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Hama Alliance was the name given to the group of spiritually aware individuals living in Hama Town. They acted as the town's defense during times of emergency when the others cannot be reached. 

However, following The Collapse and Jiraiya Senju's subsequent betrayal, the members of the group separated and scattered. Some are in training, some are hiding, some are missing, but the group as a whole is defunct.


Leader of the Hama Alliance
Rozeluxe Meitzen
The Hama Alliance
Harukipro Azamipro Izuna pic color
Haruki Satonaka Azami Satonaka Izuna Harribel
Kujinapro Sakurapro Kyodainaimage
Kujina Satonaka Sakura Yakumo Kyodaina Uzumaki
361806 1111112 Akanenew
Jikan Rasen Reiki Mizuki Akane Kiyomizu
Ennariapro Unipro Naoto
Ayane Kiyomizu Uni Tsunako Yukiko Matsukaze
Reipro Gumopro Morgianaper
Rui Matsukaze Neiji Ame Morgiana Kurokami
Yuumaproo Tashapro Ingapro
Yuuma Amaterasu Jiraiya Senju Inga


Former Members of the Hama Alliance
291235 281741 270963
Yurei Mizuki Apollo Myberg Ryoiki


  • Team Sunrise Team Sunrise is a Sub-Division of the Hama Alliance that is comprised of several individuals. They act as the primary fighting force of the alliance, as they are thought to be the strongest members. Each of these individuals have been trained in the art of Tenretsu Seijaku-ryu and are considered prodigies in their own right.