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The Heaven's Dark Guardians (天恵 闇 保護者, Tenkei Yami no Hogosha, shorthanded as HDG) is a society of seven people who protect yet destroy. It's ironic for heaven to have dark guardians as heaven is a place for good people. They each represent a virtue. The organization's other name is the White Lotus Society (白蓮. Byakuren), which is what they are called in the real world.


The Guardians are believed to exist due to a certain being or something they needed to protect. They never stopped believing in themselves, thus being called Heaven's Guardians. However, in order to reach their goal, they would do anything, making them ruthless and called dark beings. Yet in Soul Society, they are called geniuses or angels due to their advanced knowledge of everything, however, it has been revealed that this was just a cover as Soul Society was afraid of them being too much of a threat, having no choice but to respect them. Some of the guardians have soldiers under their command. Their symbol is a lion like creature with triangles. In between each triangle, there is a space where a clam is.

Heaven's Dark Guardians Symbol

Heaven's Dark Guardian's Flag


The Guardians were feared for their neverending love for fighting, serving as great weapons. They were great swordsman, hand to hand combatants and Kido practitioners. When they have mastered all 3, they would have the reiatsu of what they call god transferred into them by a seal. After they learn how to master that reiatsu, they would have to learn to combine that reiatsu with their own, only creating a heavenly but dark kind of reiatsu. When all united, the guardians know a secret seal that would seal away one's shinigami powers forever.

Chamber of Yin and Yang[]

Each member has a specific way to get into the chamber of yin and yang, the meeting place for the HDG. The usual way is using a portal. But there are some who use special ways to get inside. An example being Kenshin, who uses a brownish-red door with a yin and yang sign to get into the chamber.


Virtue Guardian Soldiers
Integrity Kenshin Matayoshi N/A
Temperance Vacant N/A
Charity Vacant N/A
Diligence Vacant N/A
Patience Ayano Kisaragi N/A
Kindness Vacant N/A
Humility Vacant N/A

Former Members[]

Former Members
Former Member Former Virtue Reason for Leaving
Yoshiaki Hiroshi Temperance Killed by Averian while securing the retreat of Team Sanretsu


Name Description
Unnamed Shinigami Power Seal All the members of HDG gather around the person whose powers they want to seal. They each weave a hand sign and start chanting, "Call upon the angels of god, destroy a person's dreams, let the audience appluad and let us see bloodstreams. Call the final seal, let god's rage reveal, to fade away their answers and take away their power." A bind of light will engulf the person and their shinigami powers would be sealed.


  • This is based off The Seven Heavenly Virtues, with the exception of Chastity, which was replaced by Integrity.