
  • Shunkan-tekina nenshō (瞬間的な燃焼, Instantaneous Combustion): This technique is simple but brutal when used correctly. Hibiki exerts some reiatsu onto his thumb and index finger, he then ignites it by clicking them two fingers together. This allows for instant flame shots to be aimed at the opponent and they
    Hibiki Cannon1

    Kaminari no yōna Kyanon

    are devastating in terms of strength.
  • Kaminari no yōna Kyanon (雷のようなキャノン, Thunderous Cannon): This technique is considered as the strongest out of all of Hibiki's abilities. He prepares by exerting out an extraordinary amount of his reiatsu, then he puts one of his hands in front of him and one hand behind him, he then ignites the reiatsu causing two beams to come charging at the enemy. This technique can only be used few times, due to it's effect on Hibiki as it tires him out quickly.
    Hibiki Cannon 2

    Kaminari no yōna Kyanon Tsu

  • Kaminari no yōna Kyanon tsu (雷のようなキャノン二, Thunderous Cannon x 2): This technique is a much improved version of Kaminari no yōna Kyanon. Hibiki exerts double the amount he exerts in the basic version of this then he puts both hand in front of him then he ignites the reiatsu causing an even bigger beam then the last version, this has enough destructive power to create a huge crater in the ground. It's destructive power has also shown to be able to easily break through no. 90 or above barrier hado.


"Hibiki....You came to save me!"

"You thought I came to save you, I only came here to laugh at you get beat up."


Hibiki is based off of Ha Ill Gang from The Breaker New Waves.

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