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Fouoco Lottatore is a resident of Specchio Mondo. He has long blonde hair and red eyes. He is about 5 foot 6, and wears a black jacket with black pants. He wears long sandals and occasionaly wears a cloak with a large hood. He works inthe Specchio Mondo Correctional Institutions (Specchiio Mondo Riforma Semplice).


Agile Inizo- Fouoco is a master of Agile Inizo. He is extremly fast and is very hard to hit. He incorporates agile Inizo into his fighting style.

Mente Balia- The energy inside people of Specchio Mondo. It is like Spirutal Pressure but stronger and is physically visible.

Acciaio Dominare- Whenever someone masters their Shikai, they are considered a Swordmaster, and are granted a tattoo to prove so.

Energia Sigillo (lit. Energy Seal)- The user will cast a sealed barrier about 50 mm radius. It is sturdy,hard and almost inpendidrable. All members of the Specchio Mondo Correctional Institution can use this ability.


Sealed State- Fuoco's Zanpakutou is named, Virata Acessi (literally Bending Light). The guard is shaped as a square. The handle has a leather feel and the blade itself is long thin and curved at the end. The release phrase is "Brillare!" (literally "Shine!")

Shikai- In Shikai, his zanpakuto becomes a large staff. On top of his head is a glowing Halo. He can bend the light around him to use as a shields, blades, axe, etc.

Bankai- He has not achieved Bankai.


As a child growing up in Specchio Mondo, Fuoco lived in the harshed area of Specchio Mondo. There were wild Ombraanimale that he would have to survive from every day. He lost many loved one to the Ombraanimale. He decided to train at the Mente Academia (Spirit Academy) which is where the people of Specchio Mondo train to be warriors. He one day came across a spiritual being, who took the shape of an angel. It manifested as his Zanpakutou and he mastered it up to Shikai. He was granted a job at the Speechio Mondo correctional Insitution, which is like a large prison for the criminals of Specchio Mondo.


  • "Mama!" (after the death of his mother)
  • "I Shall take revenge on these wretched beasts"