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This article, Hanullim (spirit), was added by Seireitou who determines its usage on this wiki.

Hanullim Spirit infobox
Name Hanullim
Kanji 実典 (ハナリム)
Romaji Hanurimu
Race Zanpakutō (Kitsune)
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 159 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation None
Team None
Partner Seireitou Kawahiru (former)
Shikai Hanullim
Bankai Nameless

Hanullim (実典 (ハヌリム), Hanurimu; Korean for "Ultimate Reality", Japanese for "Law of Essence") is the Zanpakutō that once belonged to Seireitou Kawahiru. Once regarded as a dangerous and malicious spirit, Hanullim was considered a unique Zanpakutō in the history of the Soul Society as the only sword to not possess a name in its Bankai state. After Hanullim was reabsorbed back into Seireitou's soul, its spirit had faded away.





Powers & Abilities[]


Seireitou Hanullim's Shikai release

Hanullim's Shikai state.

  • Shikai: It is released with the command, "Seize" (掴む, Tsukamu). When Hanullim is unleashed, the blade does not undergo a significant change in its appearance, merely igniting with a bright golden hue before settling down and resembling a standard katana. However, rather than the silvery grey hilt and standard metallic appearance of the blade, the sword of Hanullim is entirely golden.
Shikai Special Ability: The power of Hanullim is to steal the concept of whatever it cuts. This is an ability born from its master and his lineage, drawing upon the Kitsune power of imprinting and the Sōzōshin power of soul empathy. In truth, to say it steals a concept is not accurate; more specifically, Hanullim adopts the concept of whatever its blade has come into contact with. To steal the concept of air, for instance, is to adopt the characteristic of lacking form. In doing so, Seireitou's body and Hanullim itself become intangible, just like the air itself, causing nearly everything to pass through him harmlessly. Stealing the concept of a Kidō spell or even another Zanpakutō's power would allow Hanullim to also adopt that concept through its blade. Anything that can be struck by Hanullim is susceptible to this ability. However, while such an ability seems godlike in its nature, Hanullim can only steal a single concept at any given moment. In order for him to adopt another concept, he must first surrender the concept already being utilized.
Shinwaryeok Hanullim

Hanullim in the Bankai state.

  • Bankai: The Bankai of Hanullim does not possess a name.
Bankai Special Ability: While the Shikai was to adopt concepts, something born of the Kitsune nature of emptiness, the Bankai embraces the lack of an inherent concept and embraces the natural emptiness itself. As such, it does not possess a name, for it 'does not exist', at least on a conceptual level. Because it does not exist, neither the Zanpakutō nor Seireitou emit reiatsu, nor can his existence be perceived by the senses normally used to comprehend reality; only permitting perception by the senses Seireitou himself wills.


Behind the Scenes[]