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Gigantetoro is an arrancar who is a member of the Haciaparaje. He appears as a small child with big clothes. He has a large gold nose ring. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is the size of a 8 year old and carries a hammer. He usually doesn't talk. When he does he talks in a childish and young manner, similar to Nel.


Cero- Gigantetoro is a Cero user like all Arrancar. He can charge his Cero into his Hammer and when Impact is made, it explodes in a small blast.

Sonido- He is an average Sonido user. He can move at fast speeds but he is still not as fast as other Arrancar.

Hierro- He like all Arrancar, uses Hierro which Hardens his skin.

Melee Specialist- He is a Fightning Specialist. Since he is able to flail his hammer around, he uses it often. By pushing his weight forward he can swing his hammer at tremendous speeds.

Ressurection- Like all Arrancar, He can use Ressurection. Ressurection is the First State of an Arrancar.


Gigantetoro's Zanpakutou is sealed as a hammer. The release phrase is "Gravar!" (literally Charge). When release, he grows in size and his muscles expand. The skull of a minotaur becomes his helmet. His eye color becomes red and he gains a short attention span. He again carries a Hammer, except larger in size. He wears a brown pelt and brown boots.

Ressurection Abilities- When in Ressurection, he is extrmely strong. He also can take heavy blows. He can also push his weight forward to do a tremendous strike towards the opponent.

In Gigantetoro's Second Ressurection, he becomes extremly large. He grows brown hair all over his body and the skull is now part of his head. The skull is more intact, his eyes now coming from the Minotaur skull. His feet are replaced with hooves and he carries a Hammer as Big as him. He also carries a shield with spikes going around the side.

Ressurection State 2 Abilities- In his second state of Ressurection he is incredibly tall. He is one of the strongest Haciaparaje. He is also able to charge forward with extreme force. While in his second state, he is also partially invulnerable, his skin is tough and strong.


  • His rank as a member of the Haciaparaje is unknown
  • He is the guard of the base in which the Haciaparaje reside.


  • "Whes my Hamma"
  • "Gravar!"