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Form II: Genjūshiki
Kenji strong style
Kanji 厳重式
English Form II: Strong Style
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Users Shinigami

The Genjūshiki (厳重式, Strong Style) was the second form of Zanjutsu combat which was initially taught by all three spiritual realms, specifically Soul Society, Horiwari and Heisekai. Following the events of The Collapse the only place one could study this form was the Reikai, which housed Kentaro Hiroshi's new Shinō Academy, which was ran by Head-Instructor Shiju Shūdō and his Second Ashido Kanō.

Description and Application


Kusaka's opening stance utilizes Iaido practices, and interoperates extreme levels of speed and force into a single strike.

The main opening stance of Form II comprises a steady posture coupled with a two-handed grip,[1] meaning it is far more suited to single-bladed combat.[2] Kentaro and Yori, however, have successfully employed a dual-bladed variant.[3][1] The sword is held low and to the side (dependant on dominant hand), with the blade pointing downwards.[4] Kusaka, uniquely, employs a swift drawing slash. He keeps his weapon sheathed whilst fighting with his unreleased sword, emphasising speed and force.[5] The form is stylized as the "Most offensive-minded form", and is generally the go-to style when direct attacks are required, with a clear focus on brute-force tactics.[6]


Renji utilizing "brute force" to create a hurricane, which is a basic Form II practice.

The form is practised by countless individuals though Kusaka, Maki and Averian stand out as masters of the style, with subtle differences between each individual that sets their style apart from others. Hawke Kori was yet another noteworthy practitioner,[4] as was Tyrell Nishiki.[7] Kusaka, who is perhaps the greatest practitioner of the form in the current era, claims that the power of Form II stems from one's unhindered killing instinct, and cites strength as being the most important physical attribute. In the hands of Kusaka and Averian, the two could only break their Form II stance by introducing elements from other forms, showing a skilled Form II stance in nigh-on unbreakable.[2] The effectiveness of Form II's brute-force tactics have been shown by both Tyrell and Renji. The former was fit to grievously injure the likes of Oda Kōhai with only a single strike in close-quarters,[2] whilst Renji was able to create hurricane-like winds by spinning his Shikai, Zabimaru, in wide arcs.[8] Szayelaporro Granz even comments that Renji is simply using "more brute force".[9]


Kusaka Rei Furashuu

Kusaka utilizing the Reīssen technique of the Kori clan alongside Form II.

Kusaka uses a potent combination of Form II techniques coupled with the Kori clan's passive traits and Reīssen technique. He is constantly on the offensive and even when forced to defend it isn't long before he returns to the offensive, even if he needs to utilize Hakuda to do so.[2] Maki, who was an entirely self-taught swordsman up until his training with Kyoaku, used a personal form very similar to Form II. The sheer skill he possessed enabled him to cross blades with Sōsuke Aizen's Espada.[10] The training required also ensured a high-pain tolerance. Tyrell was fit to take a strike from Oda without flinching in order to trap him, before defeating him with a single strike.[7] Yori Hisagi was also known to utilize Form II stances.[1]


  • Cycling: a basic trait of Form II and one Kusaka and Averian employed relentlessly during their battles. Cycling is simply turning ones attacking momentum against them, breaking their defense in the process and lending your own strike enhanced power.[2]

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  • Kenji was known to teach the style to his students through a combination of demonstration and diagrams drew on a chalk-board, the latter of which often depicted himself defeating Van Satonaka.
  • Form II: Genjūshiki had an opposing style, Form VII: Yami, which was utilized by the swordsman Kei Yume. It was known as the strongest and most dangerous of his "Seven Faces" style, and was likewise utilized by the Yume Class, amongst others.

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