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Hibiki Kanraku
Age Unknown
Birthdate June 8th
Height 5ft 7in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 9th Division
Occupation 10th Seat, 9th Division
Previous Occupation(s) 13th Seat, 12th Division


Hibiki has short blue hair and wears the regulare Soul Reaper uniform. He is the one, who is getting the least attention in the Gotei 13. he has often appeared bloody and injured when returning to his captain, due to fighting someone and lose hardly.


Hibiki is trying to gain attention by doing reckless things and throwing himself into battle against anyone, leading to his defeat. He is using his Zanpakuto's special powers to gain attention from anyone, but he only gets it from his fellow seated officer Mei Kobura, who he never cares about. The other attention he gets are mostly "Shut up" or "Beat it!".


Powers and Abilities[]

Flash Steps: He is not quite skilled in Flash Steps. he has always lacked in speed, which is one of the major reasons, he mostly loses his battles.

Swordsman: He is skilled with his sword, as he can easily win against a normal hollow. he almost only trained with his Zanpakuto during his time in the Soul Reaper Academy.

Kido: He is skilled in Kido, but he prefers not to use it. Even though, it's his second best power, he prefers to not use it. His reason has something to do with something that happened to him before he attended the Soul Reaper Academy.

Strength: He is a true weakling when it comes to fighting without his zanpakuto. Since he never trained his body and only his zanpakuto and kido, he is one of the weakest Soul Reapers in the Soul Society.


Hibiki's zanpakutō sealed form is a regulare katana, which he carries with him everywhere.

  • Shikai: "Scream!" Onkyou will let out a scream, which will be heared in the distance of 10 miles. The sword will transform into a purple staff.
Shikai Special Ability: Allows Hide to expand any sound around him ten times. By swinging it to the ground, he can shoot sound waves in any direction. If he hits somebody with Onkyou, the opponent will be blasted back, minimum of 50 yards (the reason for him being weak with a strong zanpakuto, is that when he uses it, he gets blasted backwards as well).