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Halcon Gobernar (lit.Hawk Master) is the Novena Espada in KingBarragan's Espada.

Halcon Gobernar
Age N/A
Height 6ft 4 in
Weight 197 lbs
Gender Male
Species Arrancar;Espada
Partners N/A
Affiliation Espada
Occupation 9th Espada


Halcon is skinny and wears a white jacket with broad shoulder pads. He also wears a long pair of pants that has ripped knee's. Around his left arm there is a black band. He has red spiky hair and black eyes. He can release two large red wings from his back.


Halcon is quiet and simple. He tends to call out a battle cry before fighting and is invigorated with fighting. He likes to rush into battle and also likes to keep it cool during the fight.


Cero- Like all Arrancar, Halcon can use Cero. Look up Cero in the List of Cero page.

Sonido- As an Espada, Halcon can use Sonido. He is currently the fastest Espada.

Hierro- He has somewhat tough skin, not being able to be hurt by a full Kikan Getsuga.

Swordsmanship Specialist- He is skilled with fighting with his Zanpakuto.

Aerial Acrobatics- He is skilled at flying, since he is usually seen flying in the sky with red wings that sporut from his back.

Appearanced in Fan Fiction[]

As of the Chapter, Open thy Wings, Hayaisaru vs Halcon Halcon faced off against Hayaisaru as his first Epsada defeat. Halcon quickly activated his Ressurection and attacked Hayaisaru only to be defeated by a quick revealtion of Hayaisaru's ability to use Shunko. He is currently dead, after his chest was ripped throuh and his whole lower face was broken.


Halcon's Zanpakuto is named Dorado Pajaro (lit. Golden Bird). It has a red handle with a sq guard. The release phrase is Golpe les Camino(lit. Blow Them Away).

Ressurection- In Ressurection, Halcon grows red feathers and a gold colored beak. He has claws with three talons instead of feet. His eyes turn a blue color and he gains hold of a Iron Javelin. He makes bird sounds and rarely talks.

Ressurection Abilities- In ressurection, Halcon gains a better handle on flying. He can also release a dark orange cero from his beak. He is also more efficient with his Javelin when fighting.


  • He is similar to Avirama Redder, Barragan's Fraccion
  • Halcon is one of the least loyal Espada
  • He once served Aizen as a Numeros, making him one of the oldest current Espada.
  • Halcon is the first deceased Espada