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Part Three (Keiran)[]

Okay... calm down. It was just for a few moments, nothing should have detected that. My optimism didn't last long however, as we both sensed a breach between the real world and Hueco Mundo moments later. And whatever had just come through made a huge breach. Oh and the breach was basically right in front of us.

“Hello little girl.” said the Hollow that had just made it through, “I hope you don't mind but I'm going to devour that rather interesting soul of yours.”

Damn that thing was powerful. I mean greater than Gillian level powerful. That means that this must be...

“Tara! Run! Get back to the shop and find shelter. Urahara will protect you.” I demanded.


“Go! Now!” I shouted.

As she began running I burst out of my Gigai and charged at the Hollow. As I swung my sword, it leapt away after Tara. It was fast. But not fast enough. I used shunpo to get between it and Tara. Before I could do anything however, it smashed me into the ground. Damn! It could follow my shunpo? Also it was very strong. That confirms it. This was definitely an Adjuchas.

I got back up and released Kage. Using shunpo to catch up with it, I flung an energy blast at it. This time it was too busy paying attention to Tara to notice my attack. The blast from the impact flung the Adjuchas into a nearby building. Tara stopped running, startled by the blast.

“What are you doing! Keep runn...” I began.

I stopped in mid sentence when I saw the Adjuchas walk out of the ruined building. Damn! A direct shot from Kage had barely done any damage to it...

“Hmmm... interesting... You seem familiar Shinigami” said the Adjuchas.

What? Familiar? It's met me before? When was this?

“Oh! I remember! My my my. What are the odds? You have changed a lot. And you've become much more powerful.” it mused.

“Who are you!? How do you know me!?” I asked.

“You don't recognise me? I'm hurt that you could forget! Although I suppose it has been six years since you last saw me.” It replied.

Six years? …No... it can't be...

“Good news little girl! I won't be killing you until I've finished with your Shinigami friend here!” it gloated.

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