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Mutsume: Hōzuri
Kanji 六つ目・頬摺
English The Sixth: Cheek Stroke
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Number #6
Users Shinigami

Mutsume: Hōzuri (六つ目・頬摺, The Sixth: Cheek Stroke) is a Zanjutsu technique.


This technique is a simple slashing maneuver that can cause light injuries on an enemy. It is often used as an intimidation tactic, for the accuracy and precision of the slash — depending on where one aims — can quickly cause opponents to realize differences in ability. Due to its simplistic nature, the slash can occur anywhere and at any point in time, making it an almost staple maneuver in basic combat, specifically to test the skill of an enemy.

Known Practitioners

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