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"Life is either a daring adventure... or it is nothing. To keep our spirits free from the decrees of fate; steering our own ship and ensuring our own freedom! That is strength unbeatable. That is the spirit of Heisekai!"
Kaede Saitou, paraphrasing Rosuto Shiba, regarding Heisekai.
Heisekai pic
Name Heisekai
Kanji 閉世界
Capital Knot Island
Form of Government Monarch
Ruler Kaede Saitou
Military Jōren, Guilty Crown
Currency Jiku
Societal Status
Native Species Yousojin

Heisekai (閉世界 (へいせかい), Closed World), sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven (天国, Tengoku) by Human World society, is a spiritual realm separate from the Soul Society; established in isolation. Heisekai is ruled by a Monarch; the latest ruler being Kaede Saitou, with her child, Tomoko, being her intended heir and successor.

Following the Collapse Heisekai, once known for its splendid islands, was amalgamated into the Reikai, becoming little more than an island nation to the south of Dread Mountain. The primary island housed Kaede and the majority of the Yousojin race, as well as the Jōren, with the second island being notable for housing the headquarters of Guilty Crown.





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