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"I became a policeman because of the crimes I was subjected to. My existence as an abnormality was perceived as a crime, so I devoted that hatred and grief into the destruction of crime itself. But little by little, I had misunderstood my true powers. I believed myself to be unbeatable. But then...someone had destroyed my life. In two swift blows, all that I had lived for was gone. That's why I'm here. I'm here to regain the life I have lost."
— Hōsen's goals.

"Hate the crime; hate the criminal; weep for the victim."
Hōsen Sanosuke
Full Name Hōsen Sanosuke
Kanji 左之助 砲戦
Romaji Sanosuke Hōsen
General Information
Race Human(Fullbringer)
Birthdate September 12
Age 36
Gender Male
Height 184cm
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Blood Type O+
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Various Contractors
Previous Affiliation Osaka Prefectural Police
Occupation Wandering Fullbringer
Contracted Bodyguard
Previous Occupation Captain of Osaka Prefectural Police
Base of Operations Ikeda, Osaka
Personal Information
Education Tertiary Education
Self-taught Fullbringer skills
Marital Status Widowed
Family Miya Sanosuke(Wife; deceased)
Otohime Sanosuke(Daughter; deceased)
Status Active
Fullbringer Abilities
Focus Wedding Ring
Signature Skill Enhanced Marksmanship

Dead on Target (デッドオンターゲット, Deddo On Tāgetto)

Hōsen Sanosuke (左之助 砲戦 Sanosuke Hōsen) is a Fullbringer located within Ikeda, Osaka and was formerly a Captain of Osaka Prefectural Police prior to his resignation following the death of his wife and daughter by an unnamed criminal. In his despair, Hōsen's ability to function had become lost, leaving him to resign and seek out the criminal on his own. Following his retribution, Hōsen had been contacted by an unnamed individual to work as a bodyguard for them. Taking upon his offer, Hōsen has since worked as a contractual bodyguard for various individuals.



Hōsen's general appearance


Hōsen is a man who can be witnessed as wholly serious even in the most comical situations. Given the circumstances that have evolved around him, Hōsen takes everything with the utmost caution and seriousness, causing him to be on odds with other people he is acquainted with. Due to this nature, Hōsen comes off as extremely intimidating to other parties despite not intending to do so. Despite Hōsen's cold demeanor, it is only a front so that he can cover up his weaknesses from those to seek to exploit them. In actuality, to those whom have managed to enable Hōsen to open up, the man is little more than a pile of regret and sadness, unable to move on from his past, thus continually tormenting himself by facing near-death experiences almost daily, as if death is his supposed retribution.

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Powers and Abilities



Behind the Scenes

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