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Part Four (Keiran)[]

“Six years ago... That was you?” I asked quietly.

“Why yes. So you do remember after all!” It sounded elated.

I smirked. Then started laughing.

“Huh? What's so funny?” it asked, slightly confused.

“I've been hunting down Hollows ever since that day, travelling around in order to kill as many as possible. All so I could stop what happened to me happening to anyone else... But also to find you. And the moment I stopped looking for you, here you are! How could I not laugh!” I explained.

“Looking for little old me eh? Why I'm flattered!” it joked.

“Tara, keep going. If it's coming after me you'll make it.” I said, looking to her.

“So. You want to get me? Well then you have to catch me first.” I said to it.

Tara began running as I used shunpo again. I had to lure it out of the town in order to prevent any others getting hurt.

“Oh I do love a good chase.” laughed the Adjuchas, as it followed me.

As I leapt from rooftop to rooftop I suddenly noticed a punch and barely dodge it. Damn! It's quicker than before... It tries attacking again. This time I have to use Kage's shield to stop the attack. Unfortunately the shield buckles against a consecutive punch and I get flung into a building. The Adjuchas follows through with another attack which collapses the building.

I leap out of the wreckage into the air. I look back to find the Adjuchas, but I can't see it anywhere. Suddenly I notice it behind me, but it was too late to stop it's next strike. I stop myself falling to the ground mid-air and use shunpo to avoid the next punch. I get behind the Adjuchas and hit it with a kick enhanced with Kage's power, sending it flying. I chase after it and use a Kage enhanced punch. However it stops the punch with it's hand and grabs hold of my arm. It starts to pummel me with hit after hit. As a coup de grace it flings me head first into the ground just outside of town. I black out for a few seconds due to blinding pain.

“Oh come on! Surely you can do better than that! If you can't fight anymore then it's no fun and I'll just eat you. Just like your brother!”

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