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Broken Heart[]

Chiyoko Estuko was walking around the shopping arcade trying yet again to find a gift only this time it was for her important friend Ryu Martinez. She wanders around tryinto forget about the nightmares she had been having the past few nights about her former lover leaving her alone.

She dropped everything and went somewhere private as she got out of her Gigai and decided to make a trip home to make sure everything was going okay. She snapped her fingers as she entered the Garganta and jumped in causing to close behind her as she then entered Hueco Mundo.

She looked around and sighed hating how everything looked on here, she swallowed her pride as she decided to explore and walk around.

If one had visited years back, it would have been still a desolate place.

Now, in the present time, things had changed drastically.

Darkened and rusted structures dominated the landscapes in the place of foundation stumps and stubbles. What used to be animal-like creatures were now Arrancar and Vasto Lordes roaming the landscape. It was somewhat of a "vice city" now. Despite the ability to live, it served as virtually a slum filled with organized crime. There were still some rather harsh conflict between its residents on occasions, but the number of times they happened had been severely reduced. This was the present state of Hueco Mundo.

Not to mention.... there was a completely new government in charge.

She passed through some of the building that were broken as she took it all in and wondered what made her come back? Suddenly out of the blue she saw one piece of land that was not broken...... The cave.

She went near there and could remember how everything played out when she was still an Adjucha.