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"You heard it, didn't you? That was the voice of the wind. Not too many these days known what I'm talking about... and judging by your expression, you're one of them. But don't worry. Hearing the voice of the wind only means that your time has come!"
Sound of the Wind
Kanji 二天
English Two Heavens
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Number VI
Users Six Directions

The Niten (二天:風道, Two Heavens) was the sixth form of Zanjutsu combat taught solely within Horiwari; making it a style unique to the Ryū Order and the Dragonforce. Following the Collapse the Niten was used almost exclusively by the Six Directions, specifically Kentaro Hiroshi, though some, such as Itazura Kori, had a working knowledge of the form itself. The style was co-developed by Kenji Hiroshi, Meian Shiba and Kentaro Hiroshi, and only truly mastered by the latter. By the time of The Collapse the Niten was considered nearly extinct.

Description and Application

Form VI is an offensive-minded and dominating Zanjutsu form combining lacerating wind currents and extreme speed to "cut through it all".[1] A practitioner of the Niten is always looking to be on the offensive and when successfully defending against an attack, they will use the momentum of a foes attack against them in their counter-strike, thus returning to the offence.[2] Kenji once admitted that no-one had mastered the Niten except Kentaro, who was by far its greatest practitioner. Following the Collapse Kentaro is the sole master of the form left alive, though Kensei Muguruma has been trained in its use, firstly by Kenji, and then by Kentaro, for he used it with much success against Amagai.[3]



Kentaro's Niten in use against Ichihara.

  • Kamikaze (神風, Divine Wind): the core of the Niten style. This coats the blade in an oscillating wind current which lends the blade excessive cutting ability, rendering even fortified Hierro and Blut all but ineffective.[4] When striking the sound created is reminiscent of thousands of birds chirping all at once, which led to its second name: Chidori (千鳥, One Thousand Birds). Even should the initial strike not connect the opponent risks being struck by the oscillating wind coat, giving it range beyond its appearance.[2]

Kentaro's wind shield.

  • Kabe no Kamikaze (壁の神風, Barrier of Divine Wind): a derivative of Kentaro's own invention, created prior to the Collapse. By releasing concentrated blasts of wind upon swinging his sword Kentaro creates an oscillating wall that can shred incoming targets before they reach him, staying true to its offensive nature even in defence. Kentaro was fit to block twenty-six individual Kidō spells of unknown number from the resurgent Imawashī by using this method.[5]

Ippatsu in use.

  • Ippatsu (一発, One-shot): an assassination-style technique that emphasizes the extreme cutting power of the Niten style. A two-strike technique aimed at the throat and waist respectively; successful execution results in a simultaneous beheading and bisection of the target. Kentaro demonstrated successful use of this technique against Nakajima, cutting through not only his opponent, but Nakajima's colossal Bankai with the same attack.[6]


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