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"The Spirit King's Grandfather was a Hero, he formed what is currently known as Soul Society and with the help of two Old Gods, he sealed away our Godly Dictators... forever. Or so we believed..."
—Byakuya Kuchiki reciting the history of Soul Society.

The Gods of Destruction Series is a fanfiction Series that takes place shortly after the Fake Karakura Town arc, Aizen's rise to immortality has shifted the natural balance and reawakened something... frightening, an Old God long sealed away been awakened and has freed Aizen to restart the War.





  • Takai - An Old God and being of unpredictable power that has been awakened by the artificial creation of an Immortal and he teleported to his source, much of his power and memories have been sealed away however he continues to have a primal desire to enact the destruction of Soul Society since he (as he claims without memories) feels betrayed at the sight of it, it is said that if his true form came to light only an Old God could challenge him. He was known as the Old God King, their Ruler and the leader of a large domain.


  • Kyuukai - An Old God that wasn't sealed away and is still active in the current day, Kyuu spends the remainder of his days guarding the sleeping ground of his Mate who was a loyalist of Takai during his Prime prior to being sealed away, Kyuukai is seen as and claimed to be "The Radiant Child" - a legendary guardian of Soul Reapers and their God, whom gives advice and aids them discreetly on large quests. Although he took no part in the Sealing of the Old Gods, he was the one that thought up the potential Soul Reaper Ritual Spells (Kido) that was used to seal his fellows away however warned them (which obviously went ignored) that each Spell was a "one-time deal".



  • Takai's Army - Usually known as "The God of Death's Army" and therefore answerable to Takai directly. It is an army of Soul Reaper Dissidents, Hollows, Rogue Vizards and Arrancars.