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The Fushi Genmu (不死幻夢 Visions Immortalized) are a race of immortal beings composed of reishi. They were never human, nor are they true Soul Reapers. Their kind cannot become Hollows and they cannot even be attacked by Hollows.


The Fushi Genmu originate from Enoch, the great grandfather of Noah, and a resident of Soul Society's eastern hemisphere named Yūgana Kumori. It was said that God took Enoch away from Earth, preventing him from experiencing death. From Enoch, race of near-immortal beings came to life. Enoch took upon himself his wife's last name Kumori, letting all Fushi Genmu thereafter be known as the Kumori Clan. Enoch bore a son named Hone. Hone became the scion for the Fushi Genmu. However, a race of near-immortals drew the attention of those in the higher echelon of Soul Society. Hone was known for his recklessness and for championing the Fushi Genmu cause. As such, the Fushi Genmu were all but exterminated. Hone was able to flee with his wife, and his nameless son who would later be known as Nodoka Kumori.


  • The Fushi Genmu are humanoid, but they rarely grow taller than 139 cm (approx. 5'3").
  • They all have raven black hair from birth which stays the same throughout their existence.
  • Their blood is black and disintegrates after being exposed to the air for 5 minutes. Their blood also begins to freeze at - 28 degrees Celcius when the blood is in their bodies. Their blood freezes at - 24 Celcius when exposed to the air.
  • When they reach the age of 150, they cannot advance on their spiritual powers, so they stay at a constant power level.
  • They all have raspy voices if they can speak.
  • A fully mature Fushi Genmu rarely shows any emotion, unless they are within a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
  • Fushi Genmu are unable to become homosexual, bisexual, trans-sexual, etc. All Fushi Genmu are heterosexual. The reason behind this is that their emotions are very set in stone. They do not waiver from what their Creator's intentions were.
  • Fushi Genmu are able to be in sexual relationships with Soul Reapers, but a female Fushi Genmu can only produce 1 child in her lifetime.
  • Fushi Genmu are tolerable of cold environments that fall to -20 degrees Celcius, but their movements begin to slow drastically.

Spiritual Traits[]


The Fushi Genmu rarely show themselves to anyone, so their true number is unknown. There are four known Fushi Genmu: