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Corridor of darkness
Kanji ゲートウェイ
English Gateway
Technique Statistics
Type Shinigami Technique
Users Ryū Order

Gētouei (ゲートウェイ, Gateway) is a Kidō technique developed by Kenji Hiroshi and perfected by Ino Hiroshi. It is how the members of the Ryū Order bypass the intricate Kidō barriers that protect Horiwari, allowing travel to and from.


The gateway draws many parallels with an average Senkaimon gate and is initiated in much the same manner - placing the Zanpakutō in front of the user and then inserting it into the spacial area one wants the Gētouei to appear and turning the sword like a key. This creates an oval-shaped gateway permeated with darkness. Once inside the darkness shrouds the user and, almost instantaneously, transports the user to the linked traveling ground within Horiwari. The destination can also be chosen by the individual, though access to this particular variant is restricted to the Captains and Lieutenants of the Order solely. Using it, they can easily transport themselves anywhere within Horiwari in mere moments, where it would usually require much more time. It was Ino and Momoko who made the necessary adjustments, all to aid in the distribution of orders if Horiwari should ever be attacked.


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