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"The cold midnight whose glare will render you asunder in frost"
The Rising Phoenix
Hakuya Samuke
Hakuya (Ash)
Name Hakuya Samuke
Kanji 寒気白夜
Romaji Samuke Hakuya
Race Human/Shinigami Hybrid
Birthday 8th July
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 56kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Masanori Kawahiru
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Student under Masanori Kawahiru
Team Himself, Masanori Kawahiru
Partner Masanori Kawahiru
Base of Operations Paradiso
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Shirogane (Older Half-Brother)
Education Masanori Kawahiru

Unnamed Elementary School

Status Active

Hakuya Samuke (寒気白夜 Samuke Hakuya lit:Cold Midnight Sun) is the younger brother of Shirogane, and is also a Shinigami-Human Hybrid, who was born with a strong spiritual power at birth, due to one of his parents being part of a lineage with strong spiritual power. He for unknown reasons, has a great hatred for his older half-brother, Shirogane, and will not express the reason why. He is currently being taught under Masanori Kawahiru and Zainin, although the former instructs him more in his shinigami powers, while the latter trains his physical abilities. He is showing quite a bit of potential as a shinigami.





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