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Gris Sangiovese (グリス・サンジョベーセ, Gurisu Sanjobēse) is a Fullbringer and the leader of the Jupiter criminal group. 

Powers and Abilities 

Gris 2

Gris Sangiovese and his impressive physical stature

Peak Physical Condition: As a Fullbringer, he uses his physical body with his Spiritual Powers. As a result, he keeps his physical in peak shape. 

Great Spiritual Power: Gris' Reiatsu is of such a degree he can fight evenly with skilled Shinigami and single-handedly defeat several Wandenreich soldiers. Gris is comparatively similar in scale of skill to Shinigami Sōsuke Aizen.


Sia La Luce (シア・ラ・ルチェ, Shia Ra Ruche; Italian for "Let There Be Light"): Gris' Fullbring gives him an affinity with any matter that has been energized by visible light. As a result, he can increase this energy, causing any of this matter to ignite and/or explode. These explosions are triggered by Bringer Light emitted from Gris' body, thus he cannot cause everything to just explode right off the bat. However, this restriction is lifted upon contact, meaning he can cause explosions on anything he is currently in contact with.

As a master Fullbringer, Gris' base Fullbring powers are exceptionally powerful. 

  • Matter Manipulation: Using his Fullbringer powers, Gris can freely manipulate the souls of any matter, such as air, earth, blood, and bone. Augmented by his immense Reiryoku, it allows him to preform incredible feats.

    Gris Sangiovese emitting Reiatsu from the Earth

  • Intangibility: Using his Fullbring powers on himself, Gris can become intangible, allowing him to pass through any solid matter.
  • Self-Healing: Using his Fullbring powers on himself, Gris can heal any injuries he sustains, up to decapitation.


  • "Gris" is Spanish for the color grey, however the character's name comes from a corruption of the name of his visual inspiration, Geese Howard. 
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