Heilig Auswirkungen Pfeil
Impact of The Reishi
English Holy Impact Arrow
Kanji ホーリーインパクト許可
Technique Statistics
Type Spirit Weapon
Used By Quincy

Heilig Auswirkungen Pfeil (ホーリーインパクト許可(ホーリー許可の影響,), German for "Holy Impact Arrow", Japanese for "The influence of the Holy Permit") is the signature technique of Seikatsu-kei, and was created as a superior version of the Heilig Pfeil.


This technique is constructed in a similar fashion to Heilig Pfeil and Heiliges Feuer. It can be created from reishi, reiryoku from the opponent, and spirit energy. However, when the user coats the Heilig Pfeil in their own reiatsu, that add onto the destructive force. The Reiatsu, which is distortions created from Spiritual Energy being vented, acts like vibrations. These vibrations harden the Heilig Pfeil and conver it into Heilig Auswirkungen Pfeil, which causes more then 4x the normal damage. The force (from the arrow being fired) can cause enough kickback ont he user's hand, to completely dislocate their arm.

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