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Gran Leviatán
Gran Leviatán
Grand Leviathan
Race Vasto Lorde
Birthday N/A
Gender Male
Height 40 Meters
Weight Unknown
Blood Type N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ultharon's Invasion Force
Occupation Ultharon's Lieutenant General
Previous Occupation Destructive Nomad
Team Ultharon's Terror Force
Previous Team N/A
Partner Barragan
Previous Partner Barragan's little brother
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo (Mobile)
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Education N/A

~For the sake of untold unsatiable hunger for power beset only by pride, he knows no equal~ M20

Gran Leviatán (Eng Lit Translation, "Grand Leviathan,") is a Vasto Lorde under the command of Ultharon during the Ultharon Invasion in the Soul Society. Besides Gravich, Gran Leviatán was seen as one of the most powerful Hollows in existence, said to be only a rumor or legend until tempted to wage a glorious war against the Soul Reapers and Soul Society.


Gran takes the form of a hulking monstrocity that is a hybrid of a hyena and werewolf, with a slight samurai-esque helm placed over his crown and skull. With long mane that stretches down his back, with only his tail outstretching it, Gran stands over twenty feet tall, with a mass notiably larger than what most Vasto Lordes would imagine as most Vasto Lordes end up being humanoid in size and shape.






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