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Hama Town
Name Hama Town
Kanji ハマー町
General Information
Type Town
Location Satonaka Family Home

Ryūsei High School
Seta Girls' Academy
Hama Weapons Academy
Coelen Capitaliter HQ

Builder Satonaka Family
Physical Specifications
Height Over 1 kilometer high
Width Several hundred meters
Affiliation Van Satonaka

Kenmeiotome (Allied)

Hama Town is located is a mountain side town that contains many large buildings and a few family owned businesses. It

Satonaka Family Crest

is filled with commuters leaving town and coming through. Most citizens in this town are spiritually aware, being able to see battles that occur and escape from the danger. The lush mountains act as a natural barrier preventing the town from running out of fresh food or water. There are two schools in the town: Ryūsei High School and the Seta Girls' Academy. As protector of the town, Van Satonaka and his his wife Anna are known as the pseudo-mayors of the area, with a majority of the people listening to their every word along with most buildings in the town containing the Satonaka Family crest somewhere upon them in order to signify the town's respect for the family.

The town itself is protected by a large and powerful barrier set up by Shirosuke Satonaka, Atsuya Tatsumi, and Anna Satonaka after the attack on Ryusei High School by Inshu Senshi. It is meant to keep out those with dark hearts and those with the intent to cause harm to any resident within. The barrier is unique as it cannot be seen, nor can it dispelled or broken and instead grows stronger the more the opponent tries to do so. The barrier will not repel an invading force but once they enter if the individual(s) have a dark purpose their spiritual energy reserves will begin to drain slowly but in large amounts regardless of any sort of protection. The only way to enter safely is to be friends with a current resident or be invited into the town, if that becomes the case then even the darkest of souls can enter without any detrimental effects.


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