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This article, Formation of Suneku arc, was added by Seireitou who determines its usage on this wiki.

This arc is highly important to the plot of Bleach Otrosendero - Yūyake no Sōzōshin. Seireitou is the Admin of this arc and the final decisions are made by him. If you have any concerns please contact him using his talk page.


The Threat of the Draziv has passed, however, it was not without loss. Senka Kawahiru, Seireitou's wife, gave her life to protect him and her son from Sydonay Senseirei. Deperate to avenge his fallen wife, he dubs the Order with the name Suneku. This is where our final series starts.


1. A Snake Born from the Clouds

Dealing with the Pain of losing Senka, Seireitou plans to regroup the Order. What are his plans?!

2. Shock of the Snake's Leave

As Suneku departs, news reaches the Kinenbuke's HQ. How will Ryan's respond to this news?!

3. Darkness Gathers

In the shadows, 9 members seem to gather under the command of a person in a mask. What is gonna go down?!

4. Plans and Plotting

Seireitou arrives in Area 120 to meet with Sage Ryukiri, and ask about the location of a scroll that will allow him to enter Heaven. What is he plotting?!

5. Until My Eyes Open (Under Maintanence)

Ryan and the Kinenbuke meet with Captain Seikyo Kawahiru in secret. Though Ryan refuses to accept help from the Gotei 13, nor ask them for help, Seikyo pleads with him to rescue his father. What will be Ryan's answer?!

6. Two Men Lost in a Dark World: Ryan meets Echo

Ryan has fled Hoka Senken into the Human Realm in order to start preparing for the inevitable showdown against Suneku. As he thinks things through, a man named Echo begins to converse with Ryan. Has Ryan found help in his quest?!

7. Kinenbuke's New Member: Ryan vs. Kai

As Ryan processes what to do, a man named Kai arrives, asking admitance into the Kinenbuke ranks. Who is this man?!