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"Greed" is a mysterious being hunting all Reiatsu-controlling beings (such as Shinigami, Fullbringers, Quincies and presumably Hollows).


Greed's appearance is simply a black/purple silhouette with numerous eyes on his whole body. He has a large, grinning mouth which, when closed, is completely hidden.


Greed shows extreme bloodlust and joy in fighting opponents, and seems to become quite sad when his foes are weak, as he loves battle.


Greed first appeared before a Hollow attacking a Shinigami, taunting it to go away. When the Hollow proceeded to injure the Shinigami, Greed killed it. He then devoured the Shinigami, which gave him a second eye.

He later showed himself (now with several more eyes) before Nawabi and Ticky. He first defeated Nawabi withand then tried to defeat Ticky, who fled after a quick battle. After devouring Nawabi, he disappeared into the shadows.

He was later seen standing on a roof as he spied on Ticky's team conversating, with a large grin on his face.

Abilities and Powers:[]

Tentacles: Greed can make many thin tentacles come out of his body (regularly his wrists or fingers) which binds or pierce his opponents. He can also form the tips of the tentacles into small hands.

Body Manipulation: Greed's body can change form into a semi-liquid, enabling him to literally bend his shape to evade attacks.

Enhanced Strength: Greed is very strong, as seen when he easily lifted a Hollow with only one arm.



Greed's first appearance

Greed's signature ability. Although the main 'devourment' has not been seen in general, this ability allows him to gain the ability of anything he has devoured, each ability manifesting itself as an eye on his body. He can gain the ability of any Reiatsu-controling being, wether it is a Shinigami, Fullbringer or Quincy. He also commented that "Hollows taste hideous", hinting he may devour Hollows. It is unknown if he can devour Devils or Royal Hollows, but it is presumed he can.

  • Kuchi Komi (Grapevine): Since Greed devoured this Zanpakuto's owner, Nawabi, he clearly has this Zanpakuto, although he was never seen using it.
  • Energy Blasts: Greed can release crimson energy blasts from his left palm (with an eye in the center of the palm). The blasts can either be fired like cero's, or as crescent shaped slicing beams (by moving his han while firing).
  • Tunneling: By opening rectangular holes on the ground, Greed can tunnel beneath the ground to surprise his opponents.
  • Blade: Through an eye on his wrist, Greed can produce the blade of a Katana, possibly from a Zanpakuto. He uses this much like a switch-blade, as it is protruding from his wrist. This is his main weapon when fighting sword-wielding opponents.